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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Nine's Album


# Give me ideas 
November 18th, 2014, 5:33 pm
My head is seriously empty.
Art block is properly pressing through my head, so why not open up for some requests and such?

This can be designs or just drawings of one of your characters

1 Adofo: Tau

Art trades:


Icon requests:
A small drawing for your character's icons


If you want any of these slots, please send a link to the character (or a small description of a design you would like) and say if you would like shading and background.

# Flaming Stones: Info and raffle 
October 18th, 2014, 6:37 pm
Some of you may know that I have been posting, Kim, a new character of mine which is also the first of her species. I want to make some information for them, so here we go:

Flaming stones.

they are immortal, but can starve to death

Most of them have a gender, but it can happened that one of two doesn't have a gender.

They stand as tall as a human and have strange gems in their fur that shines like flames. The gems are normally located on the neck, side, forehead and sometimes on the cheeks. It's common for the to have straight and long ears, but can have many different shapes of ears. Females tend to have toned down pelt colors, but can have reddish, brown, orange, grey, golden and a purple grey color, they can also have light colors. Males tend to have colors which is close to their gem's colors. Gems most be real gems, but diamonds are very rare.

They eat ores... Yes you read right. They eat the ores the have in their fur, where they afterwards grow new one.



You can have two places, you can either choose to let me place them or to place them yourself.

a very rare flaming stones, a drawing of your new character, three chibis, four headshots.

a rare flaming stones, a drawing of it, Two chibis, three headshots

A uncommon flaming stones, a drawing of it, a chibi, two headshots

A uncommon flaming stones, a chibi, two headshots

A uncommon flaming stones, a chibi, a headshot.

# Yolo :3 
October 6th, 2014, 7:18 pm
Oh don't mind me, just filling out Iheart's questions :3

1) pirates or ninjas?
Pirates >:D

2) favorite element?
Fire :3 I like it, it's warm x3

3) what's your dream super power?
shoots fire out of hands >:3 oh and shape shifting :3

4) create a wacky invention for something! What would it be for?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know :/

5) messy room or clean room?
Messy for the win :D

6) favorite mythical creature?
...Does werewolves count :0? If not then... Dragons! XD

7) favorite quote?
have not been watching movies for a long time uhhhhhhhhh, pass XD

8) if you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?
Cheetah cubby *-* the fluff!

9) write a random word! The first one that pops into your head! Go!
Foxy, I don't know why, my head is filled with horror games at the moment :/

10) you're stranded on an island, but you get to take three things with you. What do you take?
Laptop with unlimited power, food and water :3

11) heroes or villains?
...Sorry guys... Villains :D evil cackle

12) favorite fictional character?
uhhhhhhh.... hmmmm.... I have to many! ;D;

13) would you rather live in Antarctica or the desert?
The desert... Stay away snow... Go...

14) pie or cake?
Cake *w* drools

15) if you could learn one language in a day that your don't already know what would it be?
uhhhhhh, Native American if is allowed x3

16) scariest thing, snakes wearing winter hats and scarves or spiders wearing mini bunny slippers?
Snakes creep me out ;-;

17) favorite era?
hmmmm, dang it, why couldn't I be English or American so I could understand this better ;-; Ice age?

18) who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Your father? Just kidding ._.' spongey macbob

19) bananas are amazing as [blank] are to [blank].
Cake are to...Me :3

20) *chanting* I say Quaker, you say oatmeal! Quaker!
Popcorn :3

This was quite funny to do :3

# Requests 
September 29th, 2014, 6:11 pm
I have been hella down lately, and just freaking found pasta in my pencil case... Damn girls from the school destroyed one of my pencils by chopping it with a scissor and now this... Well, moving on!

I'm taking art request.






Just tell me one of your ocs and I'll draw it :3

# Problems 
September 26th, 2014, 5:40 pm
If you do not want to hear me rant about how much I hate school and half of the people there, please leave through our four exits in the front of the Journal entry, thank you.

Alright, let's begin with the basics:

You guys may have seen I have not been as active as usually. This is because of the boring and hateful school which I have to drag myself over to almost everyday. Most of the girls in my class hates me, I'm okay with the guys, but some of the girls just seem to straight up hate me... The sometimes make fun of my trauma over for bikes ;-; Not funny guys... Not funny.
The worst part is properly that they have canceled the only thing I liked at the school.

