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Hadithi's Portrait

Registered at MLK: June 19th, 2011, 12:40 am.

Gender: Male

Species: Mauti Muuaji

Character Description

Pronounced "Had-ee-thee"
Past Mauti Host: Cleitis-Ra

Current Mauti Host: Raomba Atli

The sixth beast of the Mauti Muuaji, the keeper of Jealousy, the Dragon, the Dream-stalker.

He appears to be a mutation of many differnt his actual form and the form of his host, much like the majority of the seven Mautis. He has many razor sharp teeth, a long, lizardlike tongue, two misshaped eyes, around 9 feet in shoulder length and has an aggressive attitude. Not much is known about what goes through Hadithi's head, only that he has an obsession with bright blue colored eyes and like the other Mautis, he thrives on dispair and discord, his hunger a curse to only destroy the predators, regular food turning to ashes or causing him to immediately throw up any prey food that touches his tongue.

After acquiring Raomba as his host, he was locked in Mwitu away by the Dark Lady, the rebel Keltai that set him and his five other kin free in order to take her "rightful" place as Queen of the Universe, to save him for her personal uses instead of her mistake of letting the others roam free, losing two of them after they wandered. Hadithi's instincts quickly strip Raomba of all his memories, devouring them just as he does to his victims, leaving the poor lion as mindless as a vegetable. Hadithi, however, deriving most of his actions on instinct, attaches to Raomba's mind as his intuitive side, with Raomba none the wiser of his past identity, fully becoming Hadithi in body, mind and soul.

Hadithi spends most of this time dream-stalking his victims for around one hundred years until he stumbles across one of his victims, known as Nikala, and he immediately feels a connection with her, especially because of her bright and beaming blue eyes.

He immediately sets out a plot for her to set him free from his prison. He begins to visit her often, under the guise of a dear friend, listening to her problems, supplying her hollow comfort, and telling her about the wonderous place he lived and that one day it was destiny for her to visit him.

Over time, as Nikala's life goes through the hardships of losing her best friend and being betrothed to the nasty lion known as Audi, she becomes much more attached to Hadithi, who offers her closure, however fake it is, to her problems.

She finally decides to follow her heart and go out to search for her lost friend as her betrothed takes over his position as King, but Hadithi easily manipulates her into freeing him in Mwitu on the way. She does, excited to finally meet her friend, but she soon finds out about his true nature and appearance, being thanked by a hungry attack. He manages to devour Nikala's friend, however, which calms him down to the point that Nikala managed to open up his mind to his past, only for an instant, of his life back as Raomba.

Shocked and confused, and Hadithi not aware of his host's reawakening, he continues to stalk Nikala, hoping to have more of these strange memories return. After saving her from one of his fellow Mauti's, Arnak, Nikala tells him the reason why he saw his past was because she knew him then, and tells him the only way she would tell him is if he could protect her until he made it home.

As the two travel with one another, he soon falls in love with her and so does she, but she is reluctant to it at first because of her longing for her friend Talek and her hidden lies to him about knowing who he was.

He grows very shy of her fast, but finally has enough courage to ask her to be his mate, which she accepts half heartedly. Hadithi then goes out of his way to impress her, but it only makes her sadder. Distraught, he keeps his distance from her.

When he finally escorts her to Talek, he comes to find out the fact that she had lied to him the whole time, and the fact that she loved Talek and not him. He grew angry, but was unable to harm her for the still strong sense of love for her and proceeds to run back to Mwitu, but is confronted by the Dark Lady.

She insists to him to fill his heart with hate, revealing that in reality, Nikala was sent by the Keltai's to destroy him. Hadithi's instincts of blood-thirsty hunger kick in and he reveals his true form. In his blinded hatred, he proceeds to kill Nikala, but he soon caught at a dilemma when she tells him that she is pregnant with his own children.

Releasing her, he soon turns on the Dark Lady, seeing it as a trick and nearly destroys her, but she merely sees him as a stepping stone, returning him to his lion form to cause less damage and tells him that he will return to the side of the beast once the seventh Mauti is found.
Fun facts:
Hadithi means "Dragon" in swahilli, where most of his attributes come from, along with the mix of a lion attributes ;D

Hadithi was the first created Mauti, origionally known as a Hiddens, but soon seven more joined the act, Ciar, Arnak, Oroke, Idjek, Enther and Luleebee

Hadithi was created around December 2009

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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