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SpazzManianDevil's Album

Hiari is expecting

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Hiari is expecting
© SpazzManianDevil 2015

Artist's Comments

I wanted oh so badly to draw my lion character pregnant because #1 I love pregnant lions and mother lions and #2 I may or may not have baby fever. What? leave me alone! hahah.
Any who, this was just a scene I had in mind (No background obviously) where Hiari is relaxing with the other lioness' (Nala & Kiara) enjoying the sun and each others company when Simba arrives with an unfamiliar lion. Well, he was unfamiliar to everyone else, but Hiari knew him all too well. He was the Rogue lion that she had fallen in love with and who would now father her unborn cub.

I plan to have a whole story about Hiari and her secret love but for now this was just a little practice drawing. (:

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Submitted: August 20th, 2015, 10:54 pm
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