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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Timitu's Album

Surprise Picture (Speed-Paint video included)

Surprise Picture (Speed-Paint video included)
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

For SolitaryGrayWolf. (I forgot to post this picture here when I posted it on DA and LKFAA. So here it goes.) They redid one of their old trade pictures with me and sent it to me earlier this year. So I re-did theirs that I did for them. They had a different character. I felt they really deserved a bit more than what I had given them back then so I put in a simple background and made it into a speed-paint video.

So if you have a few minutes and want to watch this picture go from a blank white screen to a finished picture in 7 minutes and 35 seconds, check out the video below. If you like the music, it is all music I had picked for the game I made as I could not figure out YouTube's new free music thing. I have links in my description to all the songs if you wish to listen more. (For 2020 and possibly longer, this link will no longer be available. Sorry. :( If I make it public or re-upload it somewhere else I will try to remember to update this picture.)

Side Note: Most of the pictures from me for the next little bit will be simple little pictures or sketches. I want to focus a lot more of my art energy on the comic for Chapter 5. It has been postponed due to some health problems. But I am hoping to start posting it late April, early May. I have decided to chop up the original chapter 5 as it was almost 60 pages when planned out. So the whole story will not be six chapters as always originally planed.

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