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Nora's Story Book 1 Recap

Nora's Story Book 1 Recap
© Timitu 2014

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Again this was wrote a long time ago with the story as well. I am a much better writer now and have thought about going back to redo them but at the same time I am excited to be moving forward in this time line soon. :) If English is not your first language you can use a translator below to read what is written on the picture. It is the same only I fixed a few wording places where it was REALLY messed up. Past that I wanted to keep it as close to the picture as possible.

Story So Far 2

Mo's pride is taken over by a evil, and power hungry younger lion. For the fear of Nora's safety she is taken from her pride once again to one much more structured and powerful then she had ever been in before. In Zathos' pride Nora is once again on her own, thought it does not take long before she meets up with three other cubs her own age. Gee, Tabatha and Jabari. Nora is put into a pride within a pride. Her leader is a young and handsome adolescent male, Roy. Nora learns of Zee, the lion who can do and has done everything. Looked up to by all in the pride.
Nora is on the hunting team, though at her young age her job is mainly to watch the others and learn.
When Nora runs away back to home she sees how horrible the place has become. Zee tries to take her back but she refuses and runs away from him. She runs into Degz and Jaron, two nomad lions who live a very carefree life. Nora stays with them till Zee finder her there. He brings her back to the pride where she is soon removed from Roy's pride. Her lack of responsibility in the pride for running away turns many of the adolescents against her when Zee does not chase her friend the pride like he would have with the others.
When the hunt comes and she gets to go and be a little more involved with is, Roy does not wish her to be there. But Zee tells him he must taken her in for it.
Against his wishes he lets her in but all of a sudden a stampede starts up and almost kills several cubs, and ends in the death of Xhashi, Roy's girlfriend.
Roy becomes very angry and threatens to kill Nora if he ever sees her again. Zee sends Nora back to stay with Degz and Jaron once again till things cool down.

Full Story can be found in Nora's Story book 1.

This was the very first fan fiction I put on line back in 2006. If you want to read it the links are below. But again the recap is to sort of give you the idea of the story... Basically Nora has the worst luck as a cub. :) But this story does introduce her closest friends and the pride that will show up in my comic a lot. But all you need is the recaps of the stories to get right into the comic. But again if you are interested the link is below for the story.

Nora's Story book 1:

(This is #2 of 5 picture recaps that will be going up. I will post more tonight or tomorrow. I just don't want to fill the main page with these as they are old stuff but I want to share them as it wont be long before the comic fully starts back up again and many people on here know very little about my characters.)

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