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# Well Now..?? 
November 21st, 2016, 5:33 pm
Lioness Music: Kelly Klarkson: Already Gone :nalasmile: :bugs:
Lioness Time: 17:55:51PM (Israeli Time) :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Fair :dreamy:
Lioness Weather: Clear 62F :dreamy:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.75 :despise: :worriednala:
Lioness Throwing Up: 16 Times Since 01:07:24 AM Israeli Time Till Now :yikes: :despise:
Lioness Busy Factor: 10+ :yikes:

Ok everyone, I got a Little time to be on here :D , so, I hope All's well :nalasmile: :dreamy: ?! I'm uhhmm Well Good as I can be :concern: :nalasmile: , considering everything :bugs: :kiongrin: ??! So, What Is Everyone Going to DO For Thanksgiving, Or Eat, Which I Particularly LOVE Egg Nog :D and Pumpkin Pie, which I've been Eating away at :yummy: I Think Dad Lion and I Will Be Having Kinda Exotic this Year Thanksgiving, Turkey Sandwich Wraps Sliced :yummy: , Chunky Chicken Salad and Scalloped Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese, and With That Exotic Cheeses Sliced!! We'll be eating it Picnic style on the Floor on a Thick PVC Vinyl Table Cloth....Also For Desert, Carrot Cake, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Baklava , and An Italian Cream Cake.... :yummy: .. Yeah I Know Dad Lion 8-) 8-) Will NOT BE LION DIETING :kionannoyed: :kiongrin: :kionannoyed: As (He Can Eat Off His Lion Diet), It Will Be Mandatory BY ME, :kiongrin: :kiongrin: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: So as I Told him, its an Insult to DIET On Thanksgiving, Or Hanukkah, As You Dont Diet On Holidays I told Dad Lion 8-) :despise: 8-) :kiongrin: :kiongrin: :kiongrin2: !!

So, Otherwise I'm good, Busy AF Cleaning the House Daily among Other Chores! Hmm Dad Lion Last Night Brought me Home Flowers, in a Gold Lined Light Blue Crystal Vase, with a GRAFF Diamond Jewelry Set in a Gift Wrapped Box, It was a Diamond Necklace, 4 Bracelets and Earrings.. Here a Link to Images Of GRAFF Diamond Jewelry, What My Jewelry Looks Like, Believe Me, Its Stunning, as Dad Lion has to Special Order It For Me!

Well I Love and Miss All Of You, I Think Of You All Often!! Well i have to Go, LOVE YOU ALL <3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!
:nalasmile: :notagain: :wheeeee: :wheeeee: :orly: :orly: :shiney: :shiney: :tiifu2: :dazed: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :glee2: :wickedmother: :whythelongface: :wickedmother: :wickedmother: :drunk: :guilty2: :guilty2: :vitaniignored: :wickedmother: :kiarakopa: :kiarakopa: :bigmouth: :bigmouth: :kiarakopa: :kiarakopa: :cutenala: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3:

# Well Now..?? 
November 21st, 2016, 5:26 pm
Lioness Music: Kelly Klarkson: Already Gone :nalasmile: :bugs:
Lioness Time: 17:55:51PM (Israeli Time) :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Fair :dreamy:
Lioness Weather: Clear 62F :dreamy:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.75 :despise: :worriednala:
Lioness Throwing Up: 16 Times Since 01:07:24 AM Israeli Time Till Now :yikes: :despise:
Lioness Busy Factor: 10+ :yikes:

Ok everyone, I got a Little time to be on here :D , so, I hope All's well :nalasmile: :dreamy: ?! I'm uhhmm Well Good as I can be :concern: :nalasmile: , considering everything :bugs: :kiongrin: ??! So, What Is Everyone Going to DO For Thanksgiving, Or Eat, Which I Particularly LOVE Egg Nog :D and Pumpkin Pie, which I've been Eating away at :yummy: I Think Dad Lion and I Will Be Having Kinda Exotic this Year Thanksgiving, Turkey Sandwich Wraps Sliced :yummy: , Chunky Chicken Salad and Scalloped Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese, and With That Exotic Cheeses Sliced!! We'll be eating it Picnic style on the Floor on a Thick PVC Vinyl Table Cloth....Also For Desert, Carrot Cake, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Baklava , and An Italian Cream Cake.... :yummy: .. Yeah I Know Dad Lion 8-) 8-) Will NOT BE LION DIETING :kionannoyed: :kiongrin: :kionannoyed: As (He Can Eat Off His Lion Diet), It Will Be Mandatory BY ME, :kiongrin: :kiongrin: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: So as I Told him, its an Insult to DIET On Thanksgiving, Or Hanukkah, As You Dont Diet On Holidays I told Dad Lion 8-) :despise: 8-) :kiongrin: :kiongrin: :kiongrin2: !!

So, Otherwise I'm good, Busy AF Cleaning the House Daily among Other Chores! Hmm Dad Lion Last Night Brought me Home Flowers, in a Gold Lined Light Blue Crystal Vase, with a GRAFF Diamond Jewelry Set in a Gift Wrapped Box, It was a Diamond Necklace, 4 Bracelets and Earrings.. Here a Link to Images Of GRAFF Diamond Jewelry, What My Jewelry Looks Like, Believe Me, Its Stunning, as Dad Lion has to Special Order It For Me!

Well I Love and Miss All Of You, I Think Of You All Often!! Well i have to Go, LOVE YOU ALL <3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!
:nalasmile: :notagain: :wheeeee: :wheeeee: :orly: :orly: :shiney: :shiney: :tiifu2: :dazed: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :glee2: :wickedmother: :whythelongface: :wickedmother: :wickedmother: :drunk: :guilty2: :guilty2: :vitaniignored: :wickedmother: :kiarakopa: :kiarakopa: :bigmouth: :bigmouth: :kiarakopa: :kiarakopa: :cutenala: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3: :hug3:

# Oy Vey!! 
November 8th, 2016, 7:28 am
Lioness: Music: Avenged Sevenfold: Shepherd Of Fire! :nalasmile: :worriednala:
Lioness Time: 07:37:21 AM (Jerusalem Israel Time) :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Fair/Quiet :happy:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Level 5 atm :bugs:
Lioness Throwing Up: 15 Times Yesterday :yikes: and 6 Times This Morning since 02:45 AM :ohno:
Lioness Weather: Partly Cloudy and 65 Degrees Out :nalasmile:
Lioness Busyness Factor: 9.5+ :yikes:

Well been ok lately, you know the usual things about me are as is :kionoops: :kionugh: :kionoops: :tiifu2: :orly: Otherwise Dad Lion Bought a Three Bladed Wind Generator, he'll get it put together maybe this weekend before or After Shabbat which is on Saturday, most likely it may be Friday or Sunday?! :determined: :theroar: :wheeeee: :kiarabutterfly: I'll be curious as to how it will all work, he loves his projects :nalasmile: :cool: 8) It was kinda Expensive at $499.00 USD or (1,921.51) NIS/Shekels, as its 3.85 NIS to $1.00 Dollar USD..

Though that otherwise is ok....Also Dad Lion's been (Dieting Allot) more :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :smug: as he's now only eating 1,800 Calories Daily...Which cuts down my Cooking stuff as for Late Dinner too, which Tonight Will be Four Eggs and a Grilled Cheese Sandwitch with Olive Oil Butter With Tea..., and as his Dieting..Can make him Irritable :quit: :ghostly: :grr6: :grr6: :grr6: :grr6: :grr6: , as This morning for breakfast he had (Three Nutri Grain Fruit Healthy Bars at 120 Calories Each with Chamomile Tea, Italian Cream Creamer, No Sugar and that was breakfast, i offered a Doughnut, he Lion Growled :grr6: :grr6: and said NO :quit: :eep: to! As thats unusual for him, that Lion Loves his Doughnuts :melikey: :melikey: :melikey: , I Wonder if he's found an Israeli Lioness to Impress :skeptical: :dazed: :skeptical: :zirainnocent: :zirainnocent: ?? If So, than thats a reason ANY Lion will Go On a Diet, Wants to Look Good for the Lionesses :ohyeah2: :awesumface: :smug: , or One Lioness He's Trying To Impress :melikey: :ohyeah2: :smug: !!
So, I will Very Very CAREFULLY :butwhy: :zirainnocent: :ermm: :drunk: :wickedmother: Poke that subject, as I've gotten Bitten before over it- :gotthehint: :guilty2: :guilty2: :butwhy: :butwhy: :fret: :fret: before, kinda a Sore Lion spot for Dad Lion :quit: :quit: ......

As for me, I'm Paw pounding the Treadmill Daily as I exercise to keep my muscles toned from going into Muscle Atrophy on my Lioness bodd, as my Wasting illness and throwing up can/will do that, that and I've got Regular Doctor Visits Daily..Blood Tests...too :fret: :fret: :forgiving: :oops2: :oops2: I Despise Blood tests, Especially that Early Morning one before I've eaten anything, POMG :fret: :fret: I'm so nauseated after it... :burp: :burp: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :roar3: :roar3: :roar3: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: :puke2: <- Exactly how I feel after it, they take like 8 or so Vials of my Lioness Vena Sera (Vein Liquid) The Long Vials too...God knows why they need SO Much :pout: :pout: :eep: :eep: ??...I Swear its not fun...Then They they Weigh me...Oh i hate that too, as they weigh me with my Clothes on and me in the "Lioness Buff" I get so Chilled from it :eep: :eep: :omg: :omg: to see my weight differences....I'm really not gonna say just how little I weigh..but it really doesnt matter after a certain Weight Low Point :eep: ....I guess... I get Vitamin shots too, as that isnt fun either... :omg: :omg: :fret: :fret:

Well Otherwise my Jewelry is going Along Nicely, as for Last nights Jewelry it was A , 57.82 Carat VVS Clarity Vivid Blue and Yellow GRAFF Diamond and 5 Layer Rowed Matching 14mm South Sea Pearl 20 Inch Necklace, with Matching Bracelets at 7 Inches Long, for Each Paw, and Earrings too, All with Diamonds. All set in 18KT Yellow Gold..Very Nice I agree :huh4: :superexcited: :superexcited: :ooh2: :ooh2: :proud2: :proud3: :pretty: :pretty: :pretty: :innocent2: :innocent2: :innocent2: :innocent2: :innocent2: <- My thoughts too!

Well i gotta Go.. I Love you ALL :please: :please: :please: :innocent2: :innocent2: :innocent2: :smile2: !! Hope you like my Latest Older Art Pic I Uploaded today?!
Bye my Lion/Lioness Pride MLK Loveys :please: :please: :smile2: :smile2: :innocent2: :innocent2: :innocent2: !!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 :awesumface: :awesumface: :awesumface: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :glee2: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

# All That Golden Lioness Glitters 
October 30th, 2016, 4:53 pm
Lioness Mood: Ok :kionoops: :orly:
Lioness Throwing up Today: 14 times :despise: :dazed:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude:5.7 :orly: :brokeaclaw:
Lioness Busyness Factor: 10+ :wetkion: :kiongrin: :kiaraohyeah:

Ok, I know, I've been busy Lioness as always.. Its 17:40:00 PM (5:40PM)here in Jerusalem Israel, as I'm now Getting Dad Lions Late Dinner Ready for the Next 6 Hours! As He will Be Home at 23:30:00 PM (11:30PM) tonight, with Flowers and Jewelry :kiaraohyeah: :-D :kiaraohyeah: , Like Always :tiifu2: :dazed: :tiifu2: :orly: :shiney: ...and his Diversive Conversational Avoidant things, as Not to let me in on his Secretive Lion Activities... :despise: :

As for Bringing me home Jewelry and Flowers Nightly, well then Last Nights Flowers were 40 Long Stem 18KT (Solid Gold Dipped Roses) :wheeeee: :orly: :shiney: :shiney: , in a Faceted Quartz Vase that was Clear Quartz with Various Shades of Deep Blue and Golden Madera Citrine Gemstone Added too, as its 36" Inch Long by 9" Inch Diameter Solid Gemstone Vase.......that Of course Did not Include the Necklace of 965.881Carats of Vibrant Blue Diamond's and Combined to It 357.920 Carats Of Burma Ruby Necklace, set in 18KT Gold and Platinum, All Diamonds were VVS to IF Clarity, Asscher Cut and Emerald Cut, Rubies were VVS1 Clarity Burma Rubies, Emerald Cut.........

Also I Got Two Yellow Diamond Rings Each Ring Being 14KT Yellow Gold One Ring is with a 92.37 Carat IF Clarity Long Emerald Cut Canary Yellow Diamond at Center.....The Second Ring is 18KT Yellow Gold with a Wide Euro Shank Band and a VVS Clarity Fancy Intense Amber Golden Yellow (Context Cut) Diamond at 103.011 Carats....The Gold dipped Roses Are 7 Ounces of 18KT Solid Gold Each with the Rose Inside encased Inside the Gold, making its Shape....Well I need to get my Lioness Self Back To the Kitchen to Cook Stuff.....You Know Guys, I Get the Nicest Jewelry and Flowers with Vases to Hold them in :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :zira-approve: !

Bye Everyone, I LOVE You Guys!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 :) :-D :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :zuricool: :tiifu: :tiifu2: :nalasmile: :nalasmile: :theroar: :theroar: :theroar: :dazed: :dazed: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :glee2: :glee2: :sleepyzira: :zira-approve: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :zirainnocent: :zirainnocent: :nomnom: :nomnom: :nomnom: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :kiaraexcited: :kiaraexcited:

# And Here I Lioness Am Again?!! 
October 15th, 2016, 5:43 pm
Lioness Music:Three Days Grace-Home~' :bugs:
Lioness Health: The Usual Stuff :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Varying :worriednala:
Lioness Home: Jerusalem Israel :tiifu:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.5+ :bugs:
Lioness Throwing Up Today: 13 Times :yikes:
Lioness Time(Jerusalem, Israel) 19:13:07PM :nalasmile:
Lioness Situation: Interesting?! :worriednala:

Lioness Quote: The Times They Are'a Changin! :bugs:

Ok, I'm gonna be on very only shortly here. Ok To Start,I Made it there ok, on time to Jerusalem Israel, as I mentioned I would,as All went Well! Sorry I'm back a Little later than was expected, but its how things sometimes go......Ok, Dad Lion is Not Married Yet, Still looking for that Israeli Lioness to Marry, as I need a Mom SO BAD!! We've not hired Maids Yet at our 10,226 Square Foot Home, which is a Veritable Palace.. So I Clean it, despite my Health, and Illnesses, Someone has to......

