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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Farren's Album

Daddy's Little Scar

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Daddy's Little Scar
© Farren 2012

Artist's Comments

Another one I never uploaded.

So I felt like doing my take on this theory, although it's not one I use in my own fan fiction. In my fan fic Ahadi is neglectful in the sense that he's a workaholic and spends more time with Mufasa, grooming him to be king. However, I have noticed it's a very popular fan theory that Ahadi is also an abusive father (to Taka/Scar) I know many people even have him as the one that gives Scar his scar. It's all up for debate of course and as I always say, no one can be right or wrong since we'll most likely never know for sure (unless you buy the story shown in the semi canon "Tale of Two Brothers" as official, which I do not)

The main reason I personally don't follow this theory so much is because of how Mufasa speaks about his father in the movie. We know that Ahadi at one point shared the same story about the Great Kings that Mufasa shares with Simba...could the same lion also act like such a tyrant? Would Mufasa speak of his father in such a fond way if he was abusive to his little brother, or did he just never know? I dunno how he couldn't know if that were the case.

....LOL lookat me ramble away! I do so love my obsessions. :D

Anyways, you can read this picture in one of two ways...either Taka is in some serious trouble or just being forced to go somewhere or do something he doesn't want to. XD

...At any rate, bad Ahadi! You don't pick up little cubs by their tails!

User Comments

  Aranitar July 10th, 2012, 9:57 pm
I agree with you....the story that "Tale of two brother" represents is not acceptale at all
King Ahadi couldn't have been that bad!!!first time i read that story i felt so bad
It's impossible for a King to be so crule to his own cub:( but i really enjoy thinkin about the thing that caused Scar's anger...
The story about the scar was so stupid....I do not like that book at all...
Oh...i almost lost the main point...your drawing is good(as usuall)and i admire the story behind's more fun to see art work with stories....thank you
  Farren July 10th, 2012, 11:33 pm
Thanks so much! :3 I've written quite a few stories/short "pieces" to fan fictions, I just haven't posted that many on here yet, but you can see em all here if you like: some are longer than others, some link together and some are just random XD
  Mooi July 10th, 2012, 7:49 am
Poor Taka! :sad:

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