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Father and Son Fight

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Father and Son Fight
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

A picture from my last page of my comic for Chapter 4. Shows Moson and his father Levar fighting. Levar knows his son will have to face a challenging battle and he wants him to be ready when that time comes. This may look weird as Levar is a cub as well. Levar is actually dead, a ghost that can take on solid forum. He can take on any age he was when he was alive. (Though he will keep all scars/markings gained throughout his living life just in cub forum. So he has the scar on his forehead as a cub. This is not seen at all in the comic though is very common in Nora's Story, that will eventually be seen more. Because of how Chapter 4 ends, I am sure you can guess we wont see young Levar again in the comics.

For future viewers when this is not as easy to find, the page this picture comes from is: ... work=24682
This is my last major posting of pictures on here for a while. I will still post but not as many in a row like this since the comic is all caught up now. I hope you enjoyed it.
I will be a little more quiet this summer. I will try to post some new pictures but a lot will be older ones. (Ones I have not posted on here, maybe some old ones I liked, or sketch collections.) This is because I am working towards Chapter 5 of the comic. It could easily be bigger than Chapter 3 was. I am trying not to, but of all the chapters this one was the most planned out for the longest. So it is really hard to "cut" anything because it does fit so well together. But that is what June is for. I am going to dedicate my art time (for the most part) to getting it all planned out. So July and August can be all about inking and shading. If things go well I should know a start date for Chapter 5 in early September.
I will try to post once every week or two with something. If I really have nothing it may go a bit longer. But I think I can find SOMETHING to share. Even if I have to dig back to some old ones.

User Comments

  echostone June 4th, 2019, 9:43 pm
I love your screenshots alot
  Timitu June 12th, 2019, 11:28 am
I try to do one per chapter. Or at least I have for Chapter 1,3 and now 4. Special pictures from the comic that are just too good to only be there.

Chapter 3: ... work=23325 ... work=23323
Chapter 1: ... work=20026

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