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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Majordomo's Album

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© Majordomo 2009

Artist's Comments

"Behind every great leader is an even greater legacy, and those dear friends who will remember it forever."

Zazu awakens from his unconsciousness and finds Mufasa dead.

~Oct. 2008

User Comments

  Moka April 5th, 2009, 5:31 am
Great work, Major.
  TamberElla April 5th, 2009, 2:06 am
Yay! you uploaded this! :D
  Panda-chan April 5th, 2009, 2:05 am
Yet again, a very nicely done pic! I like the textures you used :)

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Submitted: April 5th, 2009, 1:25 am
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