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Moson's Story Chapter 4 pg.2

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Moson's Story Chapter 4 pg.2
© Timitu 2019

Artist's Comments

FIRST PAGE (Chapter 1): ... work=12978
Previous Page: ... work=24637
Next Page: ... work=24650

If you are new to my stories and characters you may want to check out the rest of the comic. Of all my chapters this one is the hardest to jump right into since it is really just a bridge chapter to help you go from the ending of Chapter 3 to where we start in chapter 5. This was originally just going to be a written short story to help you go from one to the other, but I decided to keep it a comic.

The whole chapter is finished and online. If you are too eager to finish it I am sure you will find a way. Otherwise I will post two pages from it every few days or so. This chapter is the shortest of all my chapters only having 11 pages. Every two pages focuses on a pair of characters and what they are going though at the end of Chapter 3. (Yes, you are correct, one pair of characters has three pages because it is also technically a trio.) These first two pages focus on Zee and Nienda after Zee wakes up from the attack. In this page we can sort of see a hint at who we will be looking at in the next two pages.

Also both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have videos (slide shows) of them set to music, if you feel you want to catch up on them that way. Links below are here to help you navigate where you want to go.

Chapter 1 Comic:
Chapter 1 Video:
Chapter 2 Comic:
Chapter 2 Video:
Chapter 3 Comic:

User Comments

  rachel April 29th, 2019, 9:24 pm
I feel sorry for Maria that she is betrothed to Tibu when she loves Mason. I hope that they will be able to find a way to be together.
  Timitu May 3rd, 2019, 12:43 pm
The good thing at least is that she sees Tibu as a friend. But yeah it would not be fun. I cant spoil anything so cant say too much. But it will become a bigger thing in future chapters.
  rachel May 3rd, 2019, 8:25 pm
If she hated him she would be miserable. At least she can give him advice

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