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the first born

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the first born
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

The news came like a thief in the night to king Ahadi... He was out on patrol, at the farthest border... There had been reports of hyenas, and he needed to keep his pride safe. But when his queens majordomo flew to him and gave him the news, he instantly took off towards Pride Rock... It would be a long run.

Ahadi and Uru weren't sure they could even have cubs. Uru had rarely come into season, for whatever reason, and every time they tried she would never conceive. It was feared that there would never be a true heir to the throne, and another cub would have to be chosen... Even when Uru finally became pregnant, there were concerns... What if she miscarried? Or had a still birth... After all, she had before...

Running towards Pride Rock as fast as his legs could carry him, it took a while for him to actually get to Pride Rock... He missed the birth, he would hear, as he approached Rifiki standing watch outside of the den... But the old Baboon had a smile on his face...

"You have two sons." The currently younger baboon would tell Ahadi.

Grinning, Ahadi stepped into the cave, walking to his dark furred mate, Uru... Nuzzling heads against her, he looked down near her chest... Between her paws, still damp from birth, were two healthy male cubs..

"Which was the first born?" Ahadi asked Uru, a smile still on his face.

"The little gold one, my king." Uru said with a purr, licking his cheek softly.

Ahadi would crouch down, looking at the two cubs, especially at the gold one. "He shall be named Mufasa." He said in a deep proud tone.. "And I will work hard to make him the best king he can be." He said with a nod.

He then looked at his second son, his darker coat reminding him of his mate. He smiled sweetly... He fell in love with this second son instantly. "And though this one, little Taka, shall not be king... He shall play a great roll in wisdom to Mufasa... I can feel it... He will be adviser to the king, and answer only to him. So says my word... And my word is law."

Uru grinned... What a fine thing for two brothers, she thought to herself.

But in this happy time, no one could guess the difficulties ahead between the two brothers. And how being second in command would not be enough, eventually, for little Taka... And how their family would be cast into darkness.

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