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Game Title Picture (YouTube Speed-paint Video)

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Game Title Picture (YouTube Speed-paint Video)
© Timitu 2018

Artist's Comments

So I made a game... you guys already know that I am sure. The game is free to download so feel free to check it out. I am going to post a few of the special pictures I used in the game that I like the most over the next while. (I do not want to flood this place.) If you want to play the game the download is below. If you are unable to download or play a game but still are interested in the story of it I posted a sort of "Walk-through/story version" of the game with pictures. The only difference is no minor movement, no music and no sound effects. It will only show and tell the story of ONE of the three endings you can get.

Anyway, this is the title picture for the game. You can see the speed-paint YouTube video linked below as well if you are interested in watching the making of this picture. (Part of it was used for the video is used for the opening of the game.)

Speed-Paint video:
Game Download:
Levar's Life Story Version: ... Life-Story

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