As Dad Lion from the Beginning since we've Arrived has been on this Secretive Disappearing thing, where he's gone from 04:00:00AM and Not Back Till 23:00:00 PM (11:00:00PM) 23:45:00PM 11:45PM Latest or So at night.......Where he Goes Alone and "Whom" he's busy with is beyond me........ :bugs: So, I Cook him Meals, Breakfast (always) , and Late Dinner(Always).....He's Incredibly Tense Especially in the Morning before going off to where ever it is, he's really Quiet and Will NOT Mention Ever ANY Of his Activities before and after coming home......If I ask him whats All Going On, He'll say -> ("Had A Great Day Levi, Shifting Gears, How Was You're Day Leviara Sweety??)<- Thats ALL He'll say, cutting it Real Short, what I like to call (Defensive Diverting of the Conversation)!...His Eyes say allot more, and sends chill's up my Lioness spine! ....He Usually always nightly brings me a Huge Crystal Vase with a Big Bouquet of Flowers Roses, Orchids, Tiger Lilies with Usually Always Jewelry, Diamonds Pearls Emeralds in 14 KT Gold/18KT 22KT Gold or Platinum, or Silver/Sterling Silver, usually hidden inside the Vase as a surprise to me, or in a big Box Gift Wrapped under the Vase if its a Ring, Necklace, Bracelets and Earrings Sets, which are quite Common for me, ect, Every Night/Day! I wont Complain, i love it...We Rarely get Father Lion Daughter Lioness Time Together Anymore, but thats ok, Dad Lion always Says, ("Leviara its Part of the Israeli Operations Cost, to Keep Israel Safe.....You must understand, I may or may not Ever Marry, My Job, does best if I'm single, unmarried..")...... :fret: :fret: I was leik, OMFG my Lioness Heart Dropped a Mile, I was SO Disheartened, at the thought of No Mom Lion or Family, cause of what ever Job he's doing????!!

So Otherwise I'm ok, thing's are Interesting to say the least here in Jerusalem, to say it, But I am Safe, and Kept mostly Now Indoors, Except the Courtyard I'm allowed out of Yesterday I'm not allowed to go on my Morning Out Doors Jogging/Run like I was doing for some time, as things are a bit Tense right now... Dad hired 28 Well Trained Battle Hardened IDF Guards to watch over the Entire Place our home, to keep me Safe and it safe.... Well i need to Go..I'm in the Middle of Cooking Late Dinner....but had enough time to post this MLK Journal... :nalasmile:

Love You ALL!!! I'll be on when I get more Time! I'll Post some Art I've worked on here and there....

Bye Everyone! I So Seriously Love You All!!! :nalasmile: :tiifu: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Lioness Music: NICKELBACK- If Today Was You're Last Day
Lioness Mood: Somber :cry: Reflective :huh9: :awaken:
Lioness Time: (Too Short) :huh4: :huh9: 22:32:54 PM 19th/June/2016
Lioness Weather: Warm 87F Outside :dreamy:

ICO(Internet Cut Off): Tomorrow Morning 19/June/2016 @ 0900 AM US Central Time:

Leave For Israel Time Left: 8 Days Left:
Time Leave for Jerusalem Israel: G550 Gulfstream Private Jet is Go for Launch/Takeoff 27th/June/2016 @ 07:00:00 AM US Central Time, Private Jet wheels Leave the Runway Ground, We are on our way to Jerusalem Israel:

Move Into Our New Home: 28/June/2016

Return Time Estimated to the FAA/MLK: 4 to 9 Weeks after the 28th/June/2016:

Lioness Quote: "Change Is The Essential Process Of All Existence " ~ "The Needs of the Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few, Or the One" ~
(Spock) (Star Trek):

To All Here at the FAA: Admins Moka you too, All Staff and MLK/FAA Pride Members **huggs Moka the Cheetah sweetly and All the Staff ** :hug3: :hug:

Well Everyone As much as it sorrow to go, I must, I knew this day would come, It would not be easy, Its not the Moving, Its Those Who you Leave Behind thats hard.
But I promise I Shall Return, after I move into my new home on the 28th of June in 9 Days, and settle a sort out things in my home which will take from 4 to 9 weeks pending on how fast everything goes together over there, in Jerusalem Israel.
Well I dont know what else to say.. Thank you everyone for being here and Wishing me Well and Saying goodbye, You do not know just How Much this means to me??!!
;_; ***huggs Everyone tight tearing up in my Lioness eyes :cry: :cry: :cry: ** speaks choked up :cry: :cry: :cry: **
I Will Miss You ALL! But I will Get Back as soon as I Can, I promise :cry: :cry: :hopeful2: !!

Bye Everyone ~ :cry: :cry: :cry: :hopeful2:

I Love ALL Of You Lioness Sis, Zoketi Sis, DeadlyNightShade Sis, Times Bro, Arcee, LionObsession, KamiLioness, Tako, And Every One Of You Here At The FAA I Do So Love~!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 :heart: :heart: :inlove: :inlove: :butterflies: :butterflies: :butterflies: :heart: :highfive: :highfive: !!!

Good Bye Everyone~ Love You my SweetHeartedness Sweethearts and Lovies! :butterflies: :butterflies: :butterflies: :butterflies: :butterflies: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Lioness Music: NICKELBACK- All The Right Reasons :bugs: :nalasmile:
Lioness Mood: Ecstatically Enthused :D :dreamy: :highfive:
Lioness Health: Fair/Soso :dreamy:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.3 :bugs:
Lioness Throwing Up:12 Times Today :ohno: 7@Breakfast :fret: 5@ Lunch :fret:
Lioness Time: 22:57:29 PM :nalasmile:
Lioness Weather: Very Warm @ 87F Outside :dreamy:
Lioness Bed Room Temp: 92.6F :dreamy:

Lioness Quote: To All things There Is a Season: " I'm Leavin On A Jet Plane, Dont Know When I'll Be Back Again?!" :nalasmile:

Heres the Link to this Post, in the Members HQ at the MLK Forum!

Moving To Jerusalem Israel. The Final Date/Time Now Set:
Post by Leviara_Lioness 12 Jun 2016 22:35

Ok Everyone, here it is, I'll now Give the Final Date/Time Were are Officially Moving To Jerusalem Israel. This's it. The Official Count Down to (Zero Hour D-Day), has Finally begun as of Today 12/June/2016:

On -
19th/June/2016: I Will Say Good Bye to Everyone here @ MLK/FAA
I will log Out of MLK/FAA After Saying my Good Bye's and Posting One Final FAA Journal, Saying Good Bye at the FAA, too, Then I Log Out:

20/June/2016 ICO (Internet Cut Off) @09:00:00 AM CDT:

26th/June/2016 @ 13:00:00 PM : We Go to the Holiday Inn Hotel to Stay that in our Suite all Day/Night, till Were picked up on the morning of 27/June/2016 @ 05:00:00 AM for the Ride to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, we then go through Airport Check In at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport @ 05:30:00 AM , and then Go Directly to Board our Gulfstream G550 Private Jet @ 06:00:00 AM CDT.

Flight Departure Time: 27th/June/2016 @ 07:00:00 AM CDT(Central Daylight Time) G550 (Gulfstream 550) Private Jet Flight will Depart, we Leave the Ground/Liftoff, from the Airport here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
The Flight Duration to Jerusalem Israel is Estimated to go between 6 to 8 Hours in the Air, including One Refuel Stop added to it. We'll be at 55,000 Feet (18,333 Meters) At (735 mph/1,176 Km/h) or 0.98 Mach Velocity Cruise Speed:

After this long Flight, we Land at the Tel Aviv Yafo Airport, Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV), in Tele Aviv-Yafo, Israel then Depart our Private Jet.. Then heading to Jerusalem Via our Ride waiting for us at the Airport, we will be driven to our home in Jerusalem Israel.

As it will be Radio Silence, it Will Be 4 to 9 Weeks Before I get Re-Connected Via Internet on my PC, in Jerusalem Israel, as it will take time to organize/unpack All the Stuff which was shipped there ahead of us, not including daddy lion has also called furniture peoples in Israel to arrange ahead pre bought furniture stuff to add to our home/decorate/arrange it, this of course will take some time to do.

28th/June/2016 19:00 PM CDT The New Homeowner an Israeli Jewish Rabbi Daddy Lion Knows Personally and trusts Will Move in to our old home, in Sioux Fall's South Dakota. :

Ok well this pretty well sums it up :dreamy: . not more to add to it here :

# Sooner is Better~ Dont you Think?? 
June 8th, 2016, 5:02 am
Lioness Music: Three Days Grace -Give Me a Reason :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Ecstatic :D :zira-approve:
Lioness Health: Soso :bugs:
Lioness Throwing Up Today: 12 Times :ohno: :fret: 7@Breakfast :fret: 5@Lunch :fret:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.9 :fret: :bugs:
Lioness Weather: Very Warm :zira-approve:
Lioness Time: 23:00:09
Lioness EMO Factor: 9.7 :nalasmile:
Lioness Moving Time to Israel: SOONER Than Expected!!! :D :dreamy:

Ok Breaking News Everyone!!! Were Moving SOONER To Jerusalem Yisrael, Ok, Daddy Lion Told me at Lunch today, as We were eating lunch sitting on the floor! Now Just How Much Sooner is Not known by Me at Least, but Daddy Lion has been Daily Chatting With the Israeli Government Consulate/Israeli Embassy, as things are Really Getting HOT, In a Good way :D for us!! So As to How much Sooner, I knoweth Not :peeky: , I Will Let All know as Soon as I get a Fixed Date :cheesysmile: ?!

In Other News Today, as for my Jewelry Gift, POMG :omg: :omg: :omg:
Heres what I got.. :omg: :D :kiarabutterfly: :kiaraexcited:
Also Today was my 14th Furrsday Birthday, as Daddy Lion Got Me (Not Kidding) a ( AAAAA Grade Natural Australian Solid Boulder Opal and VVS1 with Vibrant Blue Diamond's in the Ring, Earrings and Necklace Set in 14KT White Gold :omg: Each Boulder Opal is over 70 Carats Each in the Ring and Necklace, The Earrings are 30 Carat Boulder Opals Each Earring :D :D :omg: :omg: Yeah it was good day :cool2:
Solid Boulder Opals of (AAAAA Grade) Can Easily Run MSRP GIA Graded $170,000.00 Per Carat Conservatively Speaking, of this Grade Level, especially with a Heavy amount of Red and Blue Flashing Gemstone Fire in them, Which infact Mine Have 97% of Red and Blue Color, with Yellow, Green and fair amount of Orange mixed in.

# Nother Lioness Day Closer~ 
June 4th, 2016, 5:26 am
Lioness Music: NICKELBACK-What Are You Waiting For :zira-approve:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful :zira-happy:
Lioness Throwing Up Today:13 Times: 8@Breakfast 5@Lunch :ohno: :fret:
Lioness Health Currently: SoSo :bugs:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.5 :bugs:
Lioness Time: 23:06:52 :nalasmile:
Lioness Weather: Warm/Stormy :nalasmile:
Moving Time Remaining: T-Minus 44 Days Left GT! :kiaraexcited: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :glee2:

Lioness Quote: If you wanted Pink, you should have asked for it??!! :annoyed: :ugh2:

Ok I'll make this short and sweet my Lioness Pride Lovy's :zira-approve: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: ! Well it was another Long day of Moving Chores, I'm Happy to Say all went smooth :glee2:
ONLY 44 GT Days Left till We're in Our New Posh Home in Jerusalem Yisrael :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: !

Heres the Link to Our Home for anyone who Has/Has Not seen it?!
Otherwise the weather has been Stormy, nothing new for us here, where we live, every year its the usual weather, which infact I really find soothing :cool2: !

My health is as always what it is.. :fret: but I'm used to it, not that I care to Throw Up Daily and Others things too Daily with it, but it could be far worse, cause I dont think I'm worse off than others, as There is Always Someone with a worse health issue :thoughtful2: !

Oh in Other Good News, My Sis ( _Lioness_ ) has added me to a New Pride She made, I'm So happy she Offered it to me :D :dreamy: ! I'll draw a Char for it later, or She can Draw me one too, if my Sis Lioness Wants?! after I get settled into my New home and my PC is re-hooked up to the Internet, that Could Take 4 to 9 Weeks depending on allot of stuff!

Well I better go Everyone! I Need to Rest!
I LOVE YOU ALL! ***huggs Kisses** :-D :kiaraohyeah: :shiney: :tiifu2: :tiifu: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :wickedmother: :guilty2: :guilty2: :wickedmother: :wickedmother:

# Lionesses are Moving Along~ 
May 27th, 2016, 5:11 am
Lioness Music: Lady GaGa: Telephone :zuricool:
Lioness Mood: Bouncy :dreamy:
Lioness Health: Soso :bugs:
Lioness Throwing Up: 12 Times, 7@ Breakfast 5@Lunch (Today) :fret:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.7 :worriednala:
Lioness Time: 22:55:08 PM :nalasmile:
Lioness Room/Den Temp: 86.8F :innocent2: :guilty2:
ETL: T-Minus 52 Days:57 Mins:24 Seconds :kiaraexcited: :dreamy: :innocent2:
Lioness Weather/Temp: 66F Overcast/Possible Thunder. :dreamy:

Lioness Quote: All's well that Ends well :nalasmile:

Ok, an Updated Journal, much needed, as of Now our home is @ 80% packed up :dreamy: the boxes arranged in thier respective places so El Al Israel Cargo Air Freight Shipping can take them as is :innocent2: . I'm Sleeping on the Hardwood Floor of my Bare bedroom/Lionesses Den, just a sheet, Pillow, Leopard throw and the floor under it, I'm used to the Bone Aching Soreness of it all, as I'm wearing my Long Heavy Blue Jeans and a Lioness Sweatshirt, and thats all I wear, as I wear it near 24/7 with the exception of showering which I adore! :D
Otherwise Everything is good. :nalasmile:

Daddy Lion is feeling Very Strong and Active 8-) , considering the Lion :coolgrin: is 73 8-) , but irl he looks 40 :coolgrin: I'm not kidding! He is strong like a 25 year old :coolgrin: :cool2:
But needless to say were at 80% Home is Packed up, boxes organized and set about in thier respective corners! :dreamy: 52 Days we'll be in Jerusalem, Israel at our Posh home!
I look SO Forward to it! :innocent2: I Really Miss putting out my Art here at the FAA, but I'm so busy and tired by the end of the day, though.

