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Alikosa Cub Reference sheet

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Alikosa Cub Reference sheet
© Dolphinsea 2012

Artist's Comments

I failed to upload her Mauti intro picture so here she is, my 5th Mauti known as Alikosa :3 She is the older half-sister to Ina (they have different fathers) and 1st cousin to Raomba (on her father's side, NOTE: Ina and Raomba are in no way related.)

Name: Alikosa
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Ali or Alice (because of her dreamy disposition.)
Age: About 5 years old (here she is about 6-8 months old)
Personality: A really dreamer, often living in her own fantasies more than she lives in her actual life. Alikosa dreams of being one day finding a true love and live happily ever after. She loves to tell stories and ponders on real life and bends it to her liking, because of this, she is seen as a notorious liar.
Powers: none

So, I've got seven Mautis and I've done refs for 5 two left, and I'm getting to the one I skipped, number 3, Croata.

User Comments

  socks515 January 13th, 2012, 5:43 am
wow this is the only post today! good pic!
  Dolphinsea January 13th, 2012, 3:14 pm
thank you very much ^^

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