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SnowLeopard's Album

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Characters » Kabi

Kabi's Portrait

Registered at MLK: October 19th, 2019, 2:25 pm.

Gender: Female

Species: Lion

Character Description

Name: Kabi

Generation: Kiara's cubs

Family: Unknown parents, Ukula (Guardian)

Pride: The Isu Keeney Pride

Personality: Kabi is usually happy and somewhat excitable, but is also often rather quiet. She doesn't want to bother anyone, and will usually play by herself (She also talks to herself quite often.)

Kabi isn't the smartest lioness; she often doesn't seem to realize how dangerous the world can be, which can get her into a lot of trouble. If you try to explain anything to her, it can be very hard to get her to understand, and you may have to repeat yourself over and over until she finally does.

Kabi is extremely clumsy, and her short legs can sometimes make it very hard for her to walk properly. Because of this, she prefers to ride on Ukula's back.

Until she was quite a lot older, Kabi found it very difficult to pronounce the letters K, G, and R, and would replace them with ones she found easier to say (She referred to Ukula as 'Utula')

Likes: Kabi is easy to please. She likes most things around her, and will often point at a plant or creature and say, "Isn't that pwitty?" She loves flowers and butterflies especially. Kabi loves her friends very much, but also likes to be by herself sometimes. Though she's often rather quiet, Kabi loves to talk, whether she's talking to herself or to one of her friends.

Dislikes: Kabi doesn't like to be teased or shouted at. Aside from that, she isn't really bothered by much.


(Told by Ukula)

I found Kabi during a terrible storm. Tired of just sitting still in my den while waiting for the storm to end, I had decided to take a quick stroll, despite the rain. As I was walking, I suddenly heard distant crys. They were shaky and pathetic, and I decided to investigate. I soon discovered a young cub, just slightly older than an infant, sitting next to a river, calling for her parents. To this day I still don't know what had happened to her parents, but when I looked at the river, which had become extremely dangerous after the storm, I guessed they must have fallen in and drowned. I looked down at the cub, whose crys had become pathetic squeaks. She was soaked and shivering, and I realized that if I didn't do something soon, she would most likely die from the cold, so I picked her up and carried her back to my pride. While some of the lionesses went to get her some food, I held the cub tightly against my chest, forbidding anyone from coming near her. I took care of her for several days, never letting her leave my sight. I soon decided she needed a name, so I called her Kabi.

Some of the pride members had asked the neighboring prides about her, and eventually we found out that she was from the Pride Lands. Rafiki soon came to bring her back, but as her parents were gone and I had grown so attached to her, I asked if I could adopt her as my daughter. Apparently Kabi had no close relatives left in the Pride Lands, so they allowed me to keep her.

As Kabi grew older, we had more of a friendship than a mother and daughter relationship(I had never taught her to call me 'Mom' or anything, and she knew I wasn't her real mother). I would often get annoyed by her, but deep down I loved her more than anything, though I didn't like to admit it.


Designed by Bulbasaur on Animation Source
The Isu Keeney Pride belongs to Windhowler, Pawface, and Bulbasaur on Animation Source

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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