Well everyone, I need to Go. LOVE YOU ALL! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
:zuricool: :nalasmile: :fuli2: :fuliohyeah: :-D :evilzira: :tiifu: :tiifu2: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zirainnocent: :glee2: :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :highfive: :highfive:

# Lioness "Moving" Along: 
May 16th, 2016, 5:27 am
Lioness Music: NIN (Nine Inch Nails) - Ring Finger :innocent2:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful :nalasmile:
Lioness Throwing Up: 13 Times (today) 9@Breakfast/4@Lunch: :fret:
Lioness Health/Current:Soso :resist:
Lioness Weather: Warm :kiaraexcited:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5.2 :resist:
Lioness Moving Time: T-Minus 64 Days~ :sing3: :teehee: :devishlyhappy: :highfive:
Lioness Time: 23:20:41 :proud3:

Ok everyone just an update, short journal tonight :resist: .. Moving Chores Things are going good and Progressing along nicely! in 64 Days We'll be In Jerusalem Israel, or Two Months 4 Days :peeky: , funny huh, how fast its going/gone bye :nalasmile: , just a while ago it was 88 :awaken: days away, now its only 64 days away :kiaraexcited: !
I Will Notify Everyone of/befor my PC/ICO (Internet Cut Off) As that will be coming before we Move, soon:
Otherwise my health is the usual self, but I keep kicking along :kiaraohyeah: :wheeeee:
So other than that, I'm loving the thought when I get there to our new home :inlove: :heart: , we just bought there a while back! :D :nalasmile:
Well I better go its near 23:30:00 PM!

LOVE YOU ALL!! <3 <3 <3<3<3<3<3 G'Night Everyone! :kionsmile: :tiifu2: :tiifu: :shiney: :-D :zuricool: :kiaraohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :kiaraexcited: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :sleepyzira: :nomnom:

# Phoenix Lioness Fire Dance~ 
May 8th, 2016, 4:58 am
Lioness Music: Sia- Cheap Thrills (Video) (Phoenix Dance Theatre) :highfive:
(You Tube Link to this Remarkable Song, Try it?!)
Lioness Mood:Beyond This World Exo-Bodymorphic/Ultra-Euphoric/Cannot Be Measured :nalasmile:
Lioness Health: Soso/Fair :awaken:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude:5 :ugh2:
Liones Weather: WARM! :D
Lioness Moving Status: T-Minus 74 Days~ Till Zion is My Home Forever: :D :highfive:
Lioness Time: 22:36:24

Well as is things, are going along very smooth :wheeeee: , like flying with a Jet Stream at 47,000 feet with Pushing you along 200 MPH Faster, than I'm already going! So yes 74 Days till Zion (Jerusalem) daddy lion and i are making it go, were getting along really good Relationship wise, IMVU has been a big help too as We Have Bonded as Father Lion and Daughter Lioness Over IMVU :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: ( Oh How He Moves Me His Daughter Lioness So <3<3 :heart: :heart: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3) **sighs deeply happily**
That this Incredible Virtual World where you you can create/buy anything, has greatly Helped Us Bothe as Father Lion Daughter Lioness Bond! IMVU its truly unlimited, only limited by you're imagination! as Daddy Lion buys me usually, now 100,000 Credits to 200,000+ Credits Per Week, as 1,000 Credits =$1.00, to give an exact figure amount! I'm Loving my VIP IMVU account, I've bought Allot of Stuff, what you ask?? **giggles** well lets just say its Lioness Girl Things xD :P

So non the less I'm in Blissfully Mood wise, I'm beyond this world..a feeling a I cannot describe, there are no words....Except this; I feel this Strong Tingling and Very Warm All Over, and a Feeling of Being (Pulled Out of My Lioness Body!) But its a Good Lioness Thing~
Well I must Go, LOVE You All! ~<3<3<3<3<3<3<3~ :hmm3: :awaken: :teehee: :teehee: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :kiongrin: :kiongrin: :zuricool: :zuricool: :tiifu2: :tiifu2: :zira-approve: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :zira-happy: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly:

Lioness Quote:(Feeling The Phoenix Lioness Fire-Lights it Up) (Dance With Me)
:wheeeee: :theroar: :wheeeee: :tiifu2: :wheeeee:
Come on
Come on (turn the radio on)
It's Friday night and I won't be long
Gotta do my hair (I put my make up on)
It's Friday night and I won't be long

Till I hit the dance floor
Hit the dance floor!
I got all I need
No I ain't got cash!
No I ain't got cash!
But I got you baby...
Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills...)
Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills...)
But I don't need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

Come on, come on, turn the radio on
It's Saturday night and I won't be long
Gotta paint my nails, put my high heels on
It's Saturday night and I won't be long

Till I hit the dance floor
Hit the dance floor!
I got all I need!
No I ain't got cash
No I ain't got cash
But I got you baby

Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I don't need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

(I love cheap thrills!)
(I love cheap thrills!)
I don't need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

(Oh, oh)

Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I don't need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
(I love cheap thrills)
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
(I love cheap thrills)
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
(I love cheap thrills)
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
(I love cheap thrills)

# Lioness War of Attrition, Painkiller~ 
April 29th, 2016, 5:25 am
Lioness Music: Three Days Grace: PainKiller :bugs:
Lioness Health: Poor :despise:
Lioness Throwing Up: 10 Times today :despise: :pissed:
Lioness Mood: Fair/Reflective/Dysmorphic :bugs:
Lioness Weather: Rainy/Damp/Cold'ish 37F :ugh2:
Lioness Time: 22:37:54 :nalasmile:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5/6 :yikes:
Lioness Art Trades/Requests:(Slow Progression) :puppyeyes:

Well despite everything, T-Minus 81 Days till Jerusalem Israel, our home Now Ours :D :D :nalasmile: !!
Go to this link to see it, its quite Pretty!
Were well on track, getting everything ready as is, this's the hardest part, not buying our home which was remarkably easy, or later flying there.... its those Little things, you know the List of Chores, finding someone to have our old home here, then packing Company/Shipping company, which of Course will be naturally..( El Al Israel Air Freight Shipping) and Also El Al Israel Airlines to fly over on.. :zuricool: :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah:
Organizing everything inbetween Looking at my Art Trades/Requests, which I'm clawing at between my illnesses kicking me around like the Lioness little fluff ball I am.. :bugs: :ohno:

My sleep is getting more and more Restless :bugs: , anxious :growljasiri: and constantly thinking of what its gonna be like over in Jerusalem Israel, which actually pleases me greatly!! :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :zuricool: :fuliohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: !!..
But otherwise I'm coming on here at MLK/FAA I still try to have time for All! I'm SO Happy toi have met (Roni) Linnea, my new Israeli Lioness Sis, whom I just Adore, as I do ALL My family here at MLK/FAA!! <- :-D :zuricool: :kiaraohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :nalasmile: :nalasmile: :kionsmile: :tiifu: :tiifu2: :shiney: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :sleepyzira: :glee2: :zirainnocent: :realize: :realize: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive:

So otherwise I'm Expressive in my Art Test pics, as I'm trying new ideas, old ideas, new concepts, and old concepts, between everything. So otherwise all said I'm doing the best I can, daddy lion is his Liony self :cool: :coolgrin: Were getting on good kinda in our rocky yet Amiable Daughter Lioness daddy lion relationship, yes my step mom Lynn call's daily begging to chat every chance she gets with me :fret: which practically makes so ill I can :puke2: Puke up just hearing her voice, Leaving Me SO ANGRY :bigteethnala: :bigteethnala: :bigteethnala: :pissed: I cannot begin to measure it :grrzira: :horrifiedoutsiders2: :horrifiedoutsiders: , not kidding! For those who dont know Lynn, trust me you just DONT want to.. :disgust: :disgust: : :grrzira: She's that twisted.. I've seen the Face of True Evil!!.... :horrifiedoutsiders: :insane: :evil3: :grr5:
I'm just happy Lynn's 1,400 miles south in Texas.. Her presence in the USA inspires me even more to Want to Seriously Leave fore Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), Yisrael (Israel) PDFQ_ASAP!!

Been too thinking of my IRL birth mom lion who abandoned me 10 years ago...too, I miss her, beyond measure.. I Hope I get an IRL mom in Yisrael who actually Loves me, I think I deserve that... :huh2: :huh: , I cannot go on much longer without a mom, it hurts so much to not have one.... :sosorry: :sosorry: :cry: :cry:

Well then I need to go, bout time for my nightly Coffee/ the usual 23:30:00 PM CST
I LOVE you All, I Really Do, Never Felt So Much Love for Many at one TLK/MLK/FAA place! :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :highfive:

Good Night Everyone~ **huggs Roni(linnea) and Everyone!** :grouphug:

(Three Days Grace Lyrics to (Painkiller) (Modified in this Lioness Quote)

Lioness Quote: :worriednala:
You know I need a fix when I fall down, Cause I cannot even stand up..You are my Paws, my Crutch.. My hook to drag me along..
You know I need to find a way, but Enslaved with you I stay, forever bonded to you flesh of fur of flesh of fur.. An UnHoly Communion I took of you, you took of me, we two- bound in bondage of agreeance, in flesh and fur and flesh and fur..
I need you To get me through another day, another way to make me stay and pay..
Let you be the one to numb me out, cause I dont want to feel you anymore
Let you be the one to hold me, cause I'm so love starved I'm insane for affection
Never gonna let me get away, cause at you're call I-
come running back, forever, over and over and over
This Vicious cycle were Locked and engaged in

You're The shoulder I cry on, the one I know who'll feed me, the one who'll bleed me..
You're The dose that I die on, I'm addicted to you beyond reason, I'm Fanatical..

You, can be my painkiller, killer, killer
I'll love you till it's all over, over
'Cause You're the shoulder I cry on
The dose that I die on
You, You can be my painkiller, killer, killer, Painkiller

You know what I want so desperately, you've promised me for years,
I never saw a thing Always Empty Alone, Desolate I'm left..
But I'll always hope, beyond reason, beyond madness, beyond this world
For you're Promises, I'll always believe cause I'm desperate, Insane beyond reason, beyond pain
you inflict upon me, to have what I want, I'm fanatical... ..
You know I'll Always give you one for free,
Forever Indebted to you I am

Forever I'm coming back to you, I'm addicted to you're Promises, Lies and False Reasoning
Now You're gonna give me what I need, -
Just you watch me Lioness bleed I'll feed you're twisted need,
Cause I'm You'res and You're mine, you hurt me so badly, -
I'm bleeding now as you love to watch , but thats just fine, I still love you no matter what
I love you no matter what, what you do to me, what you say to me..
'Cause you know what I fiend on and what I lean on
And what I lean on, leaning on you, I'm Enslaved to you till death
do we part...

Did I find another cure? No, cause theres non so addictive as you...I'm you're Lioness slave, oh master o'mine~
Did I find another cure? No, cause theres non so addictive as you...I'm youre Lioness slave, oh master o'mine...

# All Lioness Things Said~ 
April 21st, 2016, 5:34 am
Lioness Music: Three Days Grace: Painkiller :bugs:
Lioness Health: Poor :despise:
Lioness Throwing Up: 12 Times Today :cry:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 6.3 :worriednala:
Lioness Weather: Rainy/Cool 53F :nalasmile:
Lioness Time: 23:17:58 :nalasmile:
Lioness Location: Soon to be Jerusalem, Israel. :nalasmile:
Lioness Mood: Cheerfully Delighted! :D
Lioness Journal Date: 20/April/2016

Lioness Quote: Well All Lioness things Said, I'm Alive to LOVE You All!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

We are Officially Going To Move to Jerusalem Israel, in (88) Days From now:
That will be in between the 19th/21st July/2016: Daddy Lion Decided that
and has Confirmed it: )
If Anything Further Changes, I'll Post it:

Well I'm gonna make this summation short, but sweet as possible, Ok;
UpDating stuff; Well the move to Jerusalem Israel in in good progress, theres talk it could occur as Early as Mid/Late June/July, but at the Latest Mid August this year, which is Confirmed!~ The House in Jerusalem Israel is in good with Daddy Lion, We have it! Its Ours, he's marked it to Buy it, as thats Confirmed! I'm looking forward to moving there, even with my illnesses hurting me so badly inside, I'm still Gleeful :glee2: to move there!

My Health is up and down, threw up today 12 times, yeah that was incredibly miserable :fret: :fret: :omg: !! But I'm feeling slightly stronger as for now.. I'm Very Pleased for my Recent (Art UpLoading) to here to MLK, of allot of older Pictures, which I can tell All of you Liked, Even who Ever is (One Staring Them) My daddy Lion had a thought, about this Person who (One Stars) our Art pics, Daddy Lion Said, (To this Person a (One Star) Rating is Like (Five Stars) to the rest of us.). They have I think Reverse Logic of whats considered a High Rating, possibly why they rate Art pics here a (One Star). But I'm not worried about it, I'm too busy to notice it.

Otherwise all else is ok.. Well I better go. its now 23:30:07 PM
I LOVE YOU ALL!! ***Huggs tight** :hug3: :hug3: G'Night~ :asleep: :asleep: :zuricool: :-D :nalasmile: :nalasmile: :shiney: :tiifu: :tiifu2: :zira-approve: :sleepyzira: :ha: :ha: :highfive: :highfive: :kiarabutterfly: :kiarabutterfly: :kiaraexcited: :nomnom:

# Change Of Lioness Plans~ 
April 14th, 2016, 6:35 am
Lioness Time: 00:27 Hrs

Change of Plans to our Moving to Israel, We'll be Moving to (Jerusalem, Israel): We are not moving to, Hod HaSharon, so this is the Change of Lioness Plans, I'm gonna make this short as I'm not feeling too good atm, as I threw up 11 times yesterday :fret: :yikes: :fret: , but heres the link to the new place/property, in Jerusalem, Israel and its Quite nice! :nalasmile:

Otherwise G'night I love you ALL!! :asleep: :nalasmile:


# Illnesses Pain..Has me Lioness "Spaded" ~ 
April 7th, 2016, 3:27 am
Lioness Music: Marilyn Manson- Spade~ :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful/Inquisitive :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Health: Very Poor~ :ohno: :fret: :pissed:
Lioness Throwing Up:(Today) 11 Times in 1 hour 33 Sec~ :fret: :grrzira: :pissed:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5/6 :fret:
Lioness Weather: Rainy/Damp/Cool 38F :ugh2:

Soviet Lioness Quote: "You Drained My Lionesses Heart, You Made Us Spade, Theres Still Traces Of You In My Veins, You Tore My Life From Me, You Made Me Cry, You Made Me Hurt Bleeding, Cause Now I See You're Lies, You Promised Me I'd Feel Better, I Knelt At You're Alter As You Lied To Me, You Held My Lioness Heart With False Hopes, Now For It I'm Throwing Up Over and Over, You're Only Reward is Pain, You're Promises Are Like Poison, Cause It Only Hurts Me In The End~" :sosorry: :grrzira: :pissed:

Had a Rough Day illness wise Threw up 11 Times :butwhy: :fret: , Still having aching convulsing Muscular Pain in my Lioness body... :grrzira: :sosorry: I Still Feel and Taste Blood in my Lioness Mouth as it leaks out :sosorry: ... as nasty side effect, but not unusual for me, when its like this.
But on a Positive Note I Found at after 13:00 This Pic, (Labatis) made for me of our Art Trade, OMG I am SO Loving this! I Really Needed this boost of Positivity :glee2: !! THANK YOU LABATIS Bro SweetHeartedness :D :D :D !!! :realize: :zirainnocent: :wickedmother: :nod: :kiarakopa:
:-D :-D :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :zuricool: :zuricool: :fuliohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :nalasmile: :nalasmile: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah:

Link to this Pic: All Hail Labatis ~ :D :D :D

Otherwise I'm going along as best as I can.. Thank You All For Being SO Patient with me, with All My Art Trades/Requests I'm Doing.. You Are ALL Stars Here at MLKFAA/MLK :D :D ! You are All Awesome! :nalasmile:

Well I need to go, feeling Dizzy and Weak, Love You ALL! :D :hug3: :highfive: :lovingsmile2:<3<3<3<3<3<3<3~

# Nother Day, Nother Month Survived! 
April 2nd, 2016, 3:19 am
Lioness Music: Marilyn Manson- S'Aint :teehee: :awaken:
Lioness Mood: Ecstatically Happy/Hyper :D :kiaraexcited:
Lioness Health: Very Poor :kula: :omg:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Level 6.5 :fret:
Lioness Throwing Up: 12 Times Today :omg: :fret:
Lioness Health Currently: Soso
Lioness Weather: Cold'ish :ugh2:
Lioness Time: 21:00:07 :dignity:

Soviet Lioness Quote: Hmmm it could be worse Tovarishchi (Comrades) , I'm still not dead yet, ehh :huh4: :huh9: :awaken: ?!

