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Characters » Lyric

Lyric's Portrait

Registered at MLK: December 11th, 2013, 11:32 pm.

Gender: Female

Species: Cheetah

Character Description

Lyric is a tomboy tough girl. She like to wear anything that involves music. She loves to listen to music. Without music, she would be nothing she says. She loves dub step and electronic music and she is always seen with her really cool head phones.
She has two brothers that she hangs around with all the time. Her brothers names are Sync and Musiqk(both character are owned by Snowflake754). She loves to play fight. Sometimes, she can accidentally play too rough. She is very protective and brave. She's a quick thinker and she can out-smart another cheetah or enemy very quickly. She's very smart for her age.
Positive Attributes:
-quick thinker
-very smart
- loyal
- protective
- creative

Negative Attributes:
- too silly
-always joking around
-sometimes over-protective
-likes to bother other cheetahs

She has a little crush on Tobias(Tacos)

Permissions: Semi-Private (They must get my approval before using this character)

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December 10th, 2013, 4:19 am


  snowflake754 December 14th, 2013, 3:23 pm
Great bio hun! I actually like electric music myself. And a little techno.
  Marz December 14th, 2013, 4:59 pm
haha, thanks! I LOVE Skrillex's music! Techno is amazing too!

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