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Chaltuu's Portrait

Registered at MLK: July 21st, 2014, 10:46 pm.

Gender: Female

Species: African Lion

Character Description

Name meaning: "First born daughter"

Biological father: Mabruke
Stepfather: Kivuli
Mother: Uangaze
Brothers: None
Sisters: Kapuki [half-sister], Shujaa [half-sister], Ua [half-sister]

Uncle: Uchungu
Aunt: Almasi
Cousins: Zenobia, Dhakiya

Chaltuu is a somewhat unusually coloured lioness. She has a deep russet-red pelt, in a way like dark rust on an old, dilapidated metal item. Her reddish fur is perpetually unkempt and disheveled. She has a somewhat average-toned cream underbelly, muzzle, front-paw, and lower eye shade colour. Her back paws, tail tuft, and upper eye shades are simply a few hues darker than her main pelt colour. She has "pointy", ruffled-up cheek fur.

She has a rather sharp, pointed jawline, but it is concealed by her cheek fur. Her pelt is very thick, and works well to protect her against frigid weather or gelid climates. She has, to an extent, an elongated snout and in some measure a slightly "large" black Outsider nose. Chaltuu's narrowed eyes are a glowing sort of yellowish-gold, and her irises are pale green. She has thick, scruffy eyebrows, and her eyes are always in their almond-shaped form, as if she is scrutinizing something closely and thoughtfully.

The russet lioness' pelt displays a few scars. She has a lengthy, jagged scar running across her left shoulder. The bridge of her muzzle holds a smaller one. She has a "forked" rip in her left ear. Chaltuu holds a rather large, masculine shape. She's unusually tall, and she has subtle muscles that ripple through her pelt slightly.

Often, Chaltuu's expressions remain the same: a menacing, if not slightly disturbing smirk, a scornful sneer, or a bitter, angry glower. She never truly smiles in a happy, cheerful sort of way- instead in a disgusted, smug manner.

Along with a nearly permanent scowl, her claws are always unsheathed. It's rare to see her with her claws retracted, as she tends to keep them extended to grant her a more intimidating, "fearsome" appearance. Her brow is always furrowed, making her appear as if she is deep in thought. As well as that, Chaltuu always has a dignified look to her. She often has her head up and her posture erect and perpendicular.

With a very belittling nature and a sharp tongue, Chaltuu is not one to trifle with. She's definitely not affable or amiable, for she frequently lashes out at anyone who stands in her way.

Though she strongly prefers to use physical violence to show dominance, she won't hesitate to spit an acidic remark at anyone, or a fiery retort to anyone who insults her. She isn't as sharp-witted as one might assume, because she can, get stuck or lost for a sour response in a fight. She's very argumentative and sometimes lights a fire of quarreling purposely, and always likes to have the last word in a fight.

Arrogant, most certainly. She likes to believe that she is the tougher of someone else, that she is stronger, more superior. That's not to say she's openly conceited, but she's not necessarily a humble, modest lioness, either. She often disparages anyone whom she finds as weak or useless, looking down on them with a disdainful sneer or a disgusted frown.

Chaltuu is also very impulsive. She's not afraid to run into danger- even if that puts herself at risk. She often does things without a second thought, or even with thinking at all, most of the time. Lashing out easily and swiftly, she often gets injured by her compulsion.

Bitter and angry, Chaltuu is extremely hateful towards many lions, especially her old pride in particular. She despises them with all her might and loathes talking about them, due to the way they always treated her. They never showed her any love, so she shouldn't show love to anyone else.

Chaltuu is very solitary as well. She doesn't like talking or chatting much, but that doesn't mean she's shy. Also, she's very secretive. She hates talking about her past and her abusive father and her negligent mother, and the fact that she was scarred, disowned, and exiled by them.

Anyone could say in total honesty that Chaltuu is aggressive. This goes with her impulsiveness- she easily leaps into a fight or lunges into a battlefield when provoked- and it's not hard to do that. She's very harsh and merciless in fights, and doesn't take pity or sympathize with her victims or enemies. She fights as if there is no tomorrow.