Well Its April first, I survived March, TG!! :kiaraexcited:
Had a bit of a tough day (Physically) with my illnesses, Threw up 12 times, bleeding was/is moderate/heavy from my nose/mouth and other Lioness girl place, as I do when I throw up, especially that many times in a day.. Its a good thing I use (Act Mouth Wash- Teeth Restoring) helps keep things disinfected and makes my breath nice too...So after it all, I rested most the day away after I did, I just passed out...I'm feeling a bit hungover, but I'll be ok, as I tend to bounce back, somewhat..I'm otherwise soso..

On a positive and very happy note, (Tako) made me her half of our Art Trade, in good time, was well worth the wait!! Here's the Pic she made me!
Isnt that Beautiful :D :nalasmile: !! I Really needed that positive surprise after a rough day of illnesses.. Thank You Tako SO MUCH!! :D :nalasmile: :kiaraexcited: !!

Well I better go, I'm feeling really dizzy dazed and weird and very oddly warm all over with that kinda feeling of (Disembodiment) like I'm not quite attached to my lioness self.. :awaken: :omg: :fret:

I LOVE YOU ALL!! G'night~ Spokoynoy nochi moi l'vitsy i lev Tovarishchi! YA lyublyu vsekh vas!

# Lioness Spring~ 
March 30th, 2016, 3:55 am
Lioness Music: Marilyn Manson- The Bright Young Things~ :kiaraohyeah: :zuricool:
Lioness Health: Iffy/Soso :despise: :concern:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Level 6 :worriednala: :concern:
Lioness Weather: Wet/Rainy Stormy :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Pleasantly Inquisitive :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Time: 21:45:17

Soviet Lioness Quote: "Ahh its Spring! You know what that means, comrades?? :bugs: Da! Comrades! :kiaraohyeah:
It means that I'm going to be wearing Short Clothes :D No more the heavy wintery clothes! :D

Well its been a fair day, only threw up Four times, thats much better than what I usually do per day with my chronic physical illnesses! So I'm soso, which is better than I usually am..:bugs:
Well I'm going along slowly on my Art Trades/Requests,, I hate being so slow about it, I feel so guilty, for that! But my health is what it is....I'd LOVE AF to know what its like to be healthy and have tons of Energy?! :D : :kiaraexcited: :vitaniignored: :kiarakopa:
Buuuuuut thats ok, I'll use what energies I have as efficiently as Lioness possible?!

Weather has been nicer'ish, warmer too, was thunderstormy today, as I heard it rain and thunder, as I layed on my Floor Bed in my bed room/Lionesses Den, as I slept most the day away, recovering from yesterday monday's upset....Physical/Emotional.

So in other good news, I'm happy too, as Kipekee has offered me an Art Trade thing, which I am more than happy to do! :nalasmile: :kiaraohyeah:
Also ( LionObsession) made me an AWESOME Pic :omg: :D :D :D !! OMG :omg: :nalasmile: I was so Shocked Monday when I came on here, to find it! :omg: :D
I really needed that boost of Positive reinforcement, monday was such a Bad day, but it got better Middle to late part of the day!
Other than that I'll call this good as for my FAA Lioness Journal, as I'm really starting to feel, Dizzy and weak! ~

G'Night Everyone, have a good night! :nalasmile:

# Lioness Something Borrowed Something Blue! 
March 21st, 2016, 4:08 pm
Lioness Music: Limp Bizkit- Behind Blue Eyes :nalasmile:
Lioness Health: Soso :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Level 5 (Nominal/Tolerable) :zuricool:
Lioness Mood: Articulate/Inquisitive :zuricool:
Lioness Weather: Cold'ish :despise:
Lioness HR: 750,OOO BPM xD :ohno: :bugs: :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Spin Rate: 197,000,000 Cycles Per Second :ohno: :bugs:
Lioness BP: 120,000/80,000 xD :ohno: :bugs: :kiaraohyeah:

Soviet Lioness Quote: A True Cure for illness, Comrades??? (Cheeony's, Chicken Noodle Soup) I Should know, I ate some :zuricool: :-D :zuricool:
I Swear Jim, I think Cheeony Can Cure Rainy Day!?!<-modified from Star Trek)

Well news from the Art Program world and my life in general.....I UpGraded to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 with full features a few days ago for free, normally an upgrade like that can run $240.00+, as I've got Premium Membership so that gave me lot's to do with.. I did this after I felt strong enough to do that from being ill for a long stretch ..I also bought a (Brush/Plugin) for CorelDRAW X8 called (Particle Shop) was only $49.99, I've tried it, OH YEAH :D :D :zuricool: Seriously cool effects! I can/will buy additional brushes as well here, they run between $24.99 and $29.99 each, not bad for Particle Shop considering the specialised effects they can do! Also I want to start to do/learn animation, I really need to do that, it will give my Art much more life to my Lioness Char!! I'm impressed with Times's Animation too, as with others here I've seen! I believe CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 Rival's Adobe PS CS6 CC, in my Lioness opinion. :kiaraohyeah:
Infact some Programs in CorelDRAW X8 can mesh with Adobe PS CS6, too.

Otherwise I'm feeling a little better I'd say I'm upto 60% power.. I'm not so dizzy i cannot get up out of bed right like I was :bugs: , eating meals is however, ehh touch and go :concern: , my Lunch meal is now reduced in size now as my Lioness bodd will not tolerate the normal amount of food in one sitting :concern: , so we cut Lunch back by 1/3rd in food amounts.. that helped allot :nalasmile: ! Throwing Up is Chronic, but at the usual levels, sometimes more sever, sometimes less, we've never been able to find a solution for it, as we've looked everywhere! :concern:

But my Mood is Cheerful despite all of this :nalasmile: I try hard to be happy no matter what, as it can be very difficult in my situation, but I always try! :nalasmile:
My IMVU VIP Account, is a thrill :zuricool: ! Daddy Lion said he'll buy me 50,000 Credits a Week, or 200,000 Credits a month, thats $120.00 (USD) .. Trust me when I say, I've never had more fun anywhere Other than here at MLK, and now IMVU! :nalasmile: :zuricool: :-D

Well not much else to mention, still getting on with Moving to (Hod HaSharon, Israel)
Day by Day, They're aware in Israel I'm not well healthwise, so that will be taken care of too apparently as well :bugs: ..
Well i need to go.

I LOVE YOU ALL! :nalasmile: :-D :tiifu2: :tiifu: :shiney: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :delight: :kiaraexcited: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :highfive:

I'll be Lioness around! :delight: :kiarabutterfly: :highfive: :glee2: :kiaraexcited:

Soviet Lioness QuoteII: Hmmm at this rate, I'll be done in sixtoeightweeks! WHAT :omg6: ?? :yap: ?? 68 Weeks Are YOU Kidding Me :ocwap: :yikes: ??No, Comrade, Six_to_Eight_Weeks.. :smug:Oh, yeah, thats what I thought you said :gotthehint: ??! Yes, i'm sure you did???! :mhm: :skeptical: :srsly:

# And Away the Lioness Goes~ 
March 15th, 2016, 4:45 am
Lioness Music: Pantera- Cowboys From H3ll :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful :nalasmile:
Lioness Health: Poor :despise:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 6+ :bugs:
Lioness Time: 22:05:13 :zuricool:
Lioness Weather: Warm/Cloudy 58F Out :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Bed Room Temperature: 83.79+F :zuricool:
Lioness Location:Neither Here Or There, but I'm Somewhere, thats all you need to know, cause if you look at it long enough, it will be alright lol xD ?!<- :bugs: :egojasiri: :skeptical: :amnot: :kiaraohyeah: :fuliohyeah: :fuli2:

Soviet Lioness Quote: I'm WTF what I want to be, I'm Not what the (Mainstream) call conformed! :fuliohyeah: :kiaraohyeah:

Ok, Update on things of course :-? :worriednala: :dazed: , I'm busy as always working with Art works/Art Trades/Requests, I apologize to All for being SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW :busted: :puppyeyes: ! Between that I'm dealing with my Illnesses, which kinda slow me down too.. so otherwise I'm my usual Lioness self :kiaraohyeah: :wetkion: :kiaraohyeah: :kiongrin: :nalasmile:

I did huge Art Dump here lately 20+ pictures here at the FAA older art 2014 to 2015, I edited it, made it nice, just so others can see the (Other Side Of The Lioness Moon) :bugs: :zuricool: I revealed the Secrets of my Lioness Leviara, oh yes there are secrets abound, and more coming, Later.. :bugs: :zuricool: :bugs:

Oh, My Airbed is going flat finally after 6 months :bugs: , its gonna go, I'm tired of fighting it :growljasiri: .. So I'll just make a floor bed out of it's Deflated Shell and put Leopard throws and such to make it soft and comfy for a Floor Bed :kiaraohyeah: ..I've So done this before..from the Floor I came, to the Floor I return :kiaraohyeah: :happyjasiri: ..its kinda like Camping out in my Room.. :fuli2: :dazed: :drunk: :dreamy:

Also, in a few months Say 5 or so months somewhere in Mid August 2016, I will be Moving to ( Hod HaSharon, Israel) this move is permanent.
Were going there for (various reasons) daddy lion has for his work with and the people there in ( Israel)
heres the Link to our home were getting/buying over seas in Israel there, daddy lions taking care of it right now with Century21 Realty...

Notice the Huge 10,000 Gallon Pool, it is in my Lioness opinion the best feature! I Love pools, that was a selling point for me, not including the 10,774 Sq Foot Property! I have Huge back Yard xD My Lioness territory is growing, not sure just how Israel will take me though :concern: :ohno: :concern: , socially, cause most you guys all know how I am and all, Ethnically and All and my attitude on things.. but tehh question is, how will the Israeli peoples handle me, with all of that I am???? :bugs: :kiaraohyeah: :ohno: :bugs: :kiaraohyeah: :kiaraohyeah: :evil: :? :?

Now I'll update you on and off as to how things are Progressing on our move there, to Israel :bugs: . Otherwise everythings ok.. Thats a relative term xD though.. :zuricool: :fuli2: :fuliohyeah:

Ok, Special Mention to KofiLoki(Siana) OMG Awesome Pic, daddy Lion just flipped on it, he Loved it :-D ! Cheeony Daddy Lion Loved Yur Awesome Pic too :-D !! THANK YOU ALL Who have Drawn AWESOME BEAUTIFUL Art of Me, And to Those Drawing Art of Me!!!! I Cannot Say it Enough :concern: , I Love You :zuricool: , Thank You :-D :zuricool: !!!

Well I must go, have Art things to do.. Night Guys! LOVE YOU~~<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

# Lioness Pushing Forward~ 
March 6th, 2016, 4:22 am
Lioness Music: Crossfade-Death Trend Setta :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Mood: Cheerfully Derivably You'res~ :nalasmile: :zuricool:
Lioness Health: Very Very Poor :ugh2: :despise:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 6+/Borderline 7 :bugs: :despise: :fret:
Lioness Throwing Up (Today): 11 Times :yikes: :omg: :eyebrow: :fret:
Lioness Weather: Very Warm :nalasmile:
Lioness Den/Room Temp(Current): 82.5F :bugs:
Lioness Time: 20:55:13 :nalasmile:
Holding in my Lioness Lap: My 105 cm (36") Lioness Plushy! :D :zuricool:

Soviet Lioness Quote: Hmm Could be worse Comrade Mascha, its only flesh wound??! Bullet only take half you're Paw, it was a 23mm shell, did not take entire paw Comrade?! So is not so bad! Infact I once seen Russian Lioness with half a right shoulder missing and her left side too, she does just fine to this day, though she twitches all over allot, Could be worse right ,you should see her drink water its a mess xD?! Da Khorosho!

Well no doubt my Lioness bodd attacked me today, doing harm, but I pulled through it, though I will not be able to do my AT's/Requests tonight :( , as much as I wanted to!! So I Threw Up 11 times today, for the Second Day in a row, of course it started like any day, but it didnt get better, till about 20:00 today in the evening, even now I'm feeling incredibly sore/painful inside me...the best parts of the day, if there were any, were the Two Hot 105F showers I took, after Throwing Up......I saw sparkly flashing stars in the air after each time I threw up, my head was spinning as I was feeling really badly, bleeding was moderate/slightly heavy like usual from my Lioness mouth and nose :fret: :fret: , side effects of throwing up, it lasted 5 hours.... I just collapsed into my airbed and passed out, till 19:00..

But I'm happy to say I'm Having fun now and then at IMVU, a really cool place!
I'm glad I did my Sis Saskia ( _TravelerBlu_ ) Pic and Also my Sis Nala, (NalaSimba2223467) Pic too.. I hope they like them?!... Now i need to get to the other AT's/Requests.. But i need to feel good enough to do it..
So maybe tomorrow night I will, if all goes well that day??! Health Pending.. :worriednala: :kiaraunsure:

Well i need to go.. I dont wana push things too far.. Love You All, Comrades~ :zukazama: :tiifu2: :wheeeee: :lovingsmile2:

Soviet Lioness Quote: If Throwing Up were a Sporting Event, I'd Win Just for Distance of Hurling ability Alone, at least 7 feet I could Hurl?! :worriednala: :worriednala: :yikes: :fret: :fret:

# Die Another Day~ O_o 
February 29th, 2016, 5:15 am
Lioness Music:Drowning Pool- All Over Me :worriednala:
Lioness Mood: So Seriously Far Beyond Lioness Driven, You Cannot Measure It, Cannot Stop Running, Cannot Die, Cannot Be Killed~ :fret:
Lioness Health: Very Poor :sob3:
Thew Up: 10+ Times Today :fret: :yikes: :fret:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 6+ Borderline 7)(Not Good)
Lioness Weather: Cool Windy :ugh2:
Holding Currently: My Lioness Plushy Nikkita~ :glee:

Soviet Lioness Quote: So Many Things Ignored, So Many Things Abhorred
Contemplating The Edge Of Forever, In Just One Second in Time..Time Has Stopped For Me..
Looking Over The Edge Of My Cliff, Calm Cold, Unemotional...Should I??????
Now Thoughts are in my Lioness Head... Should I??? Breathing Slow..
Deep, Contemplating...Should I??????
Something I just Might Regret
Something You will Not Forget
Maybe I should throw away
Everything I've learned today
All Over Me, All Over Me
Pushing Forward From The Truth,
Maybe Its Me and
Maybe Its You??
Sometimes I dont know My Self??

