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Hunger and Madness (Story Inside)

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Hunger and Madness (Story Inside)
© Farren 2012

Artist's Comments

This was originally just a sketch. Then I got tired and went to bed and had myself a dream. I woke up at 4:30 am with this little story in my head and figured I should write it out before I forgot it. I haven't written anything in YEARS, writing has never been my strong point. I used to roleplay a lot, though...but again, not for years. So don't judge this too harshly. :) I tried to keep everyone in character! I also tried to watch for typos but I'm sure they're in there nonetheless. This takes place about a month into Scar's rule.
For best effect listen to this while you read: :D

Hunger and Madness

Nala's stomach churned as the hyenas flocked to the small antelope; although the lionesses stood guarding their catch she knew they would have no choice but to submit to the clan, by orders of the king. Sarafina had allowed her cub to follow them on the hunt this time, telling her to wait in the brush until she called. She thought having Nala nearby as soon as the prey fell would increase her chances of getting some food before the hyenas descended. They always left little to nothing for the lionesses and although they all felt the sting of hunger, as a growing cub Nala was hit the hardest. She cowered between Sarafina's legs as Shenzi, leader of the clan, strutted up to inspect the fresh meat. Sarafina stood her ground, giving a growl.

"She needs to eat." she said speaking of her daughter in a serious tone.
"So do we!" Shenzi snorted, sheer numbers were on the hyena's side, not to mention the favor of their king. The hyena gave a mock look of pity at the cub as she leaned in to tear a large hunk of flesh from the prey. Sarafina's fur ruffled, her cub was starving. She swung a paws at Shenzi, ears flattened. "I said she needs to eat!"

Shenzi swerved away, "Hey!" her face darkened, flashing her teeth into a grin, "Watch it, kitty! I could report you to the king for that! Besides, this isn't for me. I'm taking this to his majesty," she let the last word drip off her tongue almost in sarcasm, as if she was getting tired of saying it.

Sarafina opened her mouth to argue, to tell her "do it! report it to the king!" but she knew it was no use. She didn't understand why Scar seemed to favor the hyenas over his own pride, why their needs came first...well, second only to his own of course.

Nala inched back into the safety of her mother's paws and looked up at her sadly. Shenzi smirked when she got no further argument from the lioness.

"Well look at that, you lions are finally learning your place!" she cackled and called over her shoulder at the hyena clan that was quickly approaching, "Chow down!" the hyena collected the meat that was meant for Nala and after giving a glare towards the lioness and her cub, marched off towards pride rock.

Sarafina felt water well in her eyes as she watched the other lionesses slowly retreat from their catch as more and more hyenas swarmed over the meat. She leaned down to scoop Nala up in her mouth, her ears tightly pinned back. The lands were quickly going to waste, there were too many hyenas; they didn't respect the balance. He didn't respect the balance, or understand it.

As they reached the sunning rocks, Sarafina set Nala softly on one of the last remaining patches of green, "Wait here," she gave her a lick before turning to walk away without saying another word. She had to find something for the cub and soon. Nala's eyes dropped and she flinched at the pain of her empty stomach. As soon as Sarafina was out of sight, Nala slowly stood. She looked off into the distance at pride rock. She had a crazy thought and hunger was clouding her better judgement. But she had to do it if no one else would, she had to confront the king.

As Nala dragged her feet trying to find her strength a voice echoed in the back of her mind "I laugh in the face of danger!" a small smile crossed her face, followed with a jab of pain at the memory of her friend. Simba would have been brave, and so then would Nala. After all this was his uncle, how bad could he be? She had never approached him before; her mother actually warned her not to. She didn't understand why he stood by and did nothing while his subjects were harassed by the hyenas. Maybe they had some hold over him? Whatever the reason, Nala had to find out.

Thankfully there weren't many hyenas to avoid on her way to pride rock, since most of them were still feasting at the day's catch but Nala shrunk behind a rock as she saw Shenzi scramble out of the cave, calling back to the lion within, "So sorry, so sorry!" she spoke half in anger and half in fear, "that's all there is!" she slunk off quickly, muttering under her breath. Nala looked confused, Shenzi didn't seem to be the one in charge least not here.