Sneaky and crafty, no one really knows whether Chaltuu is telling the truth or lying, so nobody can really trust her with anything. She's rarely honest and usually lies or tricks someone into believing something that isn't true. She's clever, sly, manipulative, cunning, and clever, and she lies very smoothly, which is why it's difficult to tell whether she's being honest or not. Even when it comes to opinions she can be dishonest- often she, to the annoyance of everyone else, will nitpick and find a way to make everything seem negative.

Chaltuu is very independent. She absolutely despises having to rely on others to help her, and she would much rather do things by herself and only by herself. She refuses help from anybody, her stubbornness and independence getting to the better of her. She never asks for help, either.

Not really an emotional type, Chaltuu often doesn't care about anyone's feelings, and ignores her own. Not saying that she's selfless- but she certainly is talented at being able to hide when she's upset, though it's extremely difficult for her to conceal anger- for that's almost the only thing she ever feels.

Along with being rather decisive and cunning, Chaltuu is also very intuitive. She's rather intelligent and astute, due to always learning things and often testing and experimenting.

Despite being raised in a very superstitious, not to mention prejudiced area, to some it's a surprise that she has little belief in bad luck or curses. She often makes sarcastic, acidic remarks about the "curse" she brought to her father's land.

Mature, as well. She's almost never childish or immature, and often is well-composed and polite, despite her "respectfulness" being merely a cold one.

Gasped at and judged from birth, Chaltuu was not treated with adoration in the slightest. One of the first things she felt was a sharp gust of frigid wind, being brought outside.

From then on out, her father proceeded to despise her. She never understood why, until she did realize- her fur. It was her russet pelt that earned her the stares from other lions and cubs of her pride, the ones that allowed her to receive contemptuous sneers and glares full of loathing from her father. She seemed to be resented by many in the pride.

Often times, her father punished her if she stood out of line or did anything wrong, or did anything that "embarrassed" Kivuli. He'd punish her both physically and verbally- a harsh, hateful lecture or a physical punishment.

And her mother was not any help whatsoever. Uangaze would never comfort her when she cried- which was usually rather uncommon, never played with her, never defended her from the insults that Kivuli hurled at her. Often times, Chaltuu felt as if her mother didn't even know- or care- about her very existence. Uangaze always seemed like a blank slate- nothing new, nothing exciting.

Always alone, always misunderstood, always cast out for her simple pelt colour, Chaltuu grew colder. She lashed out at anyone who approached her, which, of course, didn't help her terrible reputation. She began to sneak out a lot, even considering leaving. If nobody wanted her, it was no use to stay in a place where she was resented. But she was smarter than that- running away wouldn't solve anything, despite the teasing she received, the hate.

One day, she had had enough. Hamadou, a cub she had been rivals with since she was very small, was teasing her, bullying her, harassing her. Her irritation had flared a little, but that spark grew into full-fledged flames when he had started calling her names that her father always did. She attacked Hamadou, even bit him. Giving him an infected wound didn't help her reputation at all.

Growing up in her superstitious pride wasn't very easy. But she learned from an early age to stop feeling sorry for herself. It wasn't beneficial in the slightest. However, she took dignity in the fact that she was a talented huntress in her pride, although not most admitted it openly.

Trying to desperately please her father, she decided to join in on a border fight, in secret, when she met a lioness who had taken care of her somewhat when she was a cub- a lioness named Pamoja.

Finally, she did make the choice to leave. She left and fled to the mountains, where it was cold and dark all the time- just the way she liked it. She had grown tired of her father's behaviour and her mother's negligence, and the pride's watchful, wary stares as if she'd attack any second.

Chaltuu met Pamoja in the mountains and stayed there temporarily, but was found and forced to return to her pride by Kivuli. It wasn't an act out of fatherly affection or worry- but Kivuli did admit that she was a powerful fighter and a skilled huntress, and he forced her to look after the cubs day after day. He didn't want his daughter to leave and not have a lioness to do those chores and jobs around the territory- like cleaning, hunting, doing constant perimeter checks, and cub-watching.

One day, Chaltuu defied her father- she protested against his harsh and cruel actions. Instead of a simple punishment, Kivuli struck her with his claws unsheathed, so that he scarred her. And Uangaze had done nothing to even feebly attempt to prevent it, nor had her mother protested at all whatsoever against Kivuli's actions.

