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ScarLoyal's Album


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© ScarLoyal 2014

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Zira choked out to them. Her voice was incredibly hoarse, probably from the frustration and fury that erupted within her. She staggered over to them. "Zira! Zira!" Her pride members gasped. Hugging her tightly, their Queen weren't phased in the slightest by their endearment. They weren't aware of the situation of course. "Your ALIVE! Thank the Kings... But. Where is Scar?"
Zira's fur bristled, feeling the hate burning her veins. She could whack her Pride-sister on the head for being so oblivious. But, they needed to know the truth. "Scar is.. dead." The last syllable deepened with a growl. Their mouths were left gaping. Their King? Dead? Fursii, the one who bore eyes that glowed as bright as crystals, spoke. "Who killed him?" Zira digs her claws into the ground. "..Simba. HE killed Scar.. for our King never killed him." Digger unsheathed her claws. "HE WILL DIE!" But Zira halted her attack, with a paw. "No. I will have him. HE is MINE. But you will take out the Pride. I imagine that his 'loyal' lionesses shall guard him with tooth and claw." Digger nodded, and turned back to the Pride. Zira starts to walk of but is stopped by a cub. It was Nuka. "Mother, don't go!" He held her leg with all his might, refusing to let his mother charge into harms way.

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