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Canite Cub Reference Sheet

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Canite Cub Reference Sheet
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

It's my little pyromaniac cubbie again, before the fire and the metal arm.

Name: Canite
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Cez, Cezzy, Pyke (what his deceased father used to call him)
Species: Cave lion/demon
Age: Around 500 years old (though int this picture he's anywhere from 6-8 months old)
Personality: Loves questions, if there is a why, he'll sure ask it. He has to be an expert at everything and is considered a "Living dictionary." Canite is also known for being very sarcastic because of his knowledge skills, and can sometimes be a fibber, though he is extremely terrible at lying. He is very patient when it comes to sharing his knowledge, but many hints of his dry humor and sarcasm often filter there way in. Canite has an affinity toward fire, loving the way it looks, sounds, feels. He is soon considered a pyromaniac by his love of just letting leaves and twigs burn by fires he's made. Canite is also deathly afraid of heights and falling great distances.
Powers: He can make things simmer or smoke by the mere wave of his paws, but it is very weak, only creating a fire small enough to light a small twig, but it eventually wears out.
Other: Is a pyromaniac

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