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# OT RP Group. 
November 19th, 2013, 6:59 pm
Samurai wolf rp:

Ranks in the Pack
(Ranks change only if an alpha says)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alpha Female:

Alpha Male:

High betas:










Loners and outsiders:

1. Listen to the Alphas at all times, respect them. No exceptions. An alpha's say is law.

2. Respect all above you, even if they aren't an alpha. You argue, you get kicked, you argue more, you'll be silenced or banned.

3. You can't swear. If you must, block most of it out or use substitute words like cheesed.

4. Idling: All members can idle, just try and be active.. We understand that there's other things that you're probably active in as well, but you're also part of the pack, so try and be active, though you are allowed to idle.

5. Spamming >> Don't do it.

6. Don't ask to be promoted in any way, you'll be placed where either alpha sees fit, unless previously asked.

7. Pups. To any member "wishing" to have pups, you must PREVIOUSLY ask both alphas DAYS before thinking about having any form of pups, it must be allowed by both alphas, not only one.

8. Speak English! Text/net speak is really annoying. We understand lol/lmao/rofl.. etc. That's fine but seriously? Text talk is useless. Speak English.

9. Just have some fun c: We'll help you through problems, we're a family once you're a member. xD

Role Playing Rules:
1. All Roleplaying characters must be original! No Mary Sues or anything like that, must be original, must be yours.

2. Please, people seriously. NO GOD MODDING! It???s no fun for other people who roleplay.

3. Along with no God modding, you can't just have a perfect character with a million powers, the limit, unless you're an alpha, beta, gamma, delta, alpha pup, or zeta, is two abilities per character.

4. We understand that there's a lot of abilities out there and many are going to be used multiple times by multiple people, but try and avoid using the upper rank's abilities this means the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, or Zetas abilities.

5. Rp requirements per post: Minimum of ten words PER post. This is NOT in script style writing, it is PARAGRAPH ONLY! There is no limit to how long your post can be, so long as it's at least ten words long, no shorter.

6. In rps, we use third person. No first person or second person please. This means do not say me or I walk and such. It is the characters, not yourself.

7. It is preferred to have some sort of introductory with at least an alpha before roleplaying like you've been there forever. It tends to run a bit better if new members meet the alphas first before being completely known throughout the pack.


Alpha Signs
Ears forward + Bite muzzle + Growling = I am your Alpha!
Stiff Legged + Ears pulled back upward + Tall + Tail high = Do you dare disrespect me?
Ears forward + Bares teeth + Tail straight out = Respect your Alpha!
Snaps air + Bite side + Head below shoulders = Get out of here!
Stands over submissive wolf + Snarling + Tail high = I???ll put you in your place, do you want to be an omega?
Pushing on shoulders with paws + Growling + Snapping = Submit now!
Bares teeth + Glares at = Im not in the mood right now, Leave me alone!

Ears pulled back + Whining + Tail low = Im sorry! Please forgive me!
Ears pulled back + Whimpering + Tail tucked + Looking away or on ground = I mean no harm
Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Whining = Fear
Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Lick Alpha???s chin = You are my Alpha
Ears flat against head + Roll on back exposing neck/belly + Tail tucked = I give up! You are my alpha or Im sorry!
Bows head = Respect

Lowers head + Snarls = I???m warning you! / Last chance!
Snarls / Bares teeth = Get away!
Snarls + Bristles + Bares teeth = Back off!
Lunges = I will attack!
Backs away + Growls = I???ll get you later
Ears back + Tail tucked + growling low = Scared or get away!
Snaps at air = This is your neck/leg!

Lick constantly = Grooming
Lick chin = Hey
Lick cheek / Nuzzle = Comfort or Its ok
Touch noses / nuzzle = Hello
Play bow + Yipping = Lets play!
Tackle/Glomp = Dogpile! or Playfight!
Tackle + nip anywhere on body = Lets playfight!
Paws face = Your silly
Play bow + bounds away = Cant catch me!
Nip on nose = I win!
Roll on back = I give up!
Flick ears = Unsure
Marks territory/area = This is mine now

Male Crouching/Standing Angrily Infront of Female = Shes Mine, Back Off!
Lowers head + Snarls = I???m warning you! / Last chance!
Snarls / Bares teeth = Get away!
Snarls + Bristles + Bares teeth = Back off!
Lunges = I will attack!
Backs away + Growls = I???ll get you later
Ears back + Tail tucked + growling low = Scared or get away!
Snaps at air = This is your neck/leg!

Loud long howl: Calling for a mate
Loud howl: Calling someone
Low Howl: Calling my pups
Long Howl: Telling pack to attack!

Nose Touches:
Nose to Nose: You are the one.
To Forehead: I respect and love you.
To Cheek: You are such a cutie.
To Stomach: It???s okay, it???s just a kick to mate, it also means hey guys! to the pups.
To Neck: Protect me.
To Chest: You have a beautiful soul

Other wolf talk
Bow:Welcome/Submission/Wanna play?
Pounce: Lets PLAY!
Tail between legs:i am scared
Twirling around in circles: Being a show off or a flirt
Gets down low and snarls: BACK OFF OR DIE!!!
Rubs Tail Under Chin : Flirty
Unsheathes calws and snarls:I???m breaking up with you/I hate you
Tail In between Legs: Scared
Alpha Pins You: Leave now!
Rubbing Bodies Together: You are so hot.
Brushes Tail Under Chin or Stomach: Flirty
Roll On Back: I give in!
Paws At Chest: Flirty
Twines Tails: Be mine forever.
Male crouches in front of female and bares teeth:She???s mine

Puppy Talk
Play growls= Lets play flight!
Trys to growls for real= Back off! I???m mean!
Tackles= Let???s play!
Licks mom/dad= I love you!
Nuzzels belly= I???m hungry!
Licks behind another pups ear= I have a puppy crush on you!
Nips mom/dad lips= I???m hungry
Play bow + Yipping = Lets play!
Tackle/Glomp = Dogpile! or Playfight!
Play bow + bounds away = Cant catch me!
Tug On The Ear- Wanna play

Please PM me if you're interested! :D

User Comments

  Iri May 4th, 2014, 12:58 am
I'm pretty interested! But I can't find the thing that says "Send PM."
  NightDaiana November 20th, 2013, 1:03 am
for me Alpha female
  Kipekee November 20th, 2013, 12:07 am
high beta female for me
  agirlhasnoname November 19th, 2013, 8:56 pm
Hey! I'm intrested! can i make a alpha male?

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