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Imbali's Album

Day of The King's Judgement

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Day of The King's Judgement
© Imbali 2014

Artist's Comments

It was Nuka's day of judgment. King Scar would choose whether he was fit for the throne. He had waited weeks to see his son, Nuka grow and grow and now was the time. Scar was outside, pacing and waiting for any notice from Zazu.

"Get him." scoffed Zira to the bird.

"Yes, My Queen." quivered the poor bird as he flew out of the cave.

Zira looked to her first born son. "Do not fail me, Nuka. I know Scar will accept you... you are made of his and my bloodline and it shows... perfection." she said, extending the word 'perfection'.


It's just a picture of Zira and cub Nuka I did on Photoshop. Please ignore the BG ^^ I don't really like it.

I didn't scan this, that's why it doesn't look to good... I drew this with a mouse on Photoshop.

Please enjoy :) :D

I don't think Scar will like Nuka...

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