Yeah I had a Really Bad Day...I feel badly I cannot work on my Art Trades/Requests tonight......wish I coulda stayed at MLK Forum Longer....
well it all started as it usually does morning Extreme Nausea, cold sweating, sever chills...So I got up grinding my Lioness teeth, then I saw my Leopard Throw, a Massive Red Crimson Wet Soaked Mess, All Over from one of several of my illnesses, so had to clean that up, not including the Huge Wet Crimson Red Stain on the Air Mattress :fret: :fret: ...then after 30 mins of that, then I went below for breakfast, which I knew was gonna end in Pain :fret: :fret:
It did..then after Throwing Up 7 Times for the better part of 75 Mins of Blinding Pain...I just collapsed, then Literally Lioness crawled into the shower's.....breathing shallow rapid breaths..just sitting there thinking to get enough strength to turn on the warm water...So I did, then hit the Shower Switch, the Engaged the Main Shower Head, Full Strength...105F Felt EFFING Awesome! :D :cool:
Then after 73 mins of that Blissful Hot Steamy Lovin, The Water Up...I then literally Lioness crawled out, then realised blood was dripping in large drops on the bathroom floor as I crawled on it on all fours, which it had also started in the shower bottom, leaving a large heavy trail, as blood ran out running down the side of my left side of my neck onto my chest, dripping offa it coming from inside my mouth and from my nose too, occasionally my Lioness Ears will bleed from inside out, a nasty side effect of throwing up like this, you see....So it didnt stop bleeding for prolly 3 hours.... :fret: :fret: :fret: ... I've been ill all of my life like this, its a wonder I didnt die before?!! But for some reason I keep on going... :dazed: :kiarakopa: :kiarakopa:

Then as the day Progressed I wasnt feeling much better, I knew if not, I could not work my Art Trades/Requests tonight??! So i tried hard to feel good enough to do them.. sadly not as I Threw up again 4 more Times after Lunch... I crawled into the Showers...That Felt good...Then Crawled out, bleeding from mouth and nose, running offa my chest, dripping onto the floor...did that for 2 hour's, then it quit... I then crawled into my room, not letting daddy lion see me like that, I hate to let him see me so vulnerable..I feel like such a bother to him..I would be very afraid to have friends over, they might not be able to handle it :horrifiedoutsiders2: , the Miserable NightMare that Is My life.... :fret: :fret: :horrifiedoutsiders:
Well I then passed out in my bed after that, didnt get up till a little after 19:08 , then I got up, slowly sorely agonised, wondering if this Pain could get any worse??! Cause I Hurt So Badly Right now Inside of Me!! I cannot describe it.. I refuse Prescribed Painkillers, like Codeine Tylenol, Morphine, Oxycodone, name a few... I do NOT want addiction issues, with them.. I just rough it, like I always have, its (The Soviet Russian Way Of Things) , as one Soviet Soldier in WWII said.. ( That Which Does Not Destroy Me, Only Makes Me Stronger!) DA KHOROSHO!! Comrades!!

Well Earlier this week, I made an IMVU Account, then bought with daddy lions help, the VIP Status for $75.00 charged Annually, plus extra an 30,000 IMVU Credits.. which are an additional $29.99 (USD)
Heres my IMVU Page, URL:

Dont mind my New Avatar Look, its still me, I have Three Photo Pic Albums, At least 4 Room's I Created for my own fun, What can I say, I love IMVU!
Well I'm getting Weak.. So i better let this go.. I needed to update my FAA Journal! I better go check my messages in my MLK Account here..

Lioness Music: Seether- Weak
Soviet Lioness Quote II: There's something changing in me
There's something growing in me
There's something changing in me
There's something growing inside of me
It Wont Go Away...It Wont Go Away..
Go Away, I Don't want this..........

# Soviet Lionesses Are Busy! 
February 17th, 2016, 5:04 am
Lioness Music: POWERMAN 5000- Bombshell :kiaraohyeah:
Lioness Mood: Cheerful :nalasmile: :zuricool:
Lioness Health: Soso :concern: / Lioness Nausea Magnitude:Level 5/6 :concern:
Lioness Work Factor: Out of 100% , 98.87336% :nalasmile: :nalasmile: :nalasmile:
Soviet Lioness Quote: Wave Function for N Particles shown in (Nomenclature)
r = (r1, r2... rN)
sz = (sz 1, sz 2... sz N)

Boolean Algebra Law:
Laws of Boolean Algebra
Commutative Law
Commutative Law of Addition: A + B = B + A
Commutative Law of Multiplication: AB = BA
Associative Law
Associative Law of Addition: A + (B + C) = (A + B) + C
Associative Law of Multiplication: A(BC) = (AB)C
Distributive Law
A(B + C) = AB + AC

A Note from my Linear Momentum Studies:

Linear momentum is a vector quantity defined as the product of an objects mass, m, and its velocity, v. Linear momentum is denoted by the letter p and is called momentum for short:

Note that a body's momentum is always in the same direction as its velocity vector. The units of momentum are kg m/s.
Fortunately, the way that we use the word momentum in everyday life is consistent with the definition of momentum in physics. For example, we say that a BMW driving 20 miles per hour has less momentum than the same car speeding on the highway at 80 miles per hour. Additionally, we know that if a large truck and a BMW travel at the same speed on a highway, the truck has a greater momentum than the BMW, because the truck has greater mass. Our everyday usage reflects the definition given above, that momentum is proportional to mass and velocity.
Linear Momentum and Newton's Second Law
In Chapter 3, we introduced Newton's Second Law as F = ma. However, since acceleration can be expressed as , we could equally well express Newton's Second Law as F = . Substituting p for mv, we find an expression of Newton's Second Law in terms of momentum:

In fact, this is the form in which Newton first expressed his Second Law. It is more flexible than F = ma because it can be used to analyze systems where not just the velocity, but also the mass of a body changes, as in the case of a rocket burning fuel.

I'm now studying Purely All Advanced-> Light/Particle Physics, Nuclear/Astrophysics, Laser Physics, Linear Motion Physics, Advanced Linear Algebra/Trigonometry and Advanced Boolean Algebra among Other Math/Sciences, Advanced Composition, ect! I'm getting All GPA 4.0's in it, in regular/and tests too, I'll be Taking SAT's and CAT's this year, since new years start I've been really busy too! I'm Also Assigned to Read the Entire History of Nikola Tesla, and Study his Designs and Math and Draw them too in Schematic Form/Mathematical Form, I'm taking 13+ Courses, though I'm in 9th Grade now, I'm taking University/College Level Home School Work! :nalasmile:

Otherwise I'll be Doing my Art Trades/Requests in between, resting from my usual illnesses! Well I must go! Have Heavy Math/Sciences To Study, along with Art Trades Requests to do!
Below a small taste of my Study work! You should see the math I do with it and on, I typed this from memory!

Soviet Lioness Quote: Linear motion

Linear motion, also called uniform motion or rectilinear motion, motion in one spatial dimension.

According to Newton's first law (also known as the principle of inertia), a body with no net force acting on it will either remain at rest or continue to move with uniform speed in a straight line, according to its initial condition of motion. In fact, in classical Newtonian mechanics, there is no important distinction between rest and uniform motion in a straight line; they may be regarded as the same state of motion seen by different observers, one moving at the same velocity as the particle, the other moving at constant velocity with respect to the particle.

A body in motion may be said to have momentum equal to the product of its mass and its velocity. It also has a kind of energy that is entirely due to its motion, called kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of a body of mass m in motion with velocity v is given by K = (1/2)mv2.

Lioness MuSick: Disturbed- Down With The Sickness :bugs:
Lioness Mood: Inhumanly Lioness Patient/Calculatory Lioness Bliss~ :tiifu2: :shiney:
Lioness Health: Soso :dazed:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: 5/6 :dazed:
Lioness Weather: Cool~ :ugh2:

Soviet Lioness Quote: "Kazhetsya, chto vy vas voznikli nekotoryye problemy v rabote s etimi izmeneniyami vnutri vas , mir eto strashno mesto teper', kogda vy prosnulis' Zverya vnutri menya , net puti nazad , chto zver' vnutri menya ne polnost'yu vo vlasti ! YA preduprezhdal vas , no vy vratarya slushat' , teper' ya stal smert'yu , razrushitelem mirov ~ Sovetskiy L'vitsa Leviafan Ogon' Dzhaggernaut !" :worriednala: :fret: :fret:

Well All things said, my Art Trades/Requests are going good! I've now got 5 Spaces left for an Art Trades/Requests. Otherwise all else is on course, as soon as I'm done on my FAA Journal, I'll get to work on my PC to start yet another several WIP's! Oh BTW For an early Valentines Day Gift Daddy Lion, bought me Huge Red Shiney Foil Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates Russell Stover Type, today, yeah I'm Daddy Lions Valentine Lioness, for 2016! :D
Well I must go have Soviet Lioness things to do, what are they?? You ask?? (stels / Razvedka / Iskusstvo )( v vidu ) :worriednala:

Soviet Lioness Quote II: Glyadya na svoye otrazheniye , kogda vdrug on izmenyayet , nasil'no ona menyayetsya ! Vse, chto bylo khorosho umer vo mne , kak ogon' pogloshchayet moy L'vitsa moye telo , a ya teper' v obshchenii s sovetskoy Zver' L'vitsa ya! Sushchestvuyet bol'she nikakikh razlichiy , dobra ili zla , yego vse ravno etogo sovetskogo pozharnoy L'vitsa ! :fret: :fret: :worriednala:

# Lioness At Work~ 
January 30th, 2016, 5:14 am
Lioness Music: Men At Work- Still Life :worriednala:
Lioness Health: Very Poor :eyebrow: :yikes: / Lioness Nausea Magnitude: LNM 6+ :eyebrow:
Lioness Throwing Up: LTU 4 Times Today~ :eyebrow: :worriednala:
Lioness Mood: Reflective/Sorrow/Joy :eyebrow: :worriednala:

Soviet Lioness Quote: "There's a picture in the hall, I know
And it's from a time when feelings showed
Though I hold it close before my eyes
My heart refuses to see
Loving you could have been, oh so easy
But there is something you don't understand...........This corridor seems to stretch for years ahead
But patient hearts cannot match times steady tread
Is this the threshold of a fantasy?
Is there still life at all?"

Well I'm busy as ever, I'm now 2/3rds through my WIP/Base for Siana(KofiLoki) and Taylor, its going better than expected?! I showed it to Siana who showed it to Taylor, they are both very happy sofar, now I'll color it, tonight... considering I Threw_Up this morning 2 times and 2 times this afternoon, I just collapsed into bed today,had strong chest pains too, it was I felt like I was leaving my Lioness Body :eyebrow: :kiaraunsure: , kinda like my soul was coming out of me, I dunno why?? :worriednala: :kiaraunsure: :bugs: , but I'm still here -> My Lioness War Cry->(CANNOT DIE, CANNOT BE KILLED) <- :fuliohyeah: :ha: ...<- I know thats So Arrogant, But This Lioness Does NOT Submit to Death, or to Anything Else!...

As I Believe Paul Revere, said it Best, ("I Have Not Yet Began To Fight!!") HHOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Sovetskiye L'vitsy nikogda ne umirayut !! My idti v ad i peregruppirovat'sya!!

I'll be Lioness paws burning papers up with work ahead! Ok I Have 6 Spots Left for Art Trades/Requests/Collabs, (Lilly Lion) just made a Signature Request Tonight, Ok, Now (DeadlyNightShade) if you want one?Lemme know?

Well I Must Go, my Beloved Comrades!


Soviet Lionesses Quote II: "Watering the garden, some comfort for the twilight years
Still, life never lingers, it marches past our veil of tears
A moment's all we've got, to have and to hold
Don't slip, don't blink, don't turn your head

With a photographic memory
I could live in a time that used to be
Is this the threshold of a fantasy?
Is there still life at all?

Loving you could have been, oh so easy
But there is something you don't understand".................Don't slip, don't blink, don't turn your head....Cause In A Moment I Could Be Gone~..........

# Requests/Commissions and other Lioness Things~ 
January 22nd, 2016, 5:33 am
Lioness Music: Powerman 5000- Bombshell :zira-approve: :wickedmother:
Lioness Mood: Cheerfully Lioness Exotica :zira-approve:
Lioness Health: Poor :dazed: /Lioness Nausea Magnitude: LNM Level 6 :dazed:
Lioness Time: 22:05 :zira-happy: :zira-approve:
Lioness Weather: Snow with, 17F Outside. :eyebrow:
Lioness Wear's: Purple Leather Halter Top/Long Heavy Jean Skirt :fret: :fret: :roll3: :wickedmother:

Soviet Lioness Quote: "What is the Difference between a Troll and an Idiot?? I Repeat the Question". :zira-approve: :wickedmother: :sleepyzira:

Ok I'm now busy with 6 Art projects, Two Requests/Commissions (Siana & Taylor) and (Kiana) Along with ( _TravelerBlu_ ). That and I'll be drawing Three Adoptions, (Kishi)<-(Lioness) (Imena) <- (Tigress) (Natasha) <- Tigress:
So If ANYONE Else wants a Request/Commision, I'll go to only (10 Requests/Commissions/Collabs/Trades) So there's Room for (8 More Left), be sure Please to make clear with Ref Sheets for chars, ect, I will need/require it to make things the way you want, Unless you want to just go free style, and let me choose the looks of the Char?? So Please be Specific to how you want things, I do not like Helter Skelter, like changing the WIP Dead in the middle of its construction, be sure please to make any Last Min Changes Before I Start you're Request!

Keep in mind Too, I'm sick often as I have Bad Health, so that can slow stuff down, so please be understanding to my health issues!

