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Canite the Death Knight

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Canite the Death Knight
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

Drew this a while back around when Quentin was done, meet Canite ;D Well, anyway, for Tales of the Castaway, I had to create a whole entire lore, and one of these involves the 6 songs of the lost. They are songs passed on from generation to generation about how a certain creature that was lured into Mwitu Jungle. Canite is the fourth song of the Lost, Canite the Death Knight.

The Just of his song is:
As a child, Canite's family, consisting of his mother, father, 2 sisters and one brother, die in a fire that engulfed there home in the Stercuillia woods. He receives serious wounds, including a gimpy leg, a scorched ear, nearly blinded eyes, and a bobbed tail. He was know for being a pyromaniac even as a child and was immediatly dubbed the killer of his family throughout his whole entire relations. He is sent into seclusion for most of his life, believing that his angel, the person who supposedly saved him from dieing in the flames, would come and save him again, but over time he believes he truly did do it since he has no recollection of the morning before the fire started and feels guilt for it. He vows to himself that he'll find a way to fix it and runs away to find help. He finds an old mage that tells him of a gauntlet that has what he desires and does cruel and sadistic tasks to receive it, believing that it was for a good cause saying that if he saves his family none of this would have ever happened. He receives the gauntlet after a full two years of loyal service and goes back to that terrible day to rescue them only for something he never expected to happen to occur....

Sorry, not giving away the ending since I plan to do a short story of him just like I did Cloaked Identities.

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