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Timitu's Album

Sneak Peek of Chapter 5

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Sneak Peek of Chapter 5
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

Without Pekee, Antony has taken in another. A little look into Chapter 5 of my comic series that should start being posted again the end of April or early May of next year. (Sorry for the delay this long but just so you know Chapter 5 and 6 will be almost back to back as I am splitting the original Chapter 5 into two parts.) This is not a direct scene from Chapter 5 though you will see these two in the chapter.

Also, sort of Halloweeny I guess. I actually had this one started for a few months. I think this is one I did back in August I think. I did it at the same time I did my other "Antony" picture. That tested ONE of my old ways I used to ink pictures, this one tested the other way. Either way is a lot more work so I think most pictures will be just done the way I normally do them. But it was fun to play around with that program again. I just finished it up today so thought I would post it.

(Side note: The Lilymud Secret Santa sign ups have started. If you want to know more or would like to sign up check out our group here: ... -818247921 .)

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