Daddy Lion went to the store, then came back, he bought me an 18KT Gold Bracelet, with matching earrings! That and he bought some (Strawberry Shortcake Waffles) of which i ate 4 with butter and Syrup butter flavored, with 12 sausage links! Was good, but unfortunately it only stayed in me 20 mins, then I got sick, after lunch, oh yeah Worlds Collided Violently!!
I got sick in the bathroom twice today, Throwing_Up twice after lunch, then showering off for 70+ Mins, in very warm 110F yet soothing water!
afterwhich I went to bed crashing on contact, I didnt move till 19:00 (7PM) .... Well I'll go now, as I've Art WIPS to do!

Night My Pride Lionesses/Lions And Others too! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Soviet Lioness Quote II: Oh, I dunno, lemme think it over.....UHMmmmmm No! :zirainnocent:

# Spin the Lioness Rulette Wheel, Comrade?! 
January 15th, 2016, 6:05 am
Lioness Music: Metallica-Bad Seed :zira-approve: :worriednala:
Lioness Mood: Very Exotic/Aggressive :nomnom: :worriednala: :nomnom:
Lioness Health/Lioness Nausea Magnitude: LH-Poor :yikes: /LNM Level-6 :worriednala: :yikes: :worriednala:
Lioness weather: Overcast 13F Snow Possible?! :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :worriednala:

Soviet Lioness Quote: I'll Swing the Noose Again, Pierce the Lionesses Skin, See if I'll Bleed Cause I know You have that Need! Cause now you bit off a bit more than you need, swallowed a little too fast, now youre Choking on the Bad Seed, You're not satisfied with how its turned out! Now You're Choking on the Bad Deed! Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You; She Who Suffers The Truth!! :worriednala: :worriednala: :zirainnocent: :wickedmother: :worriednala:

Oh its been a good day;- my morning started like any other awoke a mess all over my Lioness self, feeling really ill inside, hurting severely in/on my Lioness body, so that required a wash up for 30 mins, my leopard throw was a total Crimson Soaked write off end to end, inside and out, its still very damp from the accidents I had on it and from cleaning it off, but at least its cleaner'ish, still deep Crimson reddish stained heavy, smells better though and not with that sickening Copperish scented overtone, Febreeze Unstopables is always so helpful! a Soviet Lionesses friend! :sleepyzira: :zirainnocent:
Then after I was dressed, then off to breakfast had a nibble here and there, as my nausea was extremely strong Level 7+ borderline 8, which inevitably led to my Hurling_Up after breakfast for 52 mins of H3LL :kiarakopa: :awaken: :fret: :fret: , as he had left by this point to go shopping. I Crawled into the showers, then for 77.52 mins I just sat in 105F degree water, felt GOOD AF :drunk: :drunk: :devishlyhappy: :devishlyhappy: !! I just sat on shower bottom, not moving, what would be the point?! So after that, with some left over spinning dizziness, I crawled out, on the floor thinking on all 4's , this's ok, not a bad lioness position to be in?! I feel less ill on all 4's than in Anthro position?!

Well after loving it on all 4's by the heater vent, which was blasting me with 110F Heat :roll2: :devishlyhappy: :evil3: :evil3: , I was loving it like I was in a desert :devishlyhappy: :devishlyhappy: :ninja: :proud3: , So as I got up into Anthro form, I then grabbed my blue leopard print beach towel, then off i went to my room, then after 20 mins, then I went below, I thought about going on my PC, but I decided not to<- :argumentative: , for reasons only known to this Lioness :kula: :kula: :awaken:
I decided to play Hard Rock ( Theory Of a Deadman) The song (So Happy)<- :argumentative: :awaken: :argumentative: :evil3: :evil3: , Getting it on Hard and Loud :ego: :evil3: :evil3: at 190 DB, as I Voice Morphed very well my self to sound like the band members singing it, as I have a talent for it, I sang to it on a mike I had which works quite well, So I blasted the windows for some 3 hours of it!
Then Switched To, Saliva-Ladies and Gentlemen :kula: :argumentative: :evil3: :evil3: :ego:

I saw then it was about time for Daddy Lion to come home! So I put it all away, then I got ready
for him...
As daddy lion went out, got stuff then came back after 12:07:39PM, he left at 08:33:14Hrs am So we unloaded, then I got a nice set of 18KT Gold Hoop earrings, as the biggest were 40mm hoops, very heavy though, but I like it like that in 18 KT Gold!

Well otherwise the rest of the day I'll write off, untill I came to my MLK/MLKFAA as I'm Home here in My PrideLands!

Well I'll go now~ **walks off Growl Talking and laughing hard** :evil3: :evil3: :argumentative: :awaken: :evil3: :evil3:

Soviet Lioness Quote II: Never Predict, Always Wonder, Never Assume with Lioness me!
Cause I Will Surprise You, Cause I'll Leave You Shaken and Stirred, but Never Blurred~ :kula: :evil3: :awaken: :evil3: :awaken: :evil3: :devishlyhappy: :devishlyhappy: :ego:

# All Lioness Things Now Being In Place! 
January 12th, 2016, 6:06 am
Lioness Music: Megadeth-I'll Get Even :worriednala: :ha:
Lioness Mood:Logistically Engaging Calculating/Soviet Lioness Logical :ha: :tiifu: :teehee: :teehee:
Lioness Health/Lioness Nausea Magnitude:LH-Poor/LNM- 6+ :ugh2: :pissed: :ugh2:
Lioness Weather: Cold -23F Cloudy Overcast :ugh2: :omg: :bugs:
Lioness Time: 22:15:39 PM

Soviet Lioness Quote: :zirainnocent: :wickedmother: "The Soviet Lioness is Quiet, Aloof and Watchfully Observant, Unnoticeable Blending In and very Personable/Friendly, yet gathers much Intelligence, then Disappears Suddenly! She will Protect her Cubby's and MotherLands Interests At All Costs!! The Best Lioness Agent is the One That is Never Seen-, Though In Plain Sight!" :zira-approve: :zirainnocent: :wickedmother: :sleepyzira:

Now as for other things MLKFAA Related, I'm now newly the Adoptive Mother of Lia-Lionesses Chars which are as follows; Kishi (Lioness Cub) and a Tigress Imena, whom I'm now Mommy Tigress of! Also I'll be drawing Lia-Lioness her (Lioness Char)! Also I'm still working on my Sabre Tooth version of my lioness char Leviara, I'm using pure digital paint, no pencil trace/outlined. A little more challenging, but I like to be Challenged! So this is going to keep me busy for while, along with the RP with me and Saskia!

Khorosho! Ahh Da! ok well All Lioness things have emplaced and now are fully going, I've now closed the Lioness Ring, took care of a little business online, with a few contacts/controllers, transfer went smooth! I'm very pleased with all, I'll be in for a commendation <-(pokhvala) for this as Daddy Lion says to me! So was Red Letter Day My ComradeSki's!
Ordered after business, my self some Soviet Russian jewelry, of course with Daddy Lions permission, I got 5 Russian necklace pendants! I did this before I came here!

Well I Lyublyu (Love) you All My Comrades! Good night~(Dobroy nochi~) :sleepyzira: :asleep:

Soviet Lioness Quote:Mne zhal', chto ty tak dumayesh' Tovarishchi ! Teper' ya budu delat' to, chto u menya yest' , vy ne ostavlyayete mne vybora net! ponyal tebya :evilzira: ! Mat :demonic: ! :zira-approve: :wickedmother: :zirainnocent: :teehee: :teehee:

(Doveryay, no proveryay!) :wickedmother: ) :zira-approve:

# And another Cold Spell! 
January 10th, 2016, 5:55 pm
Lioness Music: Orgy-Stitches :dazed: :ha:
Lioness Mood: Fair/ Very Good :dazed: :this-iz-mah-happy-face:
Lioness Weather: Cold Clear -25F Lotsa Snow! :worriednala:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Level 5 :worriednala:
Lioness Time: 10:43:17 AM CST :kion:

Well things are going according to plan, oh yes! I got up this morning at 0600 Hrs am went through the usual ickiness, then got into the showers, felt good too, 72 Mins of Steamy hot water at 105F Felt nice! Now I'm happy i got the List of Powers stuff PM'ed out to _TravelerBlu_ (Saskia) as I promised for our RP. I'll be curious to see how it goes, this ones looking Epic! :D :tiifu2:

My art is coming along really good too, will do one or so for Saskia, of her I and Medhu together. So otherwise I slept deeply, despite how I feel physically, I just pass out, then wake up usually to the voice of Daddy Lion, as he helps me along my start of the day..
Weather is cold as ever, -20F's and -30F's, not a surprise considering the unusually warm weather last month, plus we now have 4/5 foot of snow everywhere..Wind Chills are going at -50F to near -60F. So is a good day to stay inside, not that I go out all that much anyway?! I'm one to stay in unless required to be going out..
So I'll be upto my usual Lioness things! :shiney: :tiifu2:

Well i'll be Lioness bounding off, I'll be around~ **bounds off to do Lioness Things** :worriednala: :ha:

Lioness Quote: Dont mistake my casualness for unobservancy! :worriednala: :zira-approve: :wickedmother:

# Lioness Bits'N'Pieces~ I'm All Over the Place! 
January 7th, 2016, 6:07 am
Lioness Music: Disturbed- Stupify :worriednala: :highfive:
Lioness Mood: Always Fair/Very Very Exotic :worriednala: :evilzira:
Lioness Health: Lioness Nausea Magnitude: LNM - Level 6+ :pissed: :ugh2:
Lioness Weather: Cold Rain 32F :ha: :kiarabutterfly: :kiaraexcited:

Lioness Quote: I Can See You Dont Get It, Maybe We Can Put It On Credit, You Get Stupified, Its All The Same You Say But You Just Dont Get It-You Get Stupified, Look in My Face Step In My Soul, I Begin To Stupify, Look In My Face Step In My Soul, I Begin to Stupify, Look In My Face Step In My Soul, I Begin To Stupify!! :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :dazed: :dazed: :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :evilzira: :worriednala:

At this day was like the usual, Got up a Mess, then came down stairs to eat, Yeah I really errored on eating, I then got upstairs and Hurled Up in the Bathroom, then was in my Personal Lioness H3LL for 40+ Mins, then I crawled into the showers, and washed off hot water felt good, did this for 70 Mins, I then weakly crawled out of the shower stall, I thought about just laying on the bathroom floor, on my Lioness side, but I decided not to as the floor was ceramic and coldish, it might make me feel worse!

Then I went to my room, feeling like I'm on the 9th Level Of H3LL, was dressed, then went below then daddy lion went to store, I then did stuff to pass time..then he came home, I helped him Unload, as he'd then bought me, more jewelry, A 3" Long 18KT Gold Enamel and Jeweled Leopard Pendant as I got a big bold Antiqued 14KT Gold necklace with incredibly big and pretty Blue Agate/ Opals and Diamonds Aquamarines and so on Prolly 350+ Carats between all said!
So I added them to my more than 4,200+ Jewelry Pieces! I even have a IRL AAAA Grade Brazilian Emerald, Emerald Cut at over 3,365 Carats<- NOT Kidding, I've got more than 50 Emeralds, the Smallest being 5 carats! Daddy Lion gave it to me as a gift, last year! I have Burma (Myanmar) Rubies in set Gold Jewelry that weigh more than 253 Carats! I've a VVS1 118 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Set in Gold With Rubies and white Diamonds set around it, I've bigger Diamonds than that in my jewelry, Daddy Lion gave me, they are natural Diamonds, no Lab Created/Or Synthetic Stones! Gift for me in 2014, by Daddy Lion!

But I digress or degrade, either way its all the same XD X3 ... Otherwise my day was soso, as I rested this afternoon after lunch which made me Sorry and Sick for eating it!! I then passed out in my bed wrapped in a leopard throw, which was a bit drier after I had an accident on it this morning, so I then snoozed till 19:00 (7pm) then got up feeling Really H3llishy ill inside, then was dressed up, then came down to Snack which i DID NOT EAT! Smartly, I just had strong very dark Italian Coffee with Cinnamon Creamer! Then got on my PC after 8pm then I chatted with Nikki on my Skype, as I now am posting this journal!

Well I must Go!
Lioness Quote II: When You Hear the Lioness Hurling Up, Just Yell- "Hey Leviara Lionesses Here!, Clean Up On Isle 7-Please" XD :worriednala: :worriednala: :yikes: :dazed: :highfive: :ha:

Lioness Music: Static-X: Push It
Lioness Mood: Fair/Bouncy
Lioness Health: H3LL Inside/H3LL Outside :worriednala:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Nausea Magnitude Level 6+
Lioness Weather: Cold AF Snow 22F.

Oh yeah it was a bad day from the start, as I hurled 4 times today then crawled into the shower literally crawled, then the wonderfulness of hot wet water hitting my agonized lioness body was good for 90 mins, then I got out...., was a rough day, as I'm now at 67/68 Pounds at 5'11.6" in height, from where I was at 70 pounds formerly! I'm not feeling good to say it lightly..So otherwise I'm avoiding Lynn my Step mom, as I dont need her narcissistic/sadistic attitude pushing me,cause I wont tolerate it, I will snap back on her! :bigteethnala: :furious3: :furious3: :bigteethnala:<- so help me God I will, ill or not!
Our weather is very snowy, we have over 2+ Feet level!
Well otherwise everything else seems to be ok?!

Well everyone I gotta go..I know this was short, but I'm just not upto a long journal.

# Can you say "Drunk Step Mom Call" at 1:30Am POMFG 
December 25th, 2015, 4:31 am
Lioness Music: Megadeth - I'll Get Even :dazed: :ha:
Lioness Mood: Guess What?? -> :this-iz-mah-happy-face:
Lioness Weather: 25F Cold/Heavy Overcast/Light Snow
Lioness Health: Magnitude 6+ Headache/Magnitude 6+ Nausea :worriednala:

Who here has Seen the movie, Sideways?? and Sideways II, well I have, and you'll never guess this , POMFG My Step Mom Lynn, My Dads EX, CALLS AT 01:30 AM Central Time here In Sioux Falls, South Dakota... She Did The (Drunk Call) Part of the Movie Sideways! She was Fall on youre Arse Drunk, I mean, she was smacked out of her skull drunk and so slurred it could've been a ticketable offence, just to call let alone talk! OMFG it was Epic/Sad/Sick ***Lioness ROFLMFAO*** :roll3: :rofl2: :rofl2: :yikes: :yikes: :worriednala: :evilzira: :ha: :ha: She then had the nerve to call 7 more times today after, sounding nothing ever happened, hungover though! OMFG Thats Crazy, but thats my Step mom Lynn, now 65 and still chugging it down, like she was known for at 25!

Also she let all know she was going out tonight, looks for another round, too. POMG I wonder if she'll call again??! I mean yeah that seriously disturbing, it bugged me, but she has done it times before, in 2005 and on from there!!

