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Labatis's Album

Recap of 2016

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Recap of 2016
© Labatis 2017

Artist's Comments

Happy New Years, everyone !!
It's a little late, I know. uwu


This is a recap of all the drawings done throughout the year. Some drawings I'm still proud of. Others, not so much.
Top Row, Left to Right - January - June
Bottom Row, Left to Right - July - December

All characters are mine, EXCEPT for the ones in June and December.
The characters in June's drawing belong to Disney.
The characters in December's drawing belong to PoisonFate over at DeviantArt, or one of their friends.


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! I know a lot of you will agree when I say 2016 wasn't the best. No year is. But don't forget all the good parts of 2016! The positives may be different between you and I, but I know you can come up with at least one. This year wasn't all that bad, in my opinion.

Here's to another wonderful year!
Let's hope 2017 goes well!

User Comments

  NightDaiana January 5th, 2017, 5:54 pm
I LOVE IT LABATIS!!! :) :happy: :happy2:
your improvement is exelent and awesome :) keep it my friend :happy:
and happy new year to you :D
  Labatis January 6th, 2017, 4:08 pm
Thank you, Night ! ;w;

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