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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


FeatheredSeclude's Album

Paw-Head: Happy Late B-Day IC~ [Speed Paint]

Paw-Head: Happy Late B-Day IC~ [Speed Paint]
© FeatheredSeclude 2017

Artist's Comments

So I saw a pic of a couple caracals on Google cause well, I was looking up anatomy stuff, and a pic like this one showed up, and I was also trying to do something to do for ya IC~
And the idea of Herne basically grabbing Roy's head and bobbing it back and forth to something stupid with a serious face on him flew into my head. Roy isn't getting why he is doing this either.
And then I stayed up all night, and added crazy extreme lighting... cause... why not? *shrugs*

Herne: *starts bobbing Roy's head with his paw*
Roy: "Why are are you bobbing my head?"
Herne: "Why not?"
Roy: "Hhhhhhhh....."
Herne: *continues to bob Roy's head*

Speed Paint:

I hope ya like it!

Artwork; Herne [c] FeatheredSeclude 2017
Roy [c] ICUDO 2017

+4EP for Full Pic
+2EP for Extra EBC Character
+2EP for Speed Paint

+4EP to Herne and Roy please~

png copy

User Comments

  Numa March 25th, 2017, 8:12 am
It is a pitty that the most of our friends aren't active here anymore... They should see how great your work has become!
Their serious faces are awesome xD
  FeatheredSeclude March 27th, 2017, 12:48 am
True... wish they were. Still ever wondering what happened to Kasa though?
And thanks a lot Numa!!
It's a true form of sarcasm their faces be. ^_^

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