Ok, this's So seriously sickeningly Cringeworthy!! One night as she lived with us up here for the three years she did, in November 2009 , she literally came to my door in my bed room at 2:30 AM, opened it, Fall down drunk, then had the nerve to ask if she could get into bed with me and cuddle?????????????????????????????????? O_o That WAS CREEPY AF!!!!!! :ocwap: :disgust2: :disgust2: :srsly: :sowwy: :grr5: <- my feelings on it!! I was FREEKING OUT!! Fortunately Daddy Lion caught her and then, politely escorted Miss. Drunk_and_Pervy, back down stairs.. I just sat there in bed shocked/stunned!! I was just 7 years old, too, but fully aware things were NOT ok!After that I never slept ok, or right again?! I still dont too, from that!

But otherwise my day was fair, as right now I have a sever headache and strong nausea to match! So I'll call this good! Yes I'm Gonna have cool gifts for Christmas! But The Best Gifts of All are, YOU MY MLK FAMILY!!!

Lioness Quote: If Drunk, Dont Call! Thats Never Cool, Or Funny! :sowwy: :grr5: :sowwy:

# The Thing is...... 
December 21st, 2015, 3:11 am
Lioness Music:MEGADETH-Almost Honest :worriednala:
Lioness Mood: Exotic/Feeling Ill :worriednala: :despise:
Drinking: Bleach :bugs: XD LOL J/K ..Actually Arizona Iced Tea with Ginseng and Honey :bugs:
Lioness Nausea Magnitude: Magnitude Level (5/6) Outta 10: (Moderate) :despise:
(As When Nausea Levels are at Magnitude Level 7 to 9+ Things are Gonna Get Real Ugly, Real Fast) :despise: :bugs:
Weather: Cold/Cloudy :bugs:
Time:19:29:42 PM :ugh2:

Well the thing is, -
I had a soso up at 0700 hrs am clothes I wore to bed were sweat soaked wet, blue jeans and sweat shirt..... yeah we live by military time 24HR clock, then I got dressed, then went down stairs, just ate 5 heart of palm pieces, a very light breakfast...daddy lion and i discussed the usual stuff, as I was too nauseated to really say much back.. then it was off to the showers, OHHH YEAHHH! It was awesome The Hot shower,-

though before that I got sick in the bathroom, it was Go Time, Bombs Away<- (Hurling), yeah she wasnt gonna hold it any longer......I broke down crying on the bathroom floor wishing I had an IRL mom lioness to be there with me there at times like this, and not be left alone as I was , I cried out as I felt it rushing up in me, saying (NO NO I Dont Wana, Please No!) seconds before I hurled..:fret: :fret: :fret:
.. then after 45 mins of sheer H*LL ,I got into the shower (Actually Crawled),into it (to wash it all off).. for 75+ mins I took a steamy hot shower!! POMFG it was FREEKIN awesome as the hot water hit me!I just sat on the shower floor, breathing slow, deep breaths, one every minute, my right eye shut, my left just open a slit! It felt so FREEKING good it was like going to heavan, but without the funeral! Then i got out, feeling rather high/euphoric for some reason :sleepyzira: :dazed: :sleepyzira:
I then got dressed checking my sweat damp Levi jeans, seeing if they were dry enough to wear?? Not quite. So i put on a Levi jean skirt button fly, with a leather top and Pink pvc vinyl top over it to keep me warm.. then went online to MLK checking a few things, then after I posted a couple times, then saw a post, that signalled me to go to my Skype and see how Nikki was as we chatted for about 27 mins or so, as I was chatting too with at the same time with Kiki (MadamLeStrange), I enjoyed it very much <3 <3 <3 <3 !! Talking to my MLK Mother Lion Nikki, and Sister Kiki,- That was Awesome! :zira-approve: :zirainnocent: :glee2:
Then I logged off the PC, and went to lunch...Opened a full strength Red Bull, Took my Vitamins, with it. (1)(5,000 Mg Super B Complex Vitamin) (1)( 2,500 Mg Milk Thistle) and Two 10,000 Mg Brain IQ Increaser Pills.. Thats Kicky stuff too, the brain pills, gives a serious hard Rush!! :bugs:

Then after lunch I went to bed feeling like, that kinda feeling thats like the dread of knowing, (It) was gonna come a second time, but not knowing at what time, and at 16:30:53 PM, I came within 27.85 seconds of throwing up at 16:31:13 hours (Yes I time it) as I finding my threshold time, to just how long i'll come to hurling, its odd, but I'm trying to increase my nausea tolerance levels, by trying to take a longer time till I hurl, so I can gain better control my throwing up..,
which isnt quite going in the right direction! But I'll not give up!! :realize: :sleepyzira: :realize:
I then got up at 17:00 hrs (5PM) then got up Wet Sweat soaked felt Icky, my clothing soaked, so i took them off, layed out my sweat wet jeans to dry then my sweat shirt, as I then put on dry clothes a long heavy Levi jean skirt and my smexy black leather halter top and with my Pink pvc Vinyl top over it, I then snuck down stairs feeling quite badly inside, but I then got on my PC chatting with Nikki, for a bit, then got off to have my nightly snack at its time 18:00 hrs, an apple fritter with butter with coffee.. yeah that went over big with my body, my Lioness tummy was doing "The Wave" yeah thats about as much fun as getting teeth drilled! :bugs: :despise:

Then I got on my PC, got into MLK, looked around, then decided not to post, cause once I start everyone jumps in!! Then I'm committed to going all night, Which I LOVE!! But I decided not to, as I thought, I'll post a journal, then chat with Nikki on my Skype, after I post this, which I am..

So i'll call this my day..or night which it currently is.. Well then, I'll go before I annoy anyone ???XD LOL :zira-approve: :zirainnocent: :roll3: :zira-approve: :zirainnocent: :sleepyzira: :sleepyzira: :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :worriednala: :worriednala: :worriednala: :mhm: :worriednala: :ha: :ha: :highfive: :kiaraexcited: :kiaraexcited: :ugh2: :worriednala: :worriednala: <- My thoughts too!

LOVE CHUU GUYS!! :lovingsmile2:

Lioness Quote Of The Day: Wey'all GAWWWWWLLEY Sargent Carter, Aint This A Surprise!! GAWWLEY! Leviara Lioness Didnt Toss Her Taters Twice! But Only Once! Well SHEBANG Aint That Somethan Sargent Carter?!! XD X))

# Oh yes this was good! 
December 15th, 2015, 6:40 am
Lioness Mood: Bouncy/Excitable :worriednala:
Lioness Music: Wall Of VooDoo- Mexican Radio :zira-approve: :zirainnocent:

WEll Hanukkah is over at sundown today the 14th, and i got nine gifts, not bad either jewelry all of them :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :wickedmother: that was so cool, Daddy Lion really went all out, but i gave him his gifts too, hugg's and affection! :zira-approve: :sleepyzira: :glee2:
So otherwise I'm avoiding his Ex Lyn :flee: my step mom :roll3: , like the plague :flee: ! Since daddy lion wont block her, due to his own personal reasons, I will no longer talk to her :sleepyzira: :realize: :sleepyzira:
The woman makes me just ill :ocwap: :burp: :sob3: :puke2: , literally :puke2: :puke: , but theres reasons for that too, some of my MLK friends know ("why") too I've told them. she on the phone righht now as I type this :nukalaugh: :nukalaugh: :puke2: :nukalaugh: :nukannoyed: !! Real Time! I'd love to send A SuperCell Thunderstorm to her, yeah I think (Times) knows what i'm talkin bout XD as I showed him a couple pics, making it clear my Burning Contempt for Lyn **snickers to her Lioness Self** give Lyn a little thunder and wind...Oh the things I think of... :nukannoyed: :nukamisery: :nukahey: :nukagrr2: :teehee: :hmm3: :bigteethnala: :bigteethnala: :bigteethnala: :innocent2: :hmm2: :hmm2: :bigmouth: :bigmouth: <- my feeling's about things..

Otherwise I'm doing really good at MLK, I'm adjusting better than I had anticipated!! have a new Sister Maggy (Marizzle) and a new BFF/Bestie (TheSassyNala) who made me a beautiful Signature we share OMG I love it! :zira-approve: :zira-approve: :sleepyzira: :wickedmother:
Also looking forward to Christmas too! Otherwise I'm ok, my nausea seems to hang on tough, but I fight it, in my own way as LionObsession said to do!

Well gotta go everyone! Why?? cause I'm (On A Mexican Radio) XD :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :zira-aww: :fret: :fret: :realize: :sleepyzira: :sleepyzira: :sleepyzira: :wickedmother: :demonic: :awesumface: :guilty2: :vitaniignored: :ziragrin: :ziragrin:
(Si estoy en un radio mexicana, no hablan Ingles camarada! Hablo espanol leona senor / senora jajaja! )


# Not too bad, ehh Comrades?!. 
December 11th, 2015, 6:25 am
Lioness Music: GodSmack- I Stand Alone \../ :worriednala: :shiney: :zira-approve:
Lioness Mood: Very Intense :worriednala:

Yes it was a fairly good day, feeling slightly better than last night kamikaze plunge into absolute pain :ugh2: :skeptical: :despise: :bugs: , and hurt, wasnt sure I was gonna make it :worriednala: :dazed: ?? I admit. Seem's like my lioness bodd's illnesses are always out to get me, but hey WTH?! as is it can try :fuliohyeah: :fuli2: , but I wont let it win :fuli2: This's war personally taken, I'm entrenched into it, no looking back :shiney: :fuliohyeah: .... Soviet Lionesses DO NOT GIVE GROUND!! Sovetskiye L'vitsy NE dayut osnovaniye !!
:shiney: :fuliohyeah: :fuli2:

I'm a fighter in one way or another. I Cannot Die, Cannot Be Killed :shiney: :worriednala: :zira-approve: :wickedmother: ! I'm Untamed/Wild :shiney: :worriednala: :skeptical:
but it was a good day, getting to know more of my friends here at MLK, I'm Loving everyone! MLK is the best decision I made in my life! I Do Not regret it! :fuli2: :fuliohyeah: :thefastest: :tiifu2:

Well i gotta go. Love you all! Night My MLK Pride! **huggs you all kisses**

A little Musick I'll leave you with..

GodSmack: I Stand Alone

"I Stand Alone"

Now I've told you this once before
You can't control me
If you try to take me down you're gonna break
Now I feel your every nothing that you're doing for me
I'm picking you outta me
you run away
I stand alone
I stand alone
You're always hiding behind your so called goddess
So what you don't think that we can see your face
Resurrected back before the final fallen
I'll never rest until I can make my own way
I'm not afraid of fading
I stand alone
Feeling your sting down inside of me
I'm not dying for it
I stand alone
Everything that I believe is fading
I stand alone
I stand alone
And now its my time (now its my time)
It's my time to dream (my time to dream)
Dream of the sky (dream of the sky)
Make me believe that this place isn't plagued
By the poison in me
Help me decide if my fire will burn out
Before you can breathe
Breathe into me
I stand alone
I stand alone
Feeling your sting down inside of me
I'm not dying for it
I stand alone
Everything that I believe is fading
I stand alone
I stand alone
I stand alone
I stand alone

# Hanukkah and then some~ =^_^= 
December 7th, 2015, 5:35 am
Lioness Music: Seether- Driven Under) :bugs: :worriednala:
Lioness Mood: Somber/Reflective/Introspective :shiney: :tiifu2:
Lioness Physical Health: So So/Poor Nauseated! :worriednala: :despise:

Well Hanukkah has begun as it did at sundown today, as it will go on till the 14th at Sundown, so each day of Hanukkah, we give one gift to our loved ones, yes I'm a Soviet Russian/Israeli Jew, as you already know, I was often cautious about mentioning this :despise: :worriednala: as I wasnt sure the reaction of others :worriednala: :ugh2:
as I dunno from what I've seen in the world :worriednala: :bugs: , I just guess I'm sooooooooo cautious :despise:! But I dont feel threatened here at MLK, I can finally be my self, let my hair/fur down :tiifu2: :tiifu:!
Looking forward to Christmas as well :zira-approve: :happy2: :pretty: ! As I celebrate that too :hmm2: :innocent2: :shiney: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: !

I know (Seether-Driven Under) or now (GodSmack- I Stand Alone)<- Which i'm now playing on my PC, isnt exactly holiday music, yeah its angry/raging, but it soothes my raging, roaring hurting lioness soul from the constant mental emotional/physical agony inside me, but I NEED Something that MAKES the Pain Go Away for a while...As My Dark Mastress of Agony/Pain, she returneth so for my Tortured Lioness Body :worriednala: .... :shiney: :bugs:

Well my day was ok, I hugged my Daddy Lion for the first time in some years :worriednala: :bugs: :tiifu2: , i had to do all I could not to run the other way, so I stiffened up got brave and charged him full Lioness bore four paws to the floor balls to the wall, full throttle!!I broke into an icy chilling cold sweat after the hugg, as I'm getting used to him loving me and me loving him, I learning to love him all over again as he is me his daughter too! Not easy for me to do, but I'm willing to make this relationship work, as is he! So please pray for me, keep me and him in youre thoughts and prayers. :tiifu:

Well I must go, have an RP/Graphic to study! :wickedmother: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: Night Everyone~ :zira-approve: :wickedmother: :drunk: :shiney: :tiifu2: :tiifu: :bugs:

# A fair day. 
December 4th, 2015, 6:38 am
:glee2: Ok considering this morning/afternoon feeling reely ill :butwhy: with some of the most severe nausea in some time :fret: :madman: :runaway: :runaway2: , I was at times only seconds from "hurling" :horrified2: , but I made it through, I did not hurl, as I really dont want to! as if I were to, everytime, I go without eating for two days or so..not a good thing on my 70/71 pound lioness body considering I'm 5'11"+, yeah I weighed a bit more ago, I was at 82 pounds, not anymore. I can loose weight fast, and way too easily, but have no luck with putting it back on, no mater how much I eat :horrified2: :didntmeanto: , as if I'm stressed or upset, I can drop 8 to 10 pounds just like that in less than 9 hours! :horrified2: :horrifiedoutsiders2: :horrifiedoutsiders:

Ok, LionObsession, they/you told me to try to be/focus on the positive, when feeling/describing negative! Ok LionObsession, I'll try it, I promised you I would, best I can! :sing3: :sing4: :lick: :lovingsmile2:

The upswing started today :lovingsmile2: :teehee: when daddy lion came home from the morning shopping, as was the hot shower had helped a little bit with the ill feeling :kula: :devishlyhappy: as a shower will do that to a lioness :wow2: so then as I was on the PC, he came home 12:07 PM US CST ..I helped him unload groceries, which was heavy work, but satisfying :teehee: then as we were finished, I sat down on the floor in my rocker chair, holding my lioness plushy :teehee: :dreamy: . As the I went through the little bag of goodies he got me from the Wal-Mart Supercenter store :dreamy: :superexcited: ! Oh yes it was awesome, I got a bunch of seriously nice jewelry! :glee2: :dreamy: I got a gold ring, with swarovski fine crystals set into it, also two very nice necklaces, one that came with serious studs that will light up in the sun :dreamy: also a fine cut Crystal gem stud sterling silver necklace, WOW :wow2: :dreamy: and a set pack of 21 earrings, studs allot of them, and hoops too, which I adore! :D :D :dreamy: :dreamy: Then another set a pair of really nice golden earrings with fine filigree designs! :dreamy: :zira-approve: :zira-happy: :zira-aww: :zirainnocent: Yesss it was nice! then he bought me some, cool other Lioness Girl personal wearables stuff, I'll just leave it at that, but they were in leopard print, to describe it =^_^= :dreamy: :zira-approve: :zira-aww: :zira-happy: :zirainnocent: :wickedmother:

Then we had lunch :nomnom: , wasnt too bad, despite blinding nausea..I at just one sandwich wrap :nomnom: :nomnom: , thats all I could stand, also drank my Red Bull, and then Coffee with cinnamon creamer, in it! :dreamy: :wickedmother: :zira-approve: :zirainnocent: :zira-happy: :zira-aww: Then i went to bed, I put on a favorite pair of Lee Riders blue jeans which are huge on me and wont stay up, despite them being a size 4 XT Extra Tall/Extra Small, I put them on for extra warmth under two very heavy leopard throws, as I chill so easily! :butwhy:
Then I got up at 19:08 hrs, then I had a cup'o coffee then I went on here as leading to this point now at MLKFAA!

