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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


ScarLoyal's Album

Alternative theory 4

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Alternative theory 4
© ScarLoyal 2014

Artist's Comments

As rain poured over the Pridelands. Zira had avenged her King. "THIS IS FOR SCAR!" She slashed the traitor's, blood spilled onto the ground. Her muzzle covered in the traitor's blood, she breaks down over Scar's body. Gripping it tightly, she cries and roars for what she has lost. Her heart was burning with rage. Rage and pain. "Why.. WHY!?" Her best friend and King was gone.. forever. But her sobbing was drowned out by a large roar. Who was that? She angrily turned her head to see Simba, declaring himself as KING. You murderer... YOU did THIS... if IT weren't for SIMBA... SCAR would still be ALIVE!! She began to head near the top of Pride-rock. But stopped as she saw her Pride and cubs.

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