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AlbinoRaven666's Album

The Bastard Cub

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The Bastard Cub
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

Since cub hood, Sarafina and Taka had been close friends. With Mufasa hogging the spotlight, Sarafina took notice of poor Taka and how he was always separate from the group. Since the day she decided to approach him and play with him, their friendship blossomed.

As they grew into young adults their relationship took that extra step. With Taka growing in his mane, and Sarafina growing into her lovely adult figure, the two fell for each other quickly. After all, She had cared for him when others had pushed him aside. And he did listen to her, when all others might have thought she was full of hot hair. They were perfect for one another. Only she could bring Scar out of his darkness, and only she had kept him sane.

But as young lions grow, and hormones rage, things could become complicated. These two learned this lesson. On a distant hunting trip, away from the Pride Lands as the dry season took the herds away, Sarafina fell into season. It was her first heat, and though she had a pride of lionesses to protect her, it still attracted unwanted attention. In the rage of heat, and with Taka so far away, Sarafina fell victim to the forbidden fruits of seduction, and was mated there... By a rogue.

When she returned, she was able to keep it secret from Taka. Only Sarabi, her closest female friend, knew about what happened. But unfortunately, as time progressed, it became apparent to Sarafina that she was pregnant. Her awful mistake to betray the one she loved, that betrayal she hoped to have kept secret, was about to ruin her life forever.

Sarafina did what any desperate female might do... She began to court Taka... Told him she loved him, which was not a lie, which convinced him to become mated to her... With Taka mated to her, she could pass off the cub as his. The young lion was probably oblivious to the gestation period of a lioness anyway.

The plan worked, She told Taka she was pregnant, and he believed with all of his heart that the cub to be was his... He was the happiest lion alive. He had produced a cub before his brother, and with the female he loved... In a few months his mane would be full, and he would be strong enough to defend his family. Hell, maybe he could leave with Sarafina and his daughter and start his own pride. Be his own king for his own family... But such ambitions and happiness were never destined to last.

Sarabi had told Mufasa, her mate, in confidence what Sarafina had done... They were mates after all, and she could trust him. Mates never kept secrets from one another... But these were the days before Mufasa became wise. In these days, he was strong headed, and could easily get angry... Sarabi didn't count on this...

One day, Taka and Mufasa got into one of their many fights; mostly about Taka bragging about how he was going to have a cub before Mufasa. About how he was better than him... Taka could very easily get on his brothers nerves.

"Oh shut up, Scar!" Mufasa boomed angrily, the nick name they had all given to him after an unfortunate incident with his father, after Taka had decided to insult his manhood and breeding potential. "The cub isn't even yours!"

Sarabi, who was near by, gasped, and Mufasa's eyes went wide... Taka was silent, staring at Mufasa. Then, without a word, Taka turned, and walked off to find Sarafina.

Sarafina had been sunning herself in a small clearing from the grass, up on a rock. When Taka approached she smiled... but her smile quickly faded when she saw his face.

"Is it mine?" He asked with a growl.

Sarafina looked at him with confusion. "Taka, Wha--"

"The cub! Is it mine?!" He demanded, not letting her finish her sentence. Surely Mufasa was lying... But he had to hear it from her.

But Sarafina said nothing for a while... She couldn't lie any longer. "Taka, I'm so sorry...." She said, tears filling her eyes quickly.

Taka's eyes widened... It was true. With a growl, his eyebrows quickly furrowed. He then turned to walk off. Sarafina jumped down and padded after him.

"Taka!" She called out. "Please, my love, wait!"

"Don't you EVER call me that again!" He growled, turning his head to glare at her. "I am not your love, And don't you ever call me Taka again. It's Scar! My name is Scar! And you can stay away from me! You and your bastard cub!"

And with that, heart broken and angry, the last bits of Taka died as Scar walked off into the tall grasses of the Pride Lands.

Sarafina, of course, was heart broken... A while later her cub was born, a beautiful baby girl she named Nala. She loved the cub instantly, no matter what the pregnancy had done to her relationship with Scar. She would try to mend things with Scar for the rest of his life... When Zira couldn't produce a healthy heir, she mated with him and had Mheetu in hopes it would mend things... But it didn't... He was cold with her from that day onward.

User Comments

  tiptip September 2nd, 2011, 11:22 am
I'm not sure if i should feel bad for scar or not :confused:
but i do feel sad for sarafina. :cry:

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