The art classes...
It is one of the things I'm good at, other than reading and English of course.
...I hate you school, I really and truly hate you...
Why couldn't you have kept those classes and just thrown out some other class out ;A;

The only good part is:
No homework...
But it means I can't write stories for school and be all awesome and proud of it...

School is killing me. We had a water day, where we bring our water pistols with us to school and play water 'games'. One time we had a bowl and a straw, we had to take some of the water into our straws and run down and over to a other bowl and put it in it. Almost threw up as I had to cough up the water... It was so degusting...

Thank you for listening to my rant, have a good day. -gives candy-

# Help 
September 22nd, 2014, 1:22 pm
So, I have not been active for a while.
I'm at the moment making a theme thing, with the word envy but I'm pretty bored.
Any of you got something in mind?
I'm up for:
designs for people





Request :3

# Thoughts 
September 17th, 2014, 2:06 pm
I have been thinking about something...
Don't worry...
It's not about leaving!
It's about art.
No, I'm not taking a break.
And I'm not joining DA, well, not now.
Here goes nothing :3

I have been thinking about doing some comics and pictures where you guys tell me a expression, like sadness, horror, happiness and etc.

What do you guys think?
I would love to hear your opinions.
Maybe the comic will come true :D
I think I will make the pictures if they get enough attention
I know that someone else is doing a comic, but mine will just be mini comics where I try to be funny.

# Charecter help 
September 12th, 2014, 6:38 pm
EDIT EDIT EDIT: The chars have been made :D!

EDIT EDIT: Need one more char :3!

EDIT: 1 and 2 are made I only need to more characters!

I REALLY want some more chars.
I need more to draw >u<
I was thinking about something here earlier this day and well... here goes nothing!



Fur base:



"What do I have to do :0?"- You
Just pick one of the numbers for each category.
I need four new characters.
You do it like this:

Character 1:

Character 2:

And so on :3
You can't use the same number on everyone of them!
Give me some numbers, I dare you ;D!

# Fanfiction 
September 2nd, 2014, 10:50 am
I have been thinking about making a fanfiction, in like a really long time, but I didn't know what to write about.
First I thought about Kai and Mortem, but I found it a bit... Boring XD
Then I thought about the Flaming Empire, but not many people had been interested in it so it would be a boring story.
Then I got another idea.

Secret of the Wild

A story about a large group of cats who lives in the warm savannah, but get hunted out by humans. They will meet many dangers and travel farther away than any felines have ever done. Some of the will decease on the way to their goals, but many shall live to see their new home.

What do you guys think :3?

I need some more characters, they can be: Servals, sand cats, cheetahs, lions, leopards and I may allow some other species as the venture father away from the savannah.

Please fill out this one to join the fan fic :D

Name (I would like it to be a warrior cats name like firestorm or frozenfang):





Appearance (if you have picture, put a link here :3):







Mate (Ask the owner first if you want your cat to be mates with another persons feline before writing it):


Friends (ask the owner of the feline if they can be friends before writing it :3):

Enemy (Like friends and mates):

Death (if you're feline dies on they way there, please add the death here or I will give you a random death is you just say 'yes'):


Name: Frozenglare

Nicknames: Frozen, Froze

Age: 9.5 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Cold hearted, sly, stalker, easily angered and harsh

Appearance (if you have picture, put a link here :3): light cream lioness with darker
back fur, forehead, ears and paws, also has pale blue eyes that makes her look blind.

Breed: Lioness

Rank: Hunter

Mother: Sharptongue

Father: Riverpelt

Siblings: None

Crush: None

Mate: None

Cubs: None

Friends: Otterfur, Smallfoot and Longfang

Enemy: Coldstep, Stoneclaw, Shortpelt and Riverwhisper.