Soon after, the russet lioness was disowned by her father, and was no longer his daughter anymore, according to him. That didn't mean she was free from his jibes and taunts and harshness towards her. Her "father" still forced her to do chores around the territory and still punished her if she messed up or did anything wrong. Despite her technically not being his daughter anymore, she was never able to free herself from the burden of her father. A while later, after being disowned, Chaltuu discovered that her father was going to sire another cub. The cub was born, and it was a female; a young she-cub named Kapuki.

Deciding to take a stab at vengeance, Chaltuu chose to grow close to the cub, against her mother and father's wishes, of course. She was never allowed to touch the cub and the conversations she shared with her little sister were limited, and she could only talk with Kapuki for a while before Kivuli would find some excuse to separate the two sisters. As Kapuki grew and Chaltuu became closer to her, Kivuli decided that he had had enough. To her shock, and Kapuki's sadness, she was exiled and banished forever, and was told that if she was on the wrong side of the border, she'd be killed on sight.

She wandered around for years, meeting strangers but never truly becoming acquainted with them, she met Kapuki again and a lioness she had never seen before- another daughter of Kivuli's, named Shujaa. Very, very reluctantly and hesitantly, Chaltuu allowed her two younger sisters to travel along with her- so long as they didn't cause her any trouble.

Chaltuu never recovered the relationship she had had with Kapuki. It faltered each time they yelled or snapped at each other, or argued. Their bickering and quarreling never got to the point where it became physical, but their sisterly relationship never mended.

Slightly to her relief, Kapuki and Shujaa coincidentally found a lioness named Mbaya who had taken in their youngest, smallest sister, Ua, as her own child. Chaltuu's younger sisters decided to go with Mbaya to care for Ua, and that was perfectly fine with Chaltuu. Although, she admitted- to herself, of course; as she'd never confess it to anyone- that she did miss Kapuki's affection. But it was lost.

Very swiftly she got over the departure, glad and relieved that she would now travel on her own. She was perfectly content with being a lone nomad, with no pride to call hers, no friends- and certainly no mate or cubs, and she was completely satisfied with foraging alone, without anyone by her side, in solitude.

Continuing her embark to the mountains, it was more dangerous than she had imagined. No-tailed hunters were a complete hazard- rumour had it that they killed for one of the three reasons: They were avenging the livestock lions had killed, they killed for lion's pelts, or for sport. Chaltuu herself had never hurt any animal that lived by no-tails, and her pelt was certainly not worth anything. It had to simply just be for sport.

Chaltuu also had to grow wary of snakes. The thin, slithering scaly creatures were an enormous risk, especially mambas and cobras. She had to try her best to avoid all snakes, even if she didn't recognize which type of snake.

Rival prides were a threat as well. They were often massive, with many hostile lions and lionesses who never welcomed strangers like her- especially "cursed red-pelts". It was then she realized that it wasn't just her father's pride that was filled with superstitions and made-up tales about bad luck and jinxes.

Crocodiles and aggressive buffalo herds were also menaces and bumps along her trip. Often times she had close, but extremely dangerous, encounters with lots of dangers along the way.

Finally, after a long, perilous excursion, she reached the cold, tall mountains, where she could remain alone without any abusive fathers or negligent mothers, or prides who stared at her just because she had an unusual pelt colour.

Alone didn't mean lonely. That was true in Chaltuu's case- she was solitary- but she certainly didn't long for a companion or friend. Besides, she could be backstabbed any minute, now couldn't she? She couldn't ever have that. She had been betrayed too many times. She was sick and tired of looking after others and never having them look after her, nor did they ever have her back. She would protect herself, hunt for herself, and fight without anyone by her side. She didn't need a burden to have to take care of.

In her mountainous home, she drove away anyone who came too close to her territory. She didn't mind "sharing" the mountains, so long as the other animal kept their distance. However, there were hardly any animals to try to fight for the territory- almost nobody came to the mountains. And to Chaltuu, that was just fine.

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  Kipekee October 15th, 2014, 1:57 am
"She had been betrayed once- twice- thrice" the rest of my year has been made
  Iri October 15th, 2014, 2:12 am
  Kipekee September 8th, 2014, 11:25 pm
If you look at all these pictures, you'll notice most of them have a starry bg. XD And I somehow find that hilarious...
  Iri September 8th, 2014, 11:34 pm
That's due to Chaltuu's disdain and loathing towards the sun.

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