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Characters » Ben

Ben's Portrait

Registered at MLK: January 5th, 2014, 3:06 pm.

Gender: Male

Species: Lion

Character Description

Gender: Male

Parents: John and Ellie

Grandparents: unknown

Mate: Gretel

Children: Gemma and Simba (after Gretel's grandfather)

Name meaning: "son"

Ben is Hansel's brother he's a cute and funny lion as a cub.

When he grows up to be a adult, he meets Mina and Gretel at the other side of the pride lands. He welcomes them both to his and Hansel's home and Ben started dating Gretel when Kiara and Kovu found Mina and Gretel, after Muriel was killed by Gretel, Ben chooses to marry Gretel and they became the future king and queen (Once Kiara and Kovu dies)

When Gretel was pregnant she tells Kiara and Kovu that they were going to be grand parents, Kiara then went to find Kovu when he had ran away and then Kovu found Kiara with Ben and pregnant Gretel. Ben then saw fire behind Kovu, he tells everyone to run and they did but Kovu dispeared so Ben and Gretel with Hansel and Mina because two new kings and queens of Pride rock.

Ben is Gretel's mate, he is also a father of two children. Gemma and Simba.

Permissions: Public (Everyone can use this character in their drawings & fan fics)

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