Death (if you're feline dies on they way there, please add the death here or I will give you a random death is you just say 'yes'): crushed by falling stone


High ranks
Leader: Vinestar (Nine)
Deputy(2/2): Skypelt (ArceeAdult) and Duma (Unikels)
Lead doctors (1/2): Stripedpelt(Dottyspottyfan) and OPEN
Doctors (0/4): ALL OPEN
Lead Hunters (0/2): BOTH OPEN
Lead warriors (0/2): BOTH OPEN

Middle ranks
Hunters (unlimited): OPEN
Warriors (unlimited): OPEN
Guards (0/10): OPEN
Scouts (0/10): OPEN
Mothers (0/6): OPEN
Cubs (0/9): OPEN
Elders (0/5): OPEN

Low ranks
Servants (0/8): OPEN
Slaves (0/5): OPEN
Wounded (0/6): OPEN

Thank you for your time. If any information is needed, please ask in the comments below :3!

# Adopts 
August 29th, 2014, 3:52 pm
So, I'm pretty bored and haven't posted anything in a while.
I was thinking about making more adopts, even though there is still one that needs to be adopted on my last batch -cough-pleasetakehim-cough- Sorry, I'm kind of sick at them moment ;-;

Female only
Male only
Mix of genders

Cubs only
Adults only
Mix of ages

Sparkle only
Naturel only
Mix of colors

Strange only
Normal only
Mix of markings

TLK Related only
Non-TLK related only
Mix of those two

Elements and swords/Scarfs/Hates/necklaces and so on :
Elements only
Swords only
Scarfs, hates and necklaces only
Mix of those three

Anthro or Normal felines
Anthro only (This will take long time, just saying)
Normal felines only
Mix of those (Will take time, but not as much as Anthro only)

Choose from these and write them down below.
Thank you.

# Chibies 
August 24th, 2014, 6:35 pm
So, some of you may have seen the adoptables that I have made, which is my chibi style.
I was thinking about making them like request thing.
You can use them as everything. Put them on your page, use them as headshots, use them as icons or do whatever you want with them.

1: Lionobsession Done
2: Awesomesauce2014 Done
3: Tacos Done
4: Adimu Done
5: Unikels

Just say which char(s) you want and I'll draw them for you :3

# Flaming Empire 
August 23rd, 2014, 11:13 am
EDIT: We got our own website, HAIL YEAH >:D

Oh, hello there, didn't see you there ._.
I'm making a little group, by the name Flaming Empire uwu
Flaming Empire are enemies to Icey Empire

Leader: There can only be one leader, the leader keeps an eye out for everyone and makes sure no one breaks the rules.
Deputy: These cats help the leader, there is two of them, but when the leader dies, only one of the can take his place.
Medics: Medics are cats who have given their life to herbs and healing, there is only three felines that can be medics.
Medic leaners: Each medic gets two younger cats who shall learn from them

Hunter: Like the name says, these felines catches prey for the whole empire.
Knights: Cats with the rank knight will protect the felines in the empire from other empires.
Scouts: scouts keeps an eye of on the territory around the empire and will tell the leader or another high rank if there is intruders.
Learners: These are young cats who are either trained by the medics or the trainers.
Trainers: Trainers, like their name says, train learners until they receive their rank.
Mothers: Mothers can only be females, they are excepting or nursing cubs.

Cub: off-springs of the mothers, cubs can't go out of the empire without a adult with them.
Elders: cats that have retired from their old duties.
Slave: Slaves are used for many things, some use them as a way to get food because they are lazy, other for getting more kits for the empire.

Listen to the higher ranks.
If medic, give me a rank with herbs, these may be from a real book or warriors.
If hunter, don't say you have hunted a whole deer by yourself, it is unrealistic.
If knight, don't say you killed a enemy in one swipe.
If cub, don't run away.
If mother, don't say you got 12 cubs, it would be un-realistic
Slaves can have 2 masters, so please don't say you are slave to 8 people.
The felines have control over fire, but please don't just burn down the empire of forest around the camp, thank you :3
You can choose any kind of feline, from a big tiger to a small lynx.

Flaming Empire
Leader: Ares(m)
Deputy: Moto(M) (Both slots are taken sorry, waiting for name of the chars)
Medics: Apollo(M)
Medic learners: None

Hunters: none
Knights: Emiko (F)
Scouts: None
Learners: ChuChip (M)
Trainers: None
Mothers: Melody

Cubs: None
Elders: None
Slaves: Faith(F)

Thank you for you time :3

# Design Trades 
August 17th, 2014, 7:56 am
Yup, you heard right, DT's
So, I have already done some Art trades and a few requests, so why not do some design trades.

