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Liasler and the Mirror

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Liasler and the Mirror
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

This is a really Quick sketch that I did on sketcher this afternoon while Kat is gone XDXD Meet Liasler, everybody, and he's a really REALLY special one XD Well, anyway, for Tales of the Castaway, I had to create a whole entire lore, and one of these involves the 6 songs of the lost. They are songs passed on from generation to generation about how a certain creature that was lured into Mwitu Jungle. Liasler is the First of the songs, Liasler and the Mirror.

The just of the song is: Liasler was considered a complete outcast from the young kids he grew up with, not for any other reason except he could not talk. He is very self conscience about his flaws, including his oddly blue eyes, and Liasler comes to believe that he was worthless because he couldn't talk until one of the young girls took interest in him. They played for a little while until she got bullied to the point of not wanting to play with him anymore. Enraged, he beat up the bullies to protect her, but got reprimanded for it. His anger builds, bullying himself for not being able to talk until he runs away. He comes across a mirror that shines his alter-ego, a split personality that came out during his attack on the bully. It eventually grows to the point where it casts him into the mirror, in the hopes of freeing itself in the place of Liasler so to bring havoc to the outside world, but Liasler puts up a fight and survives the attack with a scar that runs from his lip down to his throat. He soon finds that his split personality haunts him when he blacks out, trying to take full control over him and destroy those who dared to laugh at him. He needs Liasler's cooperation since Liasler's eyes have the capability to control those that come in contact with him so he can get others to come more easily. His "Other-Half" tempts him continuously to on the brink of insanity, but Liasler still refuses, until he is taunted and attacked because they believe his is weak since he cannot speak or cry out for help....

If you people are smart, you should recognize this XDXD but I've already gotten a little ahead of myself :3

User Comments

  Whisperkat October 29th, 2011, 4:02 am
i loves himmm toooo!!! <3333
  Dolphinsea October 29th, 2011, 4:05 am
030.....I think Lias appreciate this.

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