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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Labatis's Album


# Burfday #2! 
August 1st, 2016, 11:10 pm
My second birthday here at MLK, and soon my second year! Yay!

I'm open for Art Trades and Design Trades, if anyone is interested. ^^ Hoping to post more drawings here soon.

# First Year at MLK! 
August 24th, 2015, 3:42 am
Yay! My first year here at MLK is completed!

For a small celebration, I will be redrawing a couple of my oldest pictures I have uploaded on the MLKFAA. It might only be one drawing, probably one that I was proud of when I first created it. Whatever doesn't count as spam I suppose?

Anyways, I am glad to have made it through a year, hopefully I will still be a member here for my second. c:

# Its my Birthday! + Small Update 
August 1st, 2015, 6:14 pm
Its August 1st, which means its finally my birthday and almost my first year anniversary here! Yay!

I have a new tablet now, which is a higher quality than my old one. Its a Turcom tablet, and I can't wait to use it. I also have a small animating program, so once I get everything worked out, I might be posting small animations on the MLKFAA.

I know I haven't drawn much LK related things lately, but I am trying to get back into a lion phase.
Maybe I can set up some art trades/design trades with you guys? Or, if I have unfinished art trades/design trades that I have forgotten to do my half on, please let me know!

# Art Status 
January 7th, 2015, 11:43 pm
Figured it was time to make one. ^^'

Last Update: 1/26/2015


Requests: Open

Trades: Open

Design Trades: Open

Collabs: Closed
Thank you!

PridePoint Commissions: Closed


Current drawing(s) to complete:

1) Tua for Adofo
2) Complete "Look at the Stars."
3) Fan Art of Zekyu for Unikels

This is simply here to let you know if I am drawing at the moment. This does not count as an update when it changes from Yes to No or vise-versa

Currently Drawing? Yes { } No {x}

# African Dreams 
September 23rd, 2014, 2:58 am

Coming Soon!

Chapter 1

Shantu huffed, looking down towards her two newborn cubs. Kafu wasn't far, he was trotting towards the closest tree with a gazelle in his jaws. She was relieved that her cubs were finally born, this was her first litter, and it had been bugging her. "Hello, little ones." She smiled lovingly, nudging them. They were healthy newborns, and should grow well. One was a male, and the other was female. "Kafu! Meet Kamili and Hafu." Her icy gaze turned back to Kafu, who was now happily making his way to her.

"Their beautiful, Shantu." He purred. Carefully he laid by his mate and cubs, his heart melting at the sight of them. Hafu was sleeping on top of his sister, who was still getting some milk. Kafu could already tell the potential the two siblings had. But little did he know what their potential was.

Chapter 2

A couple weeks pass, and the young cubs are running around swiftly. "C'mon Kamili! I saw a warthog this way!" He squeaked, already bolting towards it. It hadn't seemed to notice Hafu running at him with Kamili following. "I dare you to touch it." He chuckled, nudging Kamili forward.

"I don't want to touch it! It's too.. blech." She whispered, looking over her shoulder. Though she did like to do things she wasn't supposed to, and if her younger brother could do it, so could see. With a deep breath, she crept forward, not so quietly. The warthog heard the noises, and quickly got up to escape whatever attack it was about to receive. Kamili lunged forward, her claws snagging on its rump.

"Wait for me!" Hafu yelled, trying to catch up to his sister the fastest he could go. It'll keep running. I should go to the opposite side so we can surround it. Won't dad be proud! Even though he was rather clumsy in the process, Hafu managed to make it to the other side, and as he expected, it was surrounded. It's squeals were louder than he ever heard. Unfortunately, they didn't last long in the chase. Shantu stepped by the two, and Kafu had started hunting something bigger for the small family.

"What were you two thinking? You are too young to hunt, and you could have been seriously injured! Is that what you want?" She spat, and just about anyone could see the worry in her eyes evolve into pure anger.

Hafu wasn't that guilty for what he did, he thought that it was a great idea to hunt, and he didn't need to listen to someone who didn't think the same. However, Kamili hung her head low, a couple tears forming in her eyes. "Sorry, mama.." she muttered, while Hafu kept quiet, rolling his eyes.

Shantu let out a sigh. "Come on. We're heading to the den." she was calmer now, but still infuriated that they had the audacity to go on a hunt alone. What would she have done if they were killed?

The sun had almost finished setting by the time they were back at the den, and Kafu wasn't so far behind with his zebra. Hafu scoffed when he saw it, and looked up at his mother angrily. "How come dad gets to hunt on his own? Aren't you worried for him at all? Or do you not even care about his safety?!" Kamili was surprised to hear those words come from Hafu. Sure, he loved bending the rules, but she never expected him to snap at their mother.

Shantu kept her jaw from dropping in surprise of the way he reacted. "..Of course I care for his safety! Your father is stronger, and he doesn't need much assistance when hunting. You, young one, are too young to even know how to hunt. Just because I am not hunting there with him, doesn't mean I have no respect to him!" The argument went on for a while, and Kamili finally stopped listening and curled up by her father. As she slowly nodded off, some thoughts raced through her mind. Why is Hafu suddenly quarreling with mama? Doesn't he know better? He just seems.. a bit different.

Chapter 3

Coming soon!

# Complete Artist's Block 
September 9th, 2014, 3:50 pm
Hello there! I am having quite an Artist's block. ;-; I can't seem to find anything to draw, though I want to practice my lions. I'm afraid I may be posting too many of the off-topic drawings, so I will be adding quite a couple lion drawings to make up for it. Currently, out of my 14 drawings, only 5 of them are lions. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! c: I will pretty much draw any lion, it would be good for practice, and something on-topic to upload.