1: Tacos 100%
2: Diddy 100%
3: ArceeAdult 100%
4: Unikels 0%
5: Adimu 0%
6: Awesomesauce2014 0%

# Nicknames and personality 
August 15th, 2014, 4:53 pm
So, I have made a large thing with what I look like, my favorite things and other stuff. But I thought, why not also do one with Nicknames and Personality. Well, here we go ._.

Lego Nico
and Witch, yes you read right, Witch...

Tomboyish, screw dolls and makeup! Let's go burn something >:3
Fast learner, -puts on fake glasses- yup
Stubborn, I aren't moving no where :Y
Lazy, Let me sleep ;-;
Creative, gotta draw it all!
Pyromaniac, I like to burn butterflies
Insane, I have taken and test, it says that my insanity level is at 57%...

If any other information is needed, please asks, I will answer to the strangest things. Like: do you have boyfriend, what gender are you into, what is your parents names, what are your zodiac sign. That kind of stuff.

Have a good day :D

# Deep thoughts 
August 14th, 2014, 3:47 pm
Kai slowly awoke from his slumber, opening his dark green pools and glancing around before opening his maw and letting out a long yawn. He stood up and stretched his limbs. He glanced around the small den, seeing two peacefully sleeping frames. One of them had a dark coat and spots, the other feline had a light coat and darker stripes. He shook his skull and moved out of the den swiftly, but stopped when he reached the large log a few meters away from the cavern. He leapt up and slowly sat down, his short banner flicked for a second before hanging from the large fallen tree. He glanced around, his dark colored eyes searched for any living in the light forest, but nothing was there. He narrowed his eyes as he moved his head upwards, looking at the clouded sky. A sudden sound of scratching made him look over his shoulder. The light colored female that he had seen in the cave had tried to leap onto the tree, but only to fail and make eight large claw marks on the fallen giant. Kai shook his head and chuckled. "Olive, you should stop trying to leap up here, you know you wont get up here with those legs" he said and glanced down at the female's back legs. They looked weak and where shaking under her. Olive rolled her eyes and sat down. "Oh, shut that trap of yours would you?" she said, her tone annoyed. She flicked one of her auds and glanced around "What are you even doing out here? The sun is not even at it's highest" she asked, her light green eyes watched the soil under a large tree "Needed some fresh air" he answered and leapt down. Olive suddenly froze. "Oh no... I have to go for a bit, if Mortem ask where I'm at, say that I'm hunting" she mewed over her shoulder and started running towards the woods, her large ears pinned to her head as she ran into the bushes. Kai raised one of his eyebrows. Where were she going? What had she forgotten?

So, this one is slightly longer ._.' I haven't been creative today, so I guess it all exploded onto this. So now you have meet Olive, she is Kai's best friend.

# Info 
August 13th, 2014, 7:15 pm
So, I have seen a bit of people doing this, so I though Let's do this!

Name: Nicoline Holst

Gender: Female, woman, girl

Age: 12, turning 13

Born: August 21, 2001

Siblings: None uwu

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue, but turns purplish when in shade

Height: I don't remember really XD

Weight: Same as Height XD

Fav Color: Dark red and a very light purple/blue

Fav Food: I can't choose, everything but fish I guess XD

Fav Drink: hmmmm, Cola and Fanta I guess

Fav movies: Ginga densetsu weed, Ginga nakaboshi gin, Lion king, Simba's pride, Lion king 3 and Happy feet

Fav TV shows: ...I don't really have any ;-;

Fav sport: Is drawing a sport .0.? No? Fine, tennis then

Hobbies: Rping, Being cray cray, Talking with my guy friends, playing games, Painting and Drawing

Fav games: Minecraft, Feral heart, Pok??mon Black, Pok??mon X, Lassie(one of first games), Little inferno and A Rpg game I can't remember ;-;

Fav songs: Fake it: Seether, Down the road: c2c, This ain't a scene, this is a arms race: Fall Out Boy.

Animals: Three cats: Monse(12 years), Perle(4 years) and Mia (9-10 weeks)

Element: Fire >:3!

Jewel: peridot ;-;