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Map of Im'pera

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Map of Im'pera
© Dolphinsea 2012

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(Featured 3/11/12-3/14/12 )

Hello there, and glad to be back after a long absence and I have a shiz load of stuff to send you guys, but it'll take a bit seeing as I have to go through a lot of things in RL as well as sifting through everything that I did that I do and do not want to show. Sorry I haven't been on though, you guys, I was sick for over two weeks then I went on vacation and nearly had relapse. Nobody knows what I had, though people think it was a serious case bronchitis or pneumonia and the medicine turned me into an insomiac zombie of HATE.

I started this back at about mid January, but didn't really get serious with it until about a day or two and during the time I was sick which was early-mid February while I was stuck in bed, nearly having a heart attack everytime I had to move up and down the steps from exhaustion. During this time I finished LOTS of stuff, and so I'll slowly pick out some stuff I drew, but I won't upload them all at once seeing as it would probably take a while.

I thought I should upload the biggin for this, my story map :3. This was sooo much fun. I found myself drawing stuff all over it this thing seriously is so full of clutter on the PSD and some other things such as story production notes aren't even saved (like me being a tard and entertaining myself in my sick bed)

I'll probably go back and fix a few things, like there is a small town at the mouth of the southern delta run by my epic Pirate dogs (yus, be jealous)
(From Top to Bottom)
Name: Kingdom of Ropa
Terrain: Northern mountain range
Inhabitance: Ropan Snowleopards (though tigers are occasionally found)
Form of Government/Law: Monarchy pertaining of a long lineage of royal blood. Only nobles can marry into the royal family, but only the direct descendant has the final say of the code, whether male or female unless they have become deceased, then the spouse will take over until their young (if existing) can take over. They live in the ice Palace upon a frozen river.
Lifestyle: Their lifestyle is simple, most of them are nomadic and live alone, but they all fight to protect their kingdom and live under an honor code set by each King or Queen.
Beliefs: They are a no magic, no nonsense society. They believe what is in front of them and are bitter toward anything that is otherwise, possibly because they are afraid.
Affiliations with other places: Rivals to the Kingdom of Hellcniht and often refuse entry to any travelers to cripple them. They absolutely hate lions and other cats, except for the tigers. They see them as filth.

Name: Kingdom of Hellcniht
Terrain: A light forest, beach like terrain.
Inhabitance: A mix (though the rulers are lions)
Form of Government/Law: Monarchy through a bloodline of leucristic lions with the surname of Hellcniht. They govern all of the land that is surrounded by the sea or Ropa. They live in the ebony black, three spire castle on the coast of the northern part of the territory.
Lifestyle: The most advanced of the kingdoms, they are embedded deep within the laws of science and logic rather than magic (Which is ironic as legend has it this is the place that the Mauti's took residence) They also are very into gadgets and other inventions. They are a non-stop society.
Beliefs: Sort of a mix, though most enjoy science, there was an allowance of only white magic for an amount of time.
Affiliations: Pretty isolated from everyone else.

Name: Xesepi (region of Refuge)
Terrain: Marshy and forestlike terrain
Inhabitance: Mix of species.
Form of Government/Law: This land is fair game, but the individual cities (such as Xesepi) are able to take matters into their own hands if things get out of line.
Lifestyle: Pretty much an instant-gratification village, creatures doing their own thing but they have great advancements in the medical area because their terrain grows many differnt kinds of plant life that can be used for supplies.
Beliefs: Fair game, though most do believe in such things as the Mauti's and the Keltais.
Affiliations: Most affiliations are with Sulcer and Cloven, though their interactions are few and far between.

Name: Cloven (region of refuge)
Terrain: Marsh and Forest-like terrain
Inhabitance: Mostly immigrants that made it through Ropa from Hellcniht.
Form of Government/Law: Like Xesepi, Cloven has no set law of the land, but it can take matters into hand to keep everything safe.
Lifestyle: Most of the refugees are very much in tune with their Hellcniht origin and prefer the technology of things rather than Xesepi's medical breakthroughs.
Beliefs: Most of them believe and accept the white magic, but like Hellcniht, they despise anything dark or black magic like the Mautis.
Affliations: With mostly Xesepi, but rarely Sulcer.

