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The Madness Of Antony (Blood Warning)

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The Madness Of Antony (Blood Warning)
© Timitu 2020

Artist's Comments

This picture sort of goes with the story below. This scene takes place after Levar has died, but before the very ending of my story/game. If you are interested in playing the game or reading the story you may want to avoid reading this story below til after. If you are not interested in reading the whole story and decide to read this little story that goes with the picture but want to know what they are talking about, you can find two pictures after the story that will explain the two scenes mentioned.
Read the Story: ... life-story
Play the Game:

"Antony, I don't want to alarm you but... we believe another one has left the pride." Nzuri spoke softly as she walked over to the lion sitting with his back to her.

He said nothing in reply, sitting quietly and looking at his reflection in a small pool of water. At first glace he did not look very intimidating at all. But Nzuri knew better. A very quick and skilled fighter and hunter who often tormented and tortured his prey just to keep himself amused a little bit longer. He was not someone you wanted to be on the bad side of.

"It's Zane." She continued, speaking slow enough to test the waters around him. "He says he still cares but has family issues he must deal with right now."

Zane and Antony had been friends for years and after the group lost Levar, Antony had sort of became Zane's best friend. Both sharing an interest in the hyenas. But the mention of his friend's name didn't cause him to stir.

"Also," Nzuri cautiously moved closer, "since your brother died, and now with Zane gone, the others are talking about replacing you."

Nzuri finally saw his expression change in his reflection in the pool as a smile swept over his face. "Let them try."

Nzuri stopped in her tracks not taking her eyes off of him. "Antony-"

She was cut off when he continued. "What made my brother so special?"

Only the distant dripping of water dropping in the puddles was the reply.

"I asked you a question, Nzuri."

"Well," she started, her voice shaky and nervous. "For one, he was kind... and fair. We always got our share of food and-"

"DANNY!" His voice echoed though the cave. A few heads popped up to look around before going back to whatever it was they were doing. Nzuri took a few steps back to stay a safe distance.

Antony turned his head looking at his left eye. From where he was standing the moon's light penetrated the cave from above shining down on him. Looking back at his reflection he frowned. Unlike Kailas, who was given Danny's chosen one scar, Antony's face was clear.

"Danny chose him. Father chose him." He lifted his own paw up to his eye, extending his claws he let the tips dig into his fur and then pulled away. He turned sharply to Nzuri causing her to jump slightly. "Did it hurt?"


"Your paw. When did you get that? You've had it since before we met, do you remember getting it?"

Nzuri looked down at her paw, the front of it healed with no marking but her paw pad was deeply scarred. It was fairly hidden though she still limped from time to time. She was surprised Antony even saw it. She closed her eyes, the memory itself was almost as painful as getting the scar.

"I got it the last time I saw Levar."

Antony still showed no emotion at the memory of Levar, who Nzuri had learned as also good friends with Zane and Antony. He turned back to the pond. "Did it hurt?"

"Yes, it hurt a lot."

"I didn't know Levar had it in him. To hurt you like that."

"He didn't hurt me." Nzuri hadn't realized she raised her voice til she heard it echo off the walls. She hushed down to continue. "He protected me. Because of him this is all I got."

"Protected you, him? What could he have saved you from that did that?" His voice had almost a mocking tone. She could see his body shake from suppressing a chuckle to himself.

"A hyena."

Instantly everything went silent. Antony opened his mouth to say something witty about Levar fighting a hyena, but the words died in his mouth before he could speak as Nzuri continued.

"The last day I saw him, the night before Zee killed him, I followed him to your little club. He was fanatic about not letting me stay, that it was too dangerous. I should have listened. But then an hyena came from out of nowhere. She attacked me. Levar got her off of me and killed her." Nzuri stopped when she heard a low growl coming from Antony's throat. "I... I don't think he meant to kill her."

Her voice died off to silence once again. With each breath Nzuri could hear a low deep growl coming from Antony. She could no longer see his expression. Taking a few steps back from him she did not dare turn her back on him.

"Nzuri-" Antony's voice was shaky. "They say when Danny kills someone, not even their spirit is left behind... Their existence just ends." Antony reached his paw up to his face once again extending his claws over his left eye. "Do you believe that, Nzuri?"

"I-I don't know."

"Well I do. While Levar may be dead, and I am alive, you mark my words, our paths in the afterlife will cross. And when that times comes..." Antony dug his claws into his skin angrily and pulled down. Four large gashes were ripped into his flesh. He let out a painful roar but regained himself shortly after. "And when that day comes, a new Danny is going to put him in his place."

Antony turned to face Nzuri, blood dripping from his self-inflicted wound. She backed up more from him. His wounded eye could hardly open. "I will find him, and I will put an end to his existence." Antony turned away from Nzuri storming off from her. "Because he LIED to me!"

The scenes mentioned in the above short story come from these parts.
Page 50: ... -760466888
Page 52: ... -762432248
Page 53: ... -762432974

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