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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Nadra's Album

Lion Characters 2

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Lion Characters 2
© Nadra 2011

Artist's Comments

From top left to bottom right:

My design for adult Chumvi. He is Nala's friend in the book "Nala's Dare". His name means "salt".

My design for adult Kula, Nala's another friend in the book "Nala's Dare". Her name probably has something to do with the word "eating". In my theory, she's Nala's cousin and Sarafina's niece.

My version of Afua ("good health") who is mentioned in "The Lion King: Six New Adventures". He's Kopa's friend, and I made him Kula and Chumvi's son.

My design for adult Tojo ("cut", "slash"), a character from a comic called "The Orphan Birds". He likes birds and gets injured all the time.

My character Tombi ("girl"). She is Tojo's daughter and Afua's mate. She's Kiara's best friend as a cub.

My character Dama ("dirt"). She is Tojo's another daughter and Tombi's twin sister. She has inherited her father's "skills" to often get injured.

My version of adult Ema ("kind"), the cub that was shown in the first panel of the comic "The Orphan Birds". I named her and made her Tojo's mate and the mother of Tombi and Dama.

My version of adult Tama ("dirt"), Nala's friend in the comic "Trouble in Paradise". In my theory, she's Mheetu's mate and Nala's sister-in-law.

User Comments

  iippu December 8th, 2013, 5:44 pm
ootko muute ajatellu et vitani vois ol taman ja mheetun lapsi
  Nadra December 9th, 2013, 4:15 pm
No joo, on tuollainenkin teoria joskus mielessä käynyt. Silloin pitäisin varmaan Mheetua Scarin poikana.

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