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A Hyena in the Pridelands (Story)

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A Hyena in the Pridelands (Story)
© Farren 2012

Artist's Comments

Well it's about time I shared this on here. This is another scene from my fan fiction, which I keep rewriting and reworking...I have changed the circumstances as to why and how Scar gets his scar. I've also made him and Mufasa older (adolescents) when it happens since it makes more sense. I'm unsure when I'll ever get this entire thing finished or posted especially since I keep changing things, so here is the scene for this usual don't judge it too harshly, I don't really consider myself a writer, these scenes just play out in my head and demand to be written (and drawn) out. :p

Foreward notice: Some people might think Mufasa is acting too mean in this, yes? But let's not forget he does seem to have a short temper in the movie, especially with Scar. In fact we never really see him being very nice to his little brother. It's my theory that Mufasa has always had a short fuse, as an adult he learned to control it better than he could as an adolescent...and the event that takes place in this story, and his regrets about it, may have been what made him try harder to keep his anger in check.

A Hyena in the Pridelands

The sun had just risen over the lands as Taka calmy strolled towards Pride Rock, but his stride slowed as a figure appeared from the distance. Mufasa was walking towards him, picking up speed quickly. As he got closer Taka could see the angry scowl on his face. Oh wonderful, he thought Dear brother is having another temper tantrum... he couldn't imagine what he'd done this time, but was sure that look was meant for him. Taka braced himself but Mufasa sped right on past him, growling in fury at something behind him.

"GET OUT!" the lion roared at a smaller figure. Taka spun around to see what his brother was yelling at, only to see Ed. The stupidest of the clan had followed his feline friend back into the Pridelands to see where all the delicious food was coming from. "YOUR KIND IS NOT WELCOME HERE!"

Ed spun in a confused circle as he looked for an escape route, but the poor beast wasn't fast enough. The hyena ducked as Mufasa swung at him but the lion's claws nicked his ears, shredding the thin flesh. Ed gave a yelp and stumbled to his feet as Mufasa charged again. In his panic his wandering eyes spotted Taka. A familar face...a friend! He nearly rolled over himself as he scrambled behind him.

IDIOT! Taka could have hissed, his stomach in knots. Ed trembled behind the smaller lion as Mufasa skid to a stop in front of his brother. He was clearly in a rage and took a second to catch his breath and take in the scene playing out in front of him. His eyes slowly lifted from the hyena to his younger brother, confusion seeping in. "Taka...?" he paused, looking between the two, "It's almost as if that filthy creature knows you..."

Taka looked insulted, "Why would I associate with hyenas!" he scoffed. But Mufasa's gaze had returned to Ed who, stupid as ever, was nodding his head happily to confirm this friendship.

Mufasa growled, "Don't lie to me! I know you've been leaving the Pridelands...I didn't know where to, but now I have a pretty good idea..." Mufasa's fury was truly a sight to behold. "Now tell your little...friend, to get OUT!"

"You're quick to accuse, Mufasa...I never said I was friends with it!" Taka protested. Ed was shaking with fear and confusion as he clung to Taka's side.

"You didn't have to! Do you take me for a fool, Taka?"

Taka had to fight back a smile, "Weeellll...."

"OUT!" Mufasa roared again, baring his teeth at Ed. Taka side stepped as the hyena tumbled backwards and scurried to his feet. He watched as his stupid friend limped off into the distance as quickly as his feet could carry him.

"You..." Mufasa huffed, causing Taka to turn back to him. "Allowing those disgusting poachers to wander into the Pridelands...being friendly with them..." he sounded revolted, "You're breaking the very foundation of our laws!"

"...of YOUR laws!" Taka narrowed his eyes, he'd had about enough of this. Bad enough his brother practically ripped the ears off of his friend. "Granted they're stupid creatures, but aren't they part of that you always preach about?" he raised an eyebrow, it always seemed a touch hypocritical the way father taught them to respect all the creatures...except for the hyenas. For whatever reason they felt the hyenas were below having any role, they were to be excluded and isolated...much like himself.

"Maybe I want to make my OWN laws. I don't have to agree with every rule father has, when I'M king-"

"You'll NEVER be king!" Mufasa snapped suddenly, disgusted at the back talk and outraged at the very thought of Taka - with all his foolishness and rule breaking - having power over the Pridelands. His paw flew up to smack his brother upside the head as he yelled these words, but in his rage he unconsciously had his claws out. His paw came in full force contact with the left half of Taka's face; the sheer power sent the smaller lion hurling backwards into the grass with a sharp yelp.

Mufasa gasped and the world seemed to stand still, his head was pounding. "Ta...Taka," he huffed, his heart racing and his anger quickly subsiding as he mentally took in what he had just done. He had always had a temper, a short fuse...but never had he raised a paw against one of his own. Never...until now. "Taka, I'm sorry..." his ears flattened suddenly, his fury was being replaced with regret and he shrunk as he scrambled forward to his brother's limp form. "Taka?"

The younger lion had his eyes scrunched shut tightly, his breathing ragged. The left side of his face was still hidden in the dirt, but it throbbed with pain. Mufasa nudged him; suddenly the weight of the world was on his shoulders. No matter what he'd done, he never should have reacted physically with anger towards his own future king he should have known better than that!

Taka slowly opened his right eye and looked up towards Mufasa, there was a horrible look on his face. Shock. Fear. Pain. Hatred.

"Get away from me," he hissed.

Mufasa shook his head, franic "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, it's just that" his voice trailed off as he noticed a small stream of crimson red flowing from underneath Taka's face, staining the grass around him. "'re hurt! We have to get you home!" he pushed him up suddenly and as the smaller lion staggered to his feet Mufasa let out a gasp. Taka's left eye was held shut in pain and there was a large gash from the top to the bottom, gushing with fresh blood. With his good eye he stared at his brother for what seemed like forever, unable to move and unable to speak. Mufasa's stomach turned in shame, his claws were blood stained and he too was unable to find any words.

"We gotta go home..." he pleaded, suddenly sounding like a frightened cub. "Taka, please!"

Taka backed away slowly, a tear burning from his eye and mixing with the blood that was seeping from his face. Mufasa's words had struck him just as hard as the physical attack had. His mind was racing and his face was scrunched up with utter betrayal and horror. Mufasa didn't know it but he'd actually given Taka two scars in that instant, and the emotional scar would unleash a monster.

Mufasa walked up to his brother with guilt and shame in his eyes, "Taka, I'm so sorry...I overreacted...I shouldn't have..." he paused, cringing at the cut, "Let me look at it, please?" he offered, prepared to help clean the wound. But Taka kept backing away, his ears pinned tightly and his fur on edge.

"I said get away from me." he repeated, nose wrinkled up.

"Brother, please..." Mufasa started.

"You're no brother of mine." Taka said in a cold voice. He swerved out around Mufasa and started off towards pride rock, leaving drops of blood in the grass. As soon as he was far enough away from his brother his chest heaved with silent sobs. The ever growing distance between them - Mufasa's pride; Taka's isolation - had already done a fair share of damage but this...this was the final straw. The bond was broken. Forever.

Mufasa's head was lowered in shame and he followed after his brother slowly, giving him his space but keeping a watchful eye from a distance. He didn't deserve to be king, not after this. What sort of king allows their anger to rule them so?


Whee, fun! :D

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User Comments

  rachel January 9th, 2019, 5:55 pm
good story. Well written :drunk: I've always thought that mufassa gave taka his scar.
  agirlhasnoname December 22nd, 2012, 9:10 pm

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