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Moson's Story Chapter 5 pg.2

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Moson's Story Chapter 5 pg.2
© Timitu 2020

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Second page for chapter 5. If you are new to this comic series you may want to check out the 80+ pages that come before the start of chapter 5. You can do that on any place I post the comic on. Later in this chapter things get pretty crazy and it may be to your benefit to catch up while things are more relaxed in the comic.

NOTE: Next Monday is my last time posting Chapter 5 here until they get the coding fixed. (I will still post other pictures here, just the comic with having the next page and previous page etc, kind of needs the coding as people are less likely to copy and paste in a bunch of mess up top.) After next Monday if you wish to continue the comic you can still do so at any of the links below. I will post them one last time on the next page. (Again in the future if this place gets the code stuff working I will finish up posting the comic here. And any non comic related pictures that still fit for this place will still be posted here.)

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* My page is all SFW (all ages) or will be marked and therefor hidden. (I can not promise that about other members on the site if you go browsing the main page.)

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