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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


CrispyLight's Album

I'm Comming home ! Pt 1/3

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I'm Comming home ! Pt 1/3
© CrispyLight 2016

Artist's Comments

I'm Coming home, I'm coming home...
tell the world i'm coming home !
I know my Kingdom awaits and they forgiven my mistakes,

I'm Coming home, to my biome, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday !

Based on the song : I'm Coming Home !

Kiara : "DAAAaaddd wake up ! I got a big suprise for you outside !!
Simba : *groans*
Kiara : "DAD ! Wake up ! He's waiting for yoouuuu !!!
Simba : "Who ?"
Kiara : "Thats the suprise !! Get up !! KOPA IS OUT THERE !
Simba : **Sighn**"Kiara, Kopa is no longer. You must have dreamed it.

Simba then smiled and yawned, Kiara looked slightly disapointed and said,

"Dad, can you altliest go outside to see what i mean ? Please ?"

Simba got up and yawned again,

Simba: "Alrighty"

a minute later, after stumbling over all the sleeping lionesses, simba stepped out into the light, and started stretching himself.

Kiara : DAD ! Can you please look infront of you ? Kiara asked gigeling,

Simba : Mmm?
Simba : ....

And then it was silent, just a few meters in front of him, stood Kopa, his son he thought was dead and killed by zira.

Kopa: ....Dad ?

It just took a few seconds for simba to reconise his voice, he just froze,

Kopa : DAD ! DOn't you reconise me !!
Kopa yelled laughing,

Simba: B-but you ..

Kopa came closer, so did simba.

Kopa: Dad, please forgive me...i -

Simba: It wasn't your fault...
finaly, a small smile apeard on Simba...

To be continued !

I loved the lyrics of this song :

So i thought about making a picture to go with this song, and add the story of kopa ! I couldn't get the Kiara in the pic, but i just wanted this to be only simba and kopa !

Thanks for looking !

(and sorry for my horrible english )

User Comments

  Chavratheserval August 22nd, 2016, 1:11 pm
Awww, the story is real cute Crispylight!
  CrispyLight August 23rd, 2016, 2:28 am
Thanks !

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