Kingdom of Aerendgast:
Terrain: Dense forest terrain
Inhabitance: Mostly tigers inhabit this area.
Form of Government/Law: Aerendgast is a Monarchy, with a bloodline linked to the light magic of Keltai back to the ages just as Hellcniht was to the Mautis. They govern over all law of land and the castle lies in Aerendgast by the family that also bears the surname, called the Castle of Clouds because of it's white and cloud-like appearance.
Lifestyle: They are hardworkers, but they are very into their ties with the Keltais and often take holiday or rest to celebrate and enjoy one another in feasts and parties.
Beliefs:They are very accepting of the mages and other magical creatures, most of which are born and raised there. They are not at all accepting of dark magic, however.
Affiliations: They are very chummy with the Ropans, seeing as they don't see the tigers as filthy as lions or other cats.

Name: Sulcer (land of the Outcast/Exiled)
Terrain: Mostly savannah/desert.
Inhabitance: Any sort of creature
Form of Government/Law: There is no form of law anywhere in the land of Outcast, and barely a sort of code in Sulcer itself.
Lifestyle: Pretty much a land of thieves, scoundrels, and other assortments of societies worst. The goal is to dupe or be duped. No honesty can be found here.
Beliefs: Mix because of the great assortment of creatures.
Affiliations: Sometimes Xesepi, mostly for their medicine to be sold to different areas in the desert such as Seti or Rundernaught.

Name: Town of Seti
Inhabitance: Great assortment, though mostly the dogs and the cheetahs are upperclass.
Form of Government/Law: A sort of Democratic/Democracy, with things such as an overruling Judge and other governing figures to make sure everything is kept as it should. There are usually a main judge, then a variety of lower judges, each taking over their own district while the main judge watches over them all.
Lifestyle: Because their food is scarce, most of the creatures here are shopkeeper's or traders, bartering and trading as they need things. It's fairly quiet, and their is even a small temple to worship in.
Beliefs: Though they believe in such things as the Mauti and Keltai, the creatures despise magic, good or bad, and if any creature with abnormalities on the supernatural level occur, they are immediately banished from sight.
Affiliations: Mostly Xesepi, Sulcer and Rundernaught and occasionally Ithkium and Aerendgast.

Name: Titvikali (The Inbetween)
Terrain: ocean/beach/slightly jungle area
Inhabitance: Majority lion inhabited, though some areas are mixed.
Form of Government/law: Follow under the kingdom of Artriac since it rules over the area of inbetween.
Lifestyle: Very traditional to a sort of "pride-like"way where the lions live together in groups and provide food for one another. These lions mostly eat fish and thrive in watery terrain.
Beliefs: Believe in the Mauti's and Keltai, as well as white and black magic, but none of them have ever practiced it.
Affiliations: Pretty much keep to themselves, though they have to keep in touch with Artriac for any news.

Name: Artriac (The Inbetween)
Terrain: reef-like, beach, lightly jungle area
Inhabitance: Majority are lion inhabited
Form of Government/Law: Live under Monarch to the blood line of the Artriac. They rule the land of the Inbetween and are not set to one distinct bloodline due to many civil wars they have been through.
Lifestyle: Much like Titvikali, they are traditional to the "pride-like"way, but also are a part of a sort of Democratic way of trying to talk things out, as well as a reason to make sure there are no more wars.
Beliefs: Just as Titvikali, they believe in the Mauti's and Keltai's, as well as white and black magic, but they do not practice it.
Affiliations: They are open to all of the inhabitance of the Inbetween.

Name: Ithkium (Apart of the Cideld Kingdom)
Terrain: lightly forest, grassy land.
Inhabitance: Mixed
Form of Government/Law: This village is a citadel, as well as a cushion to protect Cideld from any attacks from the Northern rivals.It has it's own militia as well as a judge-like governing system like Seti.

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