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Timitu's Album

Levar's Life - Hide-n-seek #2

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Levar's Life - Hide-n-seek #2
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

I appear to have forgotten to post this one. I think it is one of the few ones I didn't post from the main part of the game. So I guess I will post it today while I have a moment. Here we can see Nzuri and Levar as they hide during the game of hide and seek.

EDIT: (Apparently it didn't work today, the first video is up on my YouTube. I will try with Part 2 to go live but I have to do it earlier as I work tomorrow. It will go live tomorrow (June 29th) at 10AM EDT (GMT-4))

The game turns 1 on July 12th 2019. To celebrate that I finally made my own "Let's Play" of the game. It is short videos but there will be one posted each day on my YouTube Channel til July 12th when the end of the game will be posted. If anyone is interested you can check them out at my YouTube channel. So if you want to see the game but don't want to have to read it all, you can check out my YouTube channel to watch and have my annoying voice read it to you. LOL. ;) (Not all will be premiered. But the ones that are I will try to be in the chat for, so if you catch one stop by and say hi.)

User Comments

  rachel July 3rd, 2019, 1:01 am
Yay its the charater that I drew.
  Timitu July 27th, 2019, 12:40 am
Yep it is her. ;)

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