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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Moka's Album


# FAA 1.0 
July 22nd, 2010, 5:04 am
For whom it may concern...
I now fully pronounce the FAA completely finished as per version 1.0 of the software. Since the entire FAA is running off of PHP code that I wrote while still learning it, I think it's time to stop developing it.

Work has already begun on FAA 2.0 which features include using the new object-oriented MLK framework (yes, the previous framework was functionally designed, not object-oriented designed). The new framework is faster and easier, allowing the ability to choose the dependencies needed in certain pages.

I must remind everyone that I have just started and that no one will actually see the new version in development stages (unless they want to). The FAA itself will look and work the same until I determine version 2.0 is fully functional and ready for a live environment.

So that's all I had to say, sorry to bore.

# Might Rename 
January 20th, 2010, 10:45 pm
The MLKFAA (My Lion King Fan Art Albums) might get renamed to simply MLKA (My Lion King Albums). Although I realize the "Fan Art" portion is important, the name is so obviously similar to TLKFAA (The Lion King Fan Art Archive), a fact which has remained even though it was admittedly unintentional. ^^

So we might rename MLKFAA to something like MLKA. The banner will have something like:
My Lion King Albums
a lion king fan art gallery

Something like that. It wouldn't be difficult to rename, so I don't really see a problem with it. Do you?


# FAA Plans, Personal Meows 
January 16th, 2010, 4:18 am
Hi everyone.

I've been working on some stuff today in the FAA, mostly those new fancy looking comments ^^ I just decided to write this post to give you all a heads up on where the FAA is headed in the next few months.

The past few weeks I've been focusing on improving the looks and style of the albums as opposed to working on new features like I should be. I guess I'm feeling a little pressured by the modern art gallery sites such as deviantArt and I wanted to improve the style of the FAA. I'm really inspired by dA and I love their interface and website. I modeled the new comments after the ones in dA after I finally figured out how to make them work. :P

I start school next week but I'll have just about as much time to devote to working on the FAA.

As many of you know, the FAA is not a perfect product. It still has bugs in it which need to be squashed and new features that need to be released. I plan on finishing the FAA in mid-Summer, but I will continue to tweak it and occasionally add new features afterwards. If I make that goal, I will have finished it in a year and a half, which is remarkable for me considering this is my first big web programming project.

But enough about me. I'd like to thank everyone for contributing to the FAA and sharing their artwork and working with me to develop it to where it is today. The artists here are marvelous and the FAA has grown very quickly since its beta release more than 1 year ago. Thanks everyone! I look forward to looking back next year and seeing how far we've come again. ^^

As an added note, you may see some areas of the FAA that are completely new and then you might see some areas that haven't been revamped in ages. I will be updating all areas of the FAA with the new styles so fear not! ^^

- Moka

# 5 Star Rating System 
October 18th, 2009, 5:41 am
Hey everyone, I was just thinking about how to improve how people show their love for artists and their artwork. Yatima brought up a good point. The current rating system is annoying in my opinion. It's tough to manage which artists and artwork are your favorite.

So, I might revamp the entire system. I was thinking about changing it so that when you click "watch this artist", the artist is bookmarked and you get notified of all new art that is upload by that artist. This feature would only be available to FAA members (artists, people with an album). When people want to rate artwork, they can do so by rating it using a 5 star rating system. 1 star for "this is terrible", 5 stars for "this is amazing". This would give people more incentive to rate pictures, and it would be easy to see the most popular and most loved art.

I'm posting this because I'd like to hear everyone's comments or suggestions! Should I go along with this?

# Omigosh I am so Sorry 
June 13th, 2009, 7:06 am
I haven't updated MLKFAA in weeks! I'm so sorry guys, I'm trying to find the motivation, but it's tough to get home from work and then work again. I'd much rather relax :|

I will just have to quit gaming or something :P

I hope that I can finish some stuff on it this weekend. I'm already noticing some errors with it.

I've also noticed that the thumbnail generator is taking forever to load the thumbnails! Maybe I'll have to look up a better way to make thumbnails. I know of an easier and quicker way, but it results in low quality thumbnails. I like decently sized thumbnails so you kinda know what's going on in the picture before you click. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

# To-Do List 
March 5th, 2009, 8:48 am
This is mostly for me, and whoever else wants to see what's going to happen soon at MLKFAA.
The strike out means I either finished that task or didn't want to do it. xD
Urgent -
- Comment count on album statistic board doesn't work.

1. Display a "write your first journal entry" link on artists' album pages when there are no entries.
2. Characters (ugh) yey ^^
3. BBCode thing for journals?
4. Check everything for IE
5. Find out why Next/Previous buttons float leftwards on some computers.
6. Remove favorites linking to artwork that has been deleted.
7. Character page on albums.
8. Character TAB when completely finished.
9. "Edit" character, "Delete" character.
10. Contests?
11. Moderator-Friendly
12. Color theme possibilities for albums
13. "Gifts" option when Uploading
14. Improve Edit Artist Information & Preferences page in account.php
15. Display a list of new comments / updates when an artist goes to his or her album.
16. Fix favorites
17. Featured content tab on main site (maybe default?) - make featured sql table and moderator utility to add featured content
18. Suggestion query for tagging characters during creation - that was tough!!
19. Use the rounded edges for profile as well ^^ - I don't want to do this. lol
20. Replies using topic and new table
21. Delete artwork option
22. Allow artist to hide their contact information and stuff, disable comments in their album & each artwork. should be easy.
23. Omg Idea! Status updates (like Twitter) for artists.
24. IE!!!!!!!!! - <h3>Featured In...</h3( )???? (character tab of albums) AND when editing a character, check permission options (" ">)
25. Character Portrait/Reference Sheet
26. Featured artwork (singular) on album page / option for featured or most recent
27. Hide posting form for guests.
28. Continue to add options in account.php
29. Fix account.php -> Journal
30. Pagination
31. Folders in a FAA album
32. Recover Riko's comments
33. Home link on index
34. Warning filter?
35. Keywords for artwork, characters
36. Comments not showing smilies.
37. Mods can't delete other people's journal entries (not that I've tried, heh).
38. Email updates. Make custom script. (Incorporate in updates...update)

Please, if you notice something wrong with the FAA that isn't on this list, please reply here with the problem!