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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Gemini's Album

Trio II

Trio II
© Gemini 2016

Artist's Comments

The last one was too much fun, lol. So I went with a more complete picture of three more characters from the video game I'm helping to make.

(They are humans, btw, this is just my imagining of them as lions since I haven't drawn any in a while... their traits are also subject to change.).

All three of these people are afflicted with the curse known as the blight, which causes a lot of hardship in their lives. Their powers enable them to kill and sicken things in their vicinity, with a lot of unintended consequences. Most of them have accidentally done things that they regret.

All three of them live with Ukko, a character I rendered in my last picture. He offers them a sense of security and companionship, and for many of his followers, he is all that they have. This leads them to turn a blind eye to many of the things that he does.

Character on the left is Fen, a quiet and well-intentioned young woman. She can be melancholy a lot of the time, but tries to put on a cheerful countenance regardless. Because of an accidental killing she committed, she was forced out of her village when she was eight years old; she talks little of her life before she met Ukko, and she considers her friends to be a sort of family. When she meets Caiya, they invariably become close because of their similarities.

Character in the middle is Ukiuk (Uki to those who know him), a fun-loving jokester who never passes up the chance at a good laugh. He is generally easy-going, but he does have a bit of a temper and has the reputation for going through a bit of a punk-ish streak during his teenage years. When someone does something questionable, Uki is generally the first to challenge them on it. Despite his short, stocky stature, he is surprisingly strong and mean in a fight. For this reason, while he bickers with his friends often, few dare to actually cross him.

Character on the right is Ila, Uki's twin, a serious and stern character who is difficult to get to know, and can be very thorny when angered (though it takes a lot of provocation to make him this way). His somber countenance covers up the fact that he is fiercely loyal and dedicated to those few that he considers friends. Ila and Ukiuk come from a violent background, making them a bit troublesome and rough around the edges; they bicker often due to their contrasting personalities. Beneath this, however, they both greatly admire Ukko's leadership and feel a deep connection with one another.

FUN FACT: Ila is actually the person in my avatar right now... lol

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Uki gave me so much damn trouble with his expression, though. *shakes fist*

Again, if you want to see more and see the actual characters/ideas these drawings were based off of, you can check the group dA account or my off-topic art thread on MLK (bottom of third page and beyond).

Enjoy! :)

User Comments

  Leviara_Lioness March 2nd, 2016, 5:42 pm
Very cool Story Gemini and Pic, I know about that kinda curse! I've heard some call it, (Generational Curses) Curses that spread from one generation to another. Awesome Art! :D :nalasmile:

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