Well I better go :wickedmother: :ugh2: , its 23:37 Hrs, need to have a snack/coffee and then study my RP/Graphic (_TravelerBlu_) (Saskia) my Sis here at MLK! :this-iz-mah-happy-face: :realize: :zirainnocent: :zira-approve:

Night Everyone!

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Always Remember That!!

# another Sad truth of my life. 
December 1st, 2015, 6:08 am
:roll3: :dazed: Well sadly i found another sad truth today, of my life..... daddy lion had been doing research lately on me, and my irl mom/my (birth records), which he has..I'm in his custody, legally but he found out, through national/international authorities, I'm (not legitimately) his cubby lioness..., though I've said I was his, he thought so too, I found out my irl mom had lied on the birth papers about me, of who my RL daddy lion was, by putting my current dads name on them falsely.... :fret: :omg: , dad lion and I do not yet know of the dad that matches me genetically, I may never know. I have to live with that.. but I do not match paternally genetically my (adoptive father) who is my current father at this moment.. :( :omg:

Yeah ... so that came out at lunch time...that pretty well killed my apatite.. :roll3: I felt really anxious and ill all day after :( , i heard the awful truth..of my now (Illegitimacy) to any one other than my rl mom, who left me 10 years ago...I now wonder whom I'm really a part of.. :fret: I think it may be true why my irl mom left me 10 years ago, she knew this day was coming, I'd find out i'm NOBODY's cubby lioness...... :pissed: :cry: :cry: yeah well thats ok :cry: :cry: , anyway I know how the OutLanders feel... :whythelongface: its really not fair.. but life isnt always fair...I've come to know... :ziracry: .... i reely want a hug right now....... :ziracry:

Ok, although I'm happy to say, I've got at MLK (Hatada RP Daddy Lion) two new mom's, Medhu mommy leopardy, and today ShadowFax (Shadow). and Awesome sisters, Kiki (MadamLestrange) (GothPrincessKiara)(Kiara or Goth) and Saskia (_TravelerBlu_) and Kiana too :glee2: So yes theres at least a bright side, to this whole thing!

Well i'll be off everyone, and derping around MLK.. see whats all going on.. I have a notion to go into the chat room, but I'm not too sure about it atm??! :dazed: :mhm:
plus nightly snack is in 24 mins, as it 23:06 ...

# ok, I'm breathing...slowly.. 
November 30th, 2015, 5:58 am
:roll: :dignity: :skeptical: yeah I've been kinda moody lately, especially at the MLK forum, last night, I'll just say it that way -> :sosorry: :sosorry: .... I just say it this way(appropriately) below, unlike the venting tirade I expressed last night **lioness blushes**... ,; :hmm2: :hmm2:

I have allot of issues stemming from past events i had no control over that happened to me, as they affected my life in extreme and drastic ways, I never saw coming :dazed: :dazed:??!
I know the prollem for me though, I dont know how to talk to "others" about my issues, I really want to, they have told me i can even,, but I choke :brokeaclaw: :fret: :omg: like someone knocks the air outa me, as I go completely lioness flat on the ground like a tire with a big hole in it, every time i try to get up the nerve to chat about it..! :fret: :ugh2: ...I dont know completely why?? maybe I have no confidence?! or I dunno??
Ok, well so anyways, I was so drained after last night's emotional blast that went off inside me, I overslept till 13:00 (1pm) today, i dont normally do that, but I think I may be overloading/overloaded emotionally.....

secondly: I know why too this's all happening with me emotionally: I'm not religious or anything, but daddy lion is well a Jew, like me, and a Rabbi, he is what he is when it comes to issues and things for me in particular, he say's ("Cleopah give it to God, you dont need to be telling about youre Issues eg airing you're dirty laundry?! Just let it go...").......I'm leik :puhleeez: Yeah that works for him, but not for me, as I tell him back, (Secret's keep Lionesses sick mentally and physically..Thats why you NEED to tell someone or others, that you can trust.") oh yes then daddy lion says, ("Well Cleopah you're in the "Flesh" and what has it given you??, pain ,sorrow, misery??!) .....I usually snarl at him, literally lioness style and quit talking and walk away burning angry :roll3: :pissed: at that point..cause I'm SO tired of all the arguments we've had....daddy lion says he listens and hears me, but I still feel like he only hears what is (Logical) for his reasoning as to how, (He) will handle it...not how I'll handle it..he's trying in my eyes to tell me how I should be.... but I'm Not him!!.. :puhleeez: :puhleeez:

and his EX wife and I had a three year stint, geeze I'm not even going there, except to say ...she and I were like this (pictures please, Timon)-> :bigteethnala: :disgust2: :disgust2: :bigteethnala: :srsly: :argumentative: :argumentative: :argumentative: :evil3: :evil3: :evil3: :bigteethnala: :bigteethnala: <- (yeah it was like that!!)

I mean he loves me I know that, but I dont...well..I dunno, I have been thinking about it, i havent bonded with him, due to past events in my life..that altered my forever my perception of how do I say this, (Paternal Parental) figures in my life...I just cannot bond with him, I'm SO not comfy with it, I can't even conceive the thought of it or bare to think of doing it.....I kno I kno I sound like the worlds most horrible lioness daughter... :sowwy: :sowwy: .. but its the way i am cause of stuff that happened/and is still happening to me..., daddy lion has come to terms with it though, we dont always get along often, often I am very very authoritative/combative verbally towards him :bigteethnala: , or always very very aggressively defensive towards him :bigteethnala: , like I want him not to come near me, just to stay away from me, or even talk to me, I admit its more on my end than his....I feel terrible about it, but I cannot bare the thought of a love/bond for/with him, I literally get physically ill when i do.. :sowwy: :sowwy: ..

Because when i tried prolly 3 years ago to bond with him, I went crazy nearly, I was having really bad mood swings, nightmares of (past events) that haunted me, I felt very very violent towards him :bigteethnala: ... so i had to quit after trying for a year, he was good about it...but we've grown very very far apart, like a divorce has occurred literally, I talk of leaving him allot, cause I just want out of this, but I'm too young legally I stay, by law only..and believe me we've had some fierce arguments about that the US State i live in by law locally/federally have deemed me (100% incompetent/legally blind/Mentally/Physically Handicapped) So by the law IRL I cannot marry, drive, vote or live on my own/by my self ever, the law put me in his custody permanently.. i remember that day well in court.... I also feel trapped in my life.... I feel like i cannot get away from it..I have NO friends here locally where i live, to see me, or family of any kind, locally.....I've been isolated allot intensely for years as dad lion is trying to protect me, and keep me out of a mental institution....

I just feel so conflicted, about so many things...gawd i mean I'm concerned how I'm going to bond with my New mommy lion, he's going to marry, eventually....This TAIYO Pride RP me and Sis Saskia are doing with (Medhu) my RP mommy Leopardy is awesome, it could not have come at a better time, cause it gives me the chance to learn some kinda bonding skills to a RL mommy lion, and express my feelings for her.... as I depicted in my latest pic of me and Medhu bonding here at MLKFAA.... this's good for me. so at least its a start... I'm not trying be a sour wet lioness blanket on things, just I'm trying to deal with my life, in some way....I've no normal coping skill's to anything, thats what daddy lion says, but my (coping skills) as I call them are ALL I've known/had and developed...
So what can i say... I'm just I dunno dealing with my life, the only way I know how to, as I've known no other way..specially after my IRL mom lion left me, 10 years ago, for her own agenda, what ever it was???? this did not help me get ready for life, nore teach me a family oriented learning/bonding, not including what others did to me before and after to negatively reinforce my maladaptive/maladjusted habits that have left me..the way I am.... So this's how it is... as I put here in more appropriate terms......but hey were all pathetic in our own ways, i'll admit i am! :teehee: :squished: (Hey dont you look at me like that???!! You know I am too XD :dramaqueen: :sob3: :awaken: :argumentative:

Well everyone I'm gonna derpy lioness paws around the MLK Forum area..I'll see you later! :squished: :dramaqueen: :awaken: :devishlyhappy: :devishlyhappy:

# And it goes on... 
November 20th, 2015, 4:40 am
ok, well I heard from daddy lion this morning at breakfast, a little surprise that, well wasnt so little..... :fret: :omg: :fret:
Yeah there gonna move 2000 or so refugee's into our city 1/4 mile or less to our northwest, in our city here in the US, where I live...... I was fairly stunned over it, I cant lie.... :fret: :omg: but I kinda went numb, as I was thinking suddenly this morning of what happened in Paris France, as i was heading upstairs to the showers, hoping and praying as I layed down to sleep this afternoon, that nothing like that what happened in Paris France will occur in my city in the US state I live in..after the refugees move in.. I'm being more or less neutral on this..but inside of me, i'm lioness bouncing offa the walls roaring my lungs out freaked by it :fret: :fret: , but I'm refusing to give in to fear and hysteria over it, that I feel inside......

But you can relate to and understand my hmmm well feelings about it.... I'm not one to judge, or be prejudicial of different ethnic peoples, but with ISIS hiding inbetween the refugees, that ramps it up 10,000 notches, knowing now I'll be next door 1,320 feet away, or 1/4 mile or less, this IS NOT A COMFORTING THOUGHT, considering ISIS could be hiding inbetween the refugees like the little terrorist cowards they are.... its not the refugees I have a prollem with, its the RL threat of terrorism from ISIS I'm facing now, closer than I EVER thought it to be...bad enough its global..but when its near you like it is me....lemme tell you it gives new meaning to the term, (Rules of Engagement)

They will move them into my area, to the northwest less than 1/4 mile somewhere in mid/late December to early/mid January....I've heard by June/July 2016 there will be as many as 10,000 of them moved in, into and very close to my home residence..... I hope I'm moved to Israel, before this...
Oh yes I thought i'd mention that too, now, yes we're (daddy lion and i) are IRL moving to Israel (the country), in the Hod HaSharon area, up by the well known War Torn area of the Golan Heights, within 40 or so miles or less, where Syria and Iran, and Libya are our neighbors.. our house will be near to this area.. When were going to be there? I have no idea, but he wants to move in daddy lion has a ministry with the Jew's, as I'm Jewish as is daddy lion too, too, I'm irl 50% Israeli and Soviet Russian 50%....

So needless to say... I'll try to I dunno, deal with this situation with refugees moving into our area.....Well i think I'll go, as I have a WIP I'm working on for MLKFAA, and for the RP with _TravelerBlu_ (Saskia) my older sister lioness here at MLK and I...
I Love you Guys! **huggs glomps my MLK family** :lovingsmile2:
please keep me in you're thoughts and prayers.. **sighssssss**

# Enduring things~ 
November 16th, 2015, 4:48 am
In light of the Paris France attacks, I realized something.. its affected me, way more than i had thought..I'm not sleeping as well , eating is even harder now cause my nausea level is up, I jump at the slightest sound, I've had nightmares now, I'm hypervigilant, terrified of anyone coming to my door, or walking by my place, as I watch vehicles driving by, as if I'm not sure whats gonna happen next.., or the jets that fly over my house as we live only 1/4 mile from the airport... I mean I'm trying to remind my self, that I'm safe in my home.. though i worry now more than ever for ALL my MLK friends, thoughts go through my head, like, (are they ok??!) :fret: :omg: (whats happening to them right now??, please let them be ok!!) :fret: :omg: (WTF?? is another attack occurring??? and where???) :omg: :fret: .....

My thoughts heart and prayers are with ALL In Paris, France, families of the victims, victms and survivors who were hurt. I guess it comforts me to pray for them to help in any way i can.. So needless to say, I'm a bit different for it. I'm sure I'm not the only one either thats being affected..

well everyone, my beloved MLK Pride, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10,000Trillion%
Tako, I'm SOOOOOOO Happy you're Alive and ok!! **huggs Tako tight** **huggs my MLK Pride and friends who are family, too!! :lovingsmile2: :lovingsmile2: **

Night everyone~

Leviara~ :lovingsmile2:

# Well now, this was a success! 
November 9th, 2015, 3:49 am
Albeit it was a risk, my newest pic of my char lioness, even with all her flaws, she's becoming what looks to be an adored favorite?! Already got two comments on it, Arcee and TravelerBlu, that was so sweet of them both! I'll make another pic later :D.

Well I my self am fair today, had incessant nausea, just would not go away, some days my nausea in literally unbearable and others like today, is tolerable, but miserable, makes eating very very very hard, but I try to eat as that's a real challenge in it self, its why I'm so underweight! So I rested in bed most the day hoping my illness/nausea would back off a bit, as that kinda helped, but only to a right now I'm feeling ehh kinda blehh dull nausea, but cheerful in my mood :D as I'm really feeling at home at MLK, i feel loved,cared about and wanted for a change, not alone, wondering if I'm the only one left alive..being the way I am, it feels that way allot..I guess i was taking a chance making my Lioness char very similar to me, as like me she is blind in one right eye, and 60% in her left, just like I am irl.. I feel adding my irl flaws to her, it makes my char more original that way, as she'll have my flaws, its only fair as it makes her, imperfect and a down to earth lioness char, that is not arrogant or perfect, but like other's has her weaknesses, and strengths, her character and loving nature, make up for the other flaws in her.. I find that endearing, as my personality I put into her!

Well I better go, need to check a few things, then I'll see from there!

You'res Lovingly~
Leviara~ :lovingsmile2: