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© Marz 2013

Artist's Comments

Name:Avery (A-very)
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Species: Minery Cheetah(my species ONLY)
Rank: Raider
Magic Mastered: Darkness, Electricity
Personality:Personality: Social,a brat, a diva, funny, and a tiny bit snobbish
Bio: When Avery was born, her mother died because she was ambushed by cheetahs. Avery's father had to take care of her until she was a cub. Her father later died because he stole food from the lions and the lions killed him. Avery was very depressed when her parents died and almost committed suicide until another female from The Casters Of Society Found her.She took Avery to the Shadow Society and raised her. After Avery's depression quickly faded after she was saved, she became a brat and a little snobbish. Avery made tons of friends and she became very popular in her society. That popularity made her think that she was perfect and that she does whatever she wants without getting punished. So, she became a huge diva. But her friends didn't like the way that she was acting and never talked to her again. Avery quit being a diva but she still didn't get everything that she wants. Now, since she has matured, Avery began making new friends but trying not to become a diva again.
Other facts: Avery is small compared to other species and cats in the Society. Minery Cheetahs are small and have a lot of unusual colors. Like Avery, Minery's has two different colors that are divided symmetrically vertical. Minery's are rare and hard to study. Minery Cheetahs have a very long tail that can help the cheetahs grab stuff that they cannot reach(there tail can grab stuff^^).
Current Apprentice: None
Past Apprentices: None
Current mentor: None
Past Mentors: Tao

Shadow Society:
Roy- Doesn't get along very well
Tao- Good friends

Loners Society:

Blackshore Society:

Design (c) Snowflake754 on MLK
Minery Cheetah (c) Me Marceline Kamirah, you may NOT use this design in any way nor create one similar to the species
The drawing is NOT mine! It was Snowflake754's. Credit goes to her.
??2013 *Marcy-and-Trixie
Category: Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Animals

User Comments

  iheartart132 August 16th, 2013, 9:54 pm
if you want tao could be Avery's past mentor?
  Marz August 16th, 2013, 9:59 pm
okay ^^

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