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Nora's Story Book 2 Recap

Nora's Story Book 2 Recap
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Another one leading up to the starting up of my comic. It is a much shorter recap of Nora's story book 2. If you wish to actually read the story it is in the link below. Just a warning though it was wrote when I was very young so not the best quality. I have thought about redoing them but I am much more interested in getting my comic started (which takes place AFTER the whole "Nora's Story" collection.) It may be helpful to read these recaps before starting the comic.

Story So Far 3

When Nora finally returns to the pride there had been talk of war, and now it becomes more real as several of the pride members must leave including Zee.
The cubs are left with Torin, a tall skinny pale coloured lion with a dark mane. He will keep them from harm. Along with him a pride must be looked after a second in command. Colby becomes the head of the groups prides with an appetite for power. He heads into his position with force. Nora and Tabatha are thrown aside to do nothing but sort out the meat for the other pride members, taunted and teased and not even allowed back in the den.
Torin looks after them rather well but is helpless against Colby and the other adolescents that decided to stay. Nora learned that Torin is more then just a strange lion that happened to be part of the pride. Not only was he good friends with Zee growing up but is her mother (Jem's) brother, Nora's uncle.
Nora begins to have strange dreams right up till she runs into Levar once again. Unlike his last appearance when he was a cub, Levar is now an adolescent himself. He has taken a liking to her realizing how important she must be to him. Though she is only a cub still Levar makes her promise she will be his for always. When Roy and Colby come to find Nora with Levar a fight is on. Levar protects her from them, and she soon learns why Levar seems to be different from the others, for he is in fact a ghost, or half ghost anyway.
Nora learns of his dark past with Scar but chooses not to believe it.
In the end when the adults return a fight breaks out. Lametta, the assistant leader to Roy when Nora was in the pride proves to be the one who started the stampede and tries to kill Nora. It ends in the tragic death of Roy and Torin who fall off a cliff, and Lametta is killed in the battle as well. Nora then really meets Liat, Lametta's sister who is Nora's age. And she is extremely angry. Colby tried to get his paws on Nora just as mad but Nora is surprised to see Gee, Tabatha and Jabari at her side to protect her. And soon after, Zee. It is a rather sad ending to Nora's cub life story.

Fill story can be found in Nora's story book 2.

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