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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Labatis's Album

Ankara Kedisi

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Ankara Kedisi
© Labatis 2017

Artist's Comments

mAn it's been a while
sad that this place is super dead ; v ;

a quick doodle of Ankara Kedisi (Ankara), a white maned lioness! She's basically the lion version of my main oc/persona/fursona/catsona. uvu

Figured I'd get a drawing in before 2018 rolls in! o:
Boy I haven't drawn lions or the lion-king style in fOREvER

User Comments

  Kasi the Killer November 12th, 2017, 6:06 pm
Woah! You really have improved your style! Love it!
  Labatis November 14th, 2017, 12:49 am
Thank you so much, Kasi !!

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Submitted: November 9th, 2017, 3:50 am
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