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Leviara_Lioness's Album


# Nother Lioness Day Closer~ 
June 4th, 2016, 5:26 am
Lioness Music: NICKELBACK-What Are You Waiting For :zira-approve:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful :zira-happy:
Lioness Throwing Up Today:13 Times: 8@Breakfast 5@Lunch :ohno: :fret:
Lioness Health Currently: SoSo :bugs:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.5 :bugs:
Lioness Time: 23:06:52 :nalasmile:
Lioness Weather: Warm/Stormy :nalasmile:
Moving Time Remaining: T-Minus 44 Days Left GT! :kiaraexcited: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :glee2:

Lioness Quote: If you wanted Pink, you should have asked for it??!! :annoyed: :ugh2:

Ok I'll make this short and sweet my Lioness Pride Lovy's :zira-approve: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: ! Well it was another Long day of Moving Chores, I'm Happy to Say all went smooth :glee2:
ONLY 44 GT Days Left till We're in Our New Posh Home in Jerusalem Yisrael :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: !

Heres the Link to Our Home for anyone who Has/Has Not seen it?!
Otherwise the weather has been Stormy, nothing new for us here, where we live, every year its the usual weather, which infact I really find soothing :cool2: !

My health is as always what it is.. :fret: but I'm used to it, not that I care to Throw Up Daily and Others things too Daily with it, but it could be far worse, cause I dont think I'm worse off than others, as There is Always Someone with a worse health issue :thoughtful2: !

Oh in Other Good News, My Sis ( _Lioness_ ) has added me to a New Pride She made, I'm So happy she Offered it to me :D :dreamy: ! I'll draw a Char for it later, or She can Draw me one too, if my Sis Lioness Wants?! after I get settled into my New home and my PC is re-hooked up to the Internet, that Could Take 4 to 9 Weeks depending on allot of stuff!

Well I better go Everyone! I Need to Rest!
I LOVE YOU ALL! ***huggs Kisses** :-D :kiaraohyeah: :shiney: :tiifu2: :tiifu: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :wickedmother: :guilty2: :guilty2: :wickedmother: :wickedmother:

User Comments

  _Lioness_ June 4th, 2016, 6:20 am
Aaww to bad its stormy for ya ! :/ But hey ! Im happy for you !!! :zira-approve: :zira-approve: :zira-approve: :zira-approve:
44 DAYS LEFT ! OMG !!!! :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: !!!
I'm glad you like being added to the pride ! :P :P !!! God bless you ! :D :D
  Leviara_Lioness June 4th, 2016, 1:21 pm
God bless You too Lioness Sis <3<3 :dreamy: **huggs tight :hug3: **
I appreciate it, yeah I'm Happy for you too Lioness Sis!<3<3 :nalasmile:
OMG Yes now today 43 DAYS LEFT!! :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :D :zira-approve:

Yes I do, its SO Nice to be Part of You're Pride =^_^= :kiarabutterfly: :P :highfive:

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