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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Dolphinsea's Album

Quentin cub Reference Sheet

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Quentin cub Reference Sheet
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

Name: Quentin
Gender: Male
Nickname: Quents, Quincy, Burny (for his noticeable sideburns XD)
Species: Barbary Lion
Age: Around 750 years, (though here he's probably 6-8 months) and is currently deceased
Personality: He is a very extroverted, over cocky, mess. If he isn't the center of attention,it's unimportant, if he is not the center of conversation, the talk is not worth having. A sort of run-of-the-mill bully type that is insecure with himself, but tries to make himself seem like the best thing that has ever happened to your life. He is very social, and a chatterbox. He is also a schemer, much more interested with what he wants then what he has. He is also a big lady's man, able to charm his way into any girls heart, except his own fiancee.
Powers: None
Other: N/A

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