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# Cheap Paypal Commissions! Starting at $2! 
October 14th, 2013, 4:43 am
Hello folks, so I wanted to open up commissions. I'm not the best, and I'm not that popular, but I really need money. This is why these are gonna be cheap! Prices are listed in USD.
Lions and hyenas (or other African canines/felines) only please!

You can get:

Character without a BG for $2.

Examples: ... Rauha2.png ... t/kopa.png

Ref Sheet: $2
Example: ... %20ref.png

Custom Character design: $3
(For examples of how this will look, see "character w/o BG")
For these commissions, instead of providing me with a ref of an existing character, like you will for the other commissions, you will give me descriptions (or not, if you'd prefer to give me free reign!) of things you'd like in a character, and I will design you a new OC.

Character w/ BG $5
Examples: ... ani-ps.png ... tani-2.png

For all of the above commissions, you can get an extra character for an extra $1.

Family Picture w/ BG: $15
Example: ... family.png

These are PayPal only, and I ask that you pay the PayPal fee, but that's not necessary. I ask for payment before I get started on the work.

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