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Nora's Story Book 3 Recap

Nora's Story Book 3 Recap
© Timitu 2014

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Story So Far 4 (Second last one)

Nora is now a young adolescent and her role within the pride has changed quite a bit. Nora is now the leader of her own little pack but unlike when she was a cub there is no other cubs. Gee has also been given quite the honor of being the second in command of the whole pride. Assistant to Zathros and Zee. Nora's assistant leader is Jeremy who sees things completely different then her. Because of their problems in agreement, the battle starts within the pride against her. Tabatha is the one on her side. Nora becomes more frustrated with the matter then she had ever been before, and begins to lash out.
During another hunting mistake Nora's encounter with the humans takes the life of a pride member and almost her own. Though no one saw much of her trying to save the life of the other lion, only how dumb it was for her to have tried. Nora begins to feel distant from the pride, her own and the whole pride together. Even Zee begins to turn his back to her pleas.
With Nora once again with no where to turn, who shows up but Levar. But Nora is reluctant to follow him this time. Her heart lays elsewhere, but he shows her and image of the mart and pretty Prrow and Zee together. Nora begins to see life wont ever be the same again. Jabari and Bandit betray Nora by telling Zee and Zathos about Nora's encounter with Levar. Nora is to be kicked out if she is seen with him again. After Javari and Bandit catch her again Nora becomes angry. Bandit tells her Zee does not even like her at all, in fact he hates her for all the trouble she has caused the pride. And the fact that all the others are planning to do something about her. Scared and once again all alone she goes to find Levar who is more then willing to plot the death of Liat for Nora, it would not be his first time.

Full story can be found starting in Nora's story Book 3

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