Scar held the meat between his forepaws, staring at it with a scowl.
"Sire, if I may..." Zazu chimed in quietly from behind him.
"You may not." the dark maned lion growled.
"But please! The hyenas are too many, they take too much! If some of them don't leave soon-"
"Enough!" Scar snapped, "No one is leaving." he paused "except for you if you don't leave me be."

Zazu retreated, for his own safety. As Scar watched the bird fly out of the cave he wondered why he even kept him around. He'd always hated him and it was obvious that he still favored the old king. He was always Mufasa's right hand man. But he was amusing and Scar often grew bored. He needed the distraction least he let his mind wander too much. Perhaps if he kept him in a cage...oh yes, that would be fun!

"S-sir..." a small voice jarred Scar from his thoughts. Nala crept slowly from the lingering shadows, her aqua eyes piercing in the darkness. Scar wasn't all too familiar with the cub, only that she was one of Simba's annoying little friends. Nor was Nala very familiar with Scar, only that he was Simba's uncle and as Simba had always said, "weird". He was often so aloof and distant...cold. As his narrowed green eyes fell on the cub, she shrank.

The scent of the fresh meat that Scar held between his paws made her twinge and it was all she could do to keep from drooling. For an instant she forgot why she even came, "your majesty...please...I'm so hungry..." she huffed.

So that was it. The cub came demanding his dinner. The arrogance, the nerve! But before Scar could speak, Nala's legs shuddered under her and she heaved to the ground. It was now that Scar could see her more clearly. She was not like she used to be, her round cub tummy had sunken in and she looked older than she was in that instant. Scar raked a claw over the meat and grit his teeth. Surely he wasn't feeling a twinge of guilt? No, and if he were he'd never admit it. After all he had much worse things to feel guilty about and he didn't. Most of the time.

"Then why haven't you eaten," he scoffed, without outright saying it he was throwing the blame to the lionesses, "Sarabi and her party clearly aren't doing their job." he rubbed his temple, now he'd have to confront them. He did so hate yelling at them, it always gave him a terrible migraine.

Nala held herself in a half upright sitting position, her back legs caved beneath her. She looked at him in shock. How could he blame them? "But they are...the hyenas...won't share, and the herds are leaving..." she said in a weak tone. Her eyes searched his face but he kept his expression so indifferent. It was as if his heart was encased in shadow, long since pushed aside.

Scar returned her gaze; although his expression remained emotionless, his mind wandered as he searched for a response. His eyes wandered from her and suddenly widened. Nala shrunk back again. Although he hadn't said a word the look on his face scared her, it was as if he was hearing voices. He was. He knew it was his fault. No it wasn't! Yes it was. Everything is your fault. Shut up! Taka, oh Taka, what have you done? That's not my name anymore. Never speak that name! But it is. No it's not. Was it, is it? This never would have happened under your brother's rule. Stop it! Your brother...what did you do, Taka? Scar. I am SCAR... Yes. Because you have forgotten Taka. Forgotten your heart. You're MAD.

"Taka...Taka..." Scar rolled the name over his tongue with a sort of hatred and regret, unknowingly speaking out loud, albeit in a whisper.

"Oh leave me alone!" he snapped suddenly, slamming a paw to the ground. The tone in his voice made Nala topple backwards over herself. While it seemed as if he was talking to her, he was really shouting at the voices in his mind. He scrunched his face up as he stood, looking towards the cub. After hesitating he gave a heavy sigh and rolled the meat forward towards her. "Take it and get out."

Nala looked utterly surprised and although he hadn't answered her concerns, she was grateful for the food, "Th...thank you..." she pulled the meat towards her and slowly started to back away. She'd take it back to her mother, they would share a meal for the first time in what felt like ages. Nala paused before she retreated from the cave, looking at Scar curiously.

"...who is "Taka"?"

Scar's eyes went wide, "I said GET OUT." suddenly he seemed far more menacing. Nala grabbed the meat in her jaws and scurried out, looking over her shoulder in fear, confusion...and for some reason, pity.

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  simbamohatu01 March 29th, 2013, 1:52 pm
Wow! Thats so cool!
  nalasimba2223467 November 24th, 2012, 10:07 pm

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