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Koroan And Lix (Remake of old picture)

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Koroan And Lix (Remake of old picture)
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

Okay so this is likely my last picture of 2019. (Minus the comic but that wont be posted til next year anyway.) I found this almost done, so decided to finish it up before I move everything to the external hard drive of forgotten photoshop files. lol. :)

This is a remake of this old picture from 2006: ... ieLove.jpg

On October 30th my big brother had a heart attack. I don't really have a character based off of him though I probably should sometime when I got the time to do a good job as his wife LOVES the Lion King. But in wanting thinking about doing something for him I stumbled across that picture I did back in 2006 of Nora's older brother and his girlfriend. (Since Nora is based on me, and this character is her older brother I just felt like this would work for now.) So I redid this picture. I tried to stay true to the old picture but did add a bit of something for the background.

Anyway the Secret Santa, work and the comic will probably take up most of my time over the next month or so. So I will return sometime in the new year with some pictures to share for everyone.

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