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I like Pyke

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I like Pyke
© Dolphinsea 2012

Artist's Comments

For those Cezzy followers and for the fact that I made a stamp of this a week or two back CX Here it is in full view.

Pykey here has his own mini story, sort of like how CI is, called Pyke. Since I actually been working on a lot of Lias stuff, I'm going to say this won't appear on for a while because I'd be super picky, especially since CI is going back into the vault again to be refurbished to look a little bit more clean and get rid of those grammatical errors XD

So here's a teaser for Mr. Pyke here XD and also, his mane goes MUCH farther back than this, but because I was only doing this for a stamp, I didn't bother to do it any further than what the stamp showed XD.

Featured picture from 2/4/2012-

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Submitted: February 2nd, 2012, 3:49 am
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