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AlbinoRaven666's Album

Zira is a Slut

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Zira is a Slut
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

Zira made her way back to Pride Rock after her encounter with the rogue. Her ripped ear and mild scratches would support her story to Scar that she had fought off a rogue during patrolling... In reality, she slept with the rogue to try to provide a healthy male heir for Scar, but he didn't have to know that.

She approached Scar, giving him a dramatic reenactment of the events. She slashed at the air, growled at times, cried at times. It didn't matter, Scar believed her story.. And he was quite impressed by it, as impressed as Scar could be.

"Well done, Zira." Scar said with an emotionless nod.

Zira gave a toothy grin at the praise. "Thank you my king." She purred, rubbing up against him.

He quirked a brow at her. "Now is hardly the time for this, Zira. Go have Rifiki tend to your ear." He said in a dull tone.

But Zira shook her head... Since the birth of Nuka, she had not been able to seduce Scar... And though he could be a stubborn fool, she knew he was smart. If she just birthed a cub out of no where, he would know she had been unfaithful.. She couldn't have that..

"Now's the perfect time my dear... It was such a dangerous struggle, defending your lands and honor from that devil rogue." She said in a soft tone, rubbing up against him every which way. "I desire your comfort, my king, my mate."

Scar quirked a brow, but smirked... Her act of 'bravery' and 'loyalty' towards him and his leadership had impressed him enough into showing interest in her again. Surely none of the other lionesses would have done that...

So he obliged... They mated that night. And a while later, Kovu and Vitani would be born... It was obvious to Zira which one was spawned by the rogue and which one her mate... But only she would know that. Scar just seemed pleased that she had finally birthed him a male heir... And that worked perfectly for her.

User Comments

  RayCat September 4th, 2011, 2:58 am
LOL! I thought this would be deleted due to the name at first, but it ties in perfectly with the story XD very nice job!
  PinkyLioness September 1st, 2011, 8:17 pm
nicee ;)

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