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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Dolphinsea's Album

Raomba Cub Reference Sheet

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Raomba Cub Reference Sheet
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

Name: Raomba
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Ray-Ray, Ray, Princy (from his loveable sister, Kufa )
Species: Barbary/Cape lion mix
Age: 3 years old (though here he's around 6-8 months)
Personality: A calm, quiet and collected guy who thinks more with his heart than with his mind. He is very on task, organized, neat, and enjoys the companies of his friends. Sometimes he can be a bit slow to realizing things and has a very hard time piecing together information to get the big picture, but usually his little sister, Kufa, is able set him straight with a smug or sarcastic remark. He adores making friends, and once you are friends with him, he is loyal to you till the end, and you'll be sure to get lots of attention fom him in the meantime. He can be a bit shy and sheepish, mostly with people he likes (....Ina ) and sometimes beats on himself for being too much of a